Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, January 26, 2014

what a wonderful life

The carpet guy went by Mom's and measured the rooms and got her final choice on the carpet for the living room.  He also told her that the 1/4 round had to be removed from the base boards before the carpet was installed.  They could remove the trim, but it really needed to be done ahead of time so we can repaint the base boards before the carpet goes in. 

I went over on Thursday and Mom and I pulled up the base boards then had lunch at the Rosemary Tree.  Mom loves the Rosemary Tree.  The food, the ladies who work there and the fact that when you walk into the place you are met with sweet lovely faces welcoming you.  They know Mom now and they come up and hug here and always make her feel welcome.  She also got to meet Alex who is in the MADco production of Cabaret at the Opera House.  Lisa was also sitting there having come from England to be in the show.  So this simple lunch of quiche and salad introduced the show for Mom in that she knew two of the people in the show. 

Bob the dog is still humiliated and isn't thrilled about going outside, leash or not.  I don't know what happened that day, but Bob seems different, somehow affected by all of this negative attention.  I will fix the back garden fence and it could be a pen for the dogs until this 10 days is up.

Saturday morning I picked Mom up and we drove over to Janak and Geeta's home for lunch.  I had no idea that she had invited a group of us and so not only did I get to kiss Baa on top of her head many times, and hug and kiss on Janak and Geeta, but I also got to see other precious friends.  I brought Christmas presents all in pillow cases that had been sitting here waiting for them.  The gifts brought smiles to their faces.  The table as always groaned under the weight of all the delicacies.  Plates and bowls were filled and refilled, conversation became the laughter and gentle talk of friends sharing a meal together.  Mom enjoyed her time and meeting all of these talented woman.  Most of them know each other through yoga and Ba at 89 sits on the couch with one leg folded up under her.  Mom was amazed at Ba's flexibility. It was a perfect afternoon and Mom and I both enjoyed ourselves.

I dropped her off at her place after coming home from lunch and drove the toy back south the few miles to home.  I spent the time resting and reading and then a little after 6:00pm I drove back over and picked her up for dinner and the show.  It was cold, but it is winter.  Have I ever mentioned I don't like cold weather?  We sat with Carolyn for dinner and saw so many friends and precious ones.  Many of the cast and crew served the dinner along with the people of our community who volunteer.  I love going to the Opera House, the tables are close together, tonight there were over 80 people clustered around tables eating salads, wiener schnitzel and then pound cake with raspberries and whipped cream.  I had the vegetarian plate which was pasta with grilled veggies and a lemon sauce.  Forks clicked, laughter bubbled around the room, glasses clinked and plates were cleaned.  They were huge portions, hot and steamy and I enjoyed it very much.  I just wished my stomach had agreed with my taste buds.  Carolyn took Mom up through the elevator and we had wonderful seats close to the elevator just in case one of us needed to make a quick exit.  We saw Jack and Jan, Ron and Pat, Judy and Denise all sitting down front in the tables by the stage.  How fun to have so many of the Stage Company showing support for MADco and for our beloved Opera House.  The lights went down and the silence of the room was broken with the introduction of the play.  The new curtain provided by Dr and Ms Bailer split and out stuck a face painted white and the show took off.  I managed to make it through the entire performance.  Everyone was wonderful but by far the star of the show was our own Judy Persons.  She played half of the older love story.  Duncan played the other half.  I had pretty much forgotten that story line of this show.  Normally the part of Sally usually shines the brightest, like when Liza played it in the movie.  But this time, it was the older couples love story that shined the brightest.  Everyone was wonderful.  The kitkat girls were fabulous and sexy and naughty and so much fun.  Judy was just amazing the emotion, the pain, the passion she gave the audience last night was sharp.  Laughter was replaced by the quiet horror of the time as the story progresses and Judy takes us the entire range of emotions.  Her character is a survivor and so is Judy.  The Emcee was as precious as Joel Grey only twice as big which was perfect for this cast.  Lisa was hysterical, the young lovers were believable but the gorilla was incredible.  It is one of the toughest numbers in the show, but the Emcee was perfect, the gorilla delicate and graceful.  My favorite Olivia played the part of the gorilla.  She is sweet and a tweenager and was the best dancing gorilla I have ever seen.  I love that she will be able to put that on her resume of shows.  I also understand that she did a great job working with the Stage Manager.  And actually did more of the work as the SM before the show opened.  Can you tell that I am in total awe of these young ladies?!  Jason, their Dad played the bass in the orchestra was located at the rear of the stage.  Having the orchestra behind the actors instead of in front of them in the pit made all the difference.  Normally the orchestra sounds so much louder then the voices of the actors.  This show was exquisitely balanced.  Also with Daisy helping with the lighting and technical logistics they had a color spot on the stage whenever they used the hot spot and it softened that light.  Sally's dresses glittered and sparkled and with the expert lighting from Kat in the balcony.  The huge space filled with twinkling light like fireflies on a summer evening.  Cicada chirping was replaced by laughter and applause.  A magical evening at the end of a magical day.  Another wonderful performance in a grand old building.  A lovely little community of friends and neighbors gathering to enjoy live theater.  To watch more of our friends, neighbors, kids and grand kids as they dance across the boards and sang their hearts out for us.  If you should ever get a chance to enjoy one of our many events at the Opera House, please do come and join us.  You will be very happy that you did.

