Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A New Day

Actually yesterday was a pretty good day.  I took my steroid in the morning, it makes me jittery but I can still work.  I did not take a pain med because they make me drowsy and I had no pain.  You see I have been treating this cancer like it was a little "c".  Nothing to get too worked up about.  I mean within 12 hours the doc had put together a pretty good little cocktail that had me pain free, so really, no big deal.  I got my monthly report information entered, my quarter numbers completed and my annual numbers in.  Wohoo.  I felt like I could move file cabinets, run around the office and leap over small desks without falling on my face.  I was super woman.  No pain, no big deal.  I headed over to Ron and Pat's and water jogged.  I love this thing.  It is just a floaty belt that keeps you upright in the water.  Then you just move your legs like you are jogging and there are a pair of aqua bells that are foam dumb bells that are buoyant and you can exercise your arm and chest muscles but moving them through the water.  So basically this is like treading water without most of the work of trying to keep your head above water.  Not bad, really.  So for 45 minutes I jogged my way around and around the deep end of Pat/Ron's lovely pool.  Pat is a gardener so as you work your way around the pool you are constantly delighted by another view of her garden.  And since I have known Pat her garden has spread and grown and like all gardens, more beautiful each year, each season, each day as another plant takes the feature with their own special beauty.  And Ron is a gardener also with his tomatoes, peppers and cukes.  

Unfortunately as easy as it felt floating around like a cork bob on a fishing line, I did move for 45 minutes steady, constantly pumping my old woman legs.  And when I went to get out of the pool.  Oh boy!  Talk about noodle legs.  So I just took it slower, and got my land legs back under me, but then started reconsidering my pain med choices.  I have been acting like the pain would just go away.  Poof!  No pain.  And after all pain is not something that will be constant, everything will change in life, and I figured the pain was just temporary, no big deal.  Well, maybe a little bigger deal then I thought.  

 But then I headed over to the Opera House for the read through of Sylvia by A.R.Gurney.  Allison who Mary, Judy and I met while I was in the hospital finding out I had cancer, is going to be our Sylvia.  She is adorable, smart, quick and is going to do a fine job.  That is the best thing about our Stage Company, people will be there to help her do this.  We have this one actor, Dani, and she is absolutely adorable and lovely and wonderful and we all love our Dani, and her young son Riley, who is going to be a fine actor himself someday, and not to forget Russell for letting us take so much of his wife's time.  Dani can be sexy and vampy and funny and so cute, which for a mother of one who is no longer 20, something to admire, but to do it on stage in front of people, really amazing!!  And when we did Killing Mr. Wither's she showed us that side.  But I don't think if Pat and Mary and Jack and Jan and Herb and I had not taken the time to work with her, that she could have pulled it off.  She had it in her, but to then put it out there on stage, very different.  And she did it, and she did it well!  So I think that Allison who is still a little overwhelmed is going to do just fine also.  

And then I realized that no pain meds, too much in the pool and it was time to go home.  Oh, and I know this is tmi, but do you realize that with cancer, one of the ways you do not loose weight?  You just never get to have anything move on.  Yep, no that you really didn't want to go there, but unfortunately, that is one of the things that is in my life, and having a big impact.  So I bought the recommended treatment, headed home hoping for rest, maybe a hopeful "moving" morning and to enjoy just another day.  Then the doctor called.....

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