Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hopefully the last day of the arctic vortex

I took these photos this morning:

Yep, they look like yesterday.  The snow, or as I have been corrected by on TV, the sleet is still frozen.  Obviously, my only experience with sleet in St. Louis, MO and the sleet we have in Florida is different.  Ours is more like snow, fluffy and light, but it did look icy so what do I know?
I understand that Hwy 19, 27 and 98 have closures.  The TV said that I-10 is closed from Jefferson County to Alabama.  Hopefully the overpasses and bridges will be thawing this morning and open up for my sweetie to get home today.  They made it as far as Louisiana yesterday.  They have left the hotel and are working their way east. 
I have been wearing myself out cleaning and packing the house.  I saw no reason why to dust my massive collection of chickens again before we move, so I washed them and packed them away.  I have packed our sangria pitcher collection and some of our other treasures.  Again, why should I dust it and then dust it and pack away. 
Oh my gosh, I am watching the Colbert Report this morning and there is Stephen singing I have a hammer with Mr. Seeger, as Mr. Colbert called him.  He was in his 90s when he was on the show, and my eyes lit up with bright tears over the sheer happiness of yet another opportunity to remember the sweet wonderful amazing Mr. Seeger.  Blessed be, you touched so many.
Tomorrow I will order Chinese food from our little Chinese restaurant here in Monticello.  It is the beginning of the lunar new year.  I usually fall back to the ease of Chinese New Year.  This is the year of the Horse. 
Hopefully the sun will find some warmth today.
The overpasses and bridges will thaw
My honey will be home tonight
tonight I will sleep in his arms and
finally be warm again.

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  1. The ice is melting on the eaves of the back porch and it is dripping. Hopefully, all will thaw soon and MOST hopefully, your man will be back to hold you tonight.