Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Monday, July 12, 2010

and he called it: Metastatic Cancer on the lungs from an unknown Source

Sweetie, Mary and I met the oncologist.  We liked him.  Again, a thoughtful person, tall 6'5", my Pulmonologist is 6'4".  My "kids" vet is 6'4 or 5.  Ms Moon's sweet hubby is taller then these three.  All I can say is that we grow them sweet, intelligent and tall here.

So as you can tell by the "name" of the cancer I have is that we still don't know the origin or what it is.  I immediately went to the insane place thinking once again, see I really don't have anything, I am just acting out for the attention.  Mary and Sweetie graciously did not hit me or yell at me, but they did give me that look and then looked at each other like why does she have to be so insane?  Or maybe not.

Of course they weighed me.  After all my doctor's are all obsessed with weight, or again, maybe that is me.  So the doctor did an examination, and of course did not find anything out of order, so the three of us went into his office and he laid it out.  First, more blood work.  This time looking for a specific key for cancers.  Then he made arrangements for me to have a whole body bone scan w/SPECT scan and plain films as needed for tomorrow morning at 9.  And he wrote out a script for a mammogram  


  1. I realize this post is not finished but just let me say that Sweetie and I know exactly why you are saying these things and we do not think you are insane at all and also, I was mostly thinking about my delicious jalapeno breakfast sandwich.
    As Billy would say.

  2. I can't wait to meet Sweetie and Ms. Moon. Thank you both for helping my sister.

  3. I am hoping all will go well.