I got home around 11:00pm and was wired and excited from the busy day.  I read and tried to relax and sleep and I don't remember the clock turning to 1:30am.  I slept until 8:30am, late for me, and all of the animals were starving by the time I got up.  I fixed some earl grey tea with a splash of milk, fruit and banana bread.  I was exhausted.  I am still exhausted. 

I sat down on the couch and watched as they changed the chances of the "s" word from one day now to two, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Oh, please no.  I understand those who are excited about the possibility of dare, I say it, snow.  I mean if you are going to have to live through the cold, you might as well enjoy the snow.  Seems logical, but I am sorry, I just can't get excited about the cold becoming visible in the form of frozen water falling from the sky.  I know I must have mentioned once or twice that I don't care for the cold.

I snuggled down under a blanket, with Bob warming my feet and I just had the strongest desire to record Sunday Morning.  I didn't, I am not sure why.  But this ended up being the 35th anniversary of the show.  First Charles Kurat was the host and now for the last 20 years it has been Charles Osgood.  There were so many wonderful spots this morning.  They had a bit about Marie VonTrapp from the Sound of Music, Charlie sang a song about the show, they showed so many different suns, their logos and Winton Marsallies playing the theme.  They interviewed Snoop Dog, whom I knew very little about before this show.  They did a wonderful tribute to Danny Kaye.  I love Danny Kaye.  I would say, loved but he lives through the flashing lights on the movies and by being the first Ambassador for UNICEF.  Every article, every moment of song or quiet thrilled my heart.  All the way to the moment of nature filled with cold, snow and ice.  A perfect moment during this bitterly cold winter.  I reveled with each moment of the show and clapped after Mr. Osgood sang his version of my favorite things.

Geeta called and we relived the joys of the lovely luncheon she had thrown.  Then I got to relive the joy of last nights show when Oona called to verify my next volunteer day at the Art Center.  But the day has continued to be joyful when I heard from my sweetie that he and Bug had left California and have started their cross country adventure.  Mom is happy about the return of her honey and son. 

I am so tired, what is new?  But even though my body responds in slow motion, sleep rests just out of reach, it is Sunday morning.  My favorite morning of the week.  I don't care if you say it is the beginning of a week or the end of a week, it is my day to watch Sunday morning.  It ends my week like a sigh after a big meal.  It starts my new week by giving me a day where I live between the last week and the coming one.  The day where I transition from what was done and what needs to be done.  It is a day that expectations of what is available belong all to me.  I can do anything I want.  Go to garden club, see a show, watch a movie, watch football, garden, create, rest, anything I choose.  I guess  because of being employed for most of my life, other days seem like days with responsibilities.  Or maybe it is because I grew up with the poem that helped newly wed wives to plan and organize their lives.

I copied this from a website:
the new homemaker

Long ago (like 1960), the rhythm of the average American housewife's life was fairly standard no matter where you went. Each day had its own task, and so the work got done in a logical, orderly fashion as the week progressed. It went like this:
Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Market Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest

Okay, I do not iron and I am not the best Friday cleaner, but I did learn that saying in home economics at school and I think it still sits with me.

Today, I shall rest.  I watched renovation TV after Charles Osgood and I have set to record the black version of Steel Magnolia.  With the cast it has, I am sure it will be amazing and I don't want to miss it.  So that are all the plans for today.  Tomorrow?  I will start packing up some of the things in the living room.  The carpet cleaners are coming on Tuesday so I would like to get some of the things packed up.  We will take our time to move to our new place, but we have lots of treasures we have collected in our thrifting and they will be up and out of the way, ready to go.  Monday, Mom and I are hoping to finish the base boards.  Monday night is the archeology thing, Tuesday is carpet cleaning and the rest of the week is simply working around the house and waiting for my honey to get home, and spending a few more hours at the Art center on Friday. 

But today is Sunday. 
And I feel lazy but in a good way. 
The sun is slipping through the day masked behind a cloud bank, removing any guilt of working outside even as the temperatures rise above 60.  I have had a full week and next week is full of opportunities to reach out and grab.  My world is spinning around the sun along with everything else on this blue green globe we call earth, home. 
And this week my honey will be come home to us. 
what a wonderful life.

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