Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, January 6, 2014

This is just wrong

It is cold.  Everywhere it seems, it is cold.  I don't mean normal I don't like the cold.  I mean real cold.  They say it should get down into the 20s.  They said it might actually get into the teens last night.  It did not get into the teens last night, so what does that mean for tonight?  I don't know, except it is cold and it will get colder.

Hey!  Everyone is complaining about the cold, but I don't complain about the heat, I should be able to whine a little with the cold.  Especially when it is this cold.  So, there you go, I have whined.  It is still cold, and I don't feel any better. 
 What would make me feel better?
No cold
Have I ever mentioned I don't like the cold?

It is against my nature and better judgment, but Bug and I left the house today and drove to Thomasville.........Georgia..............north of the cold.

Bug's parents got here on Friday.  To be more accurate, they moved here on Friday.  We had spent the days leading up to them getting here working on our house and their house.  We took them right over to see their new home, and they seem to be very happy.  It is a lovely house.

Life has been full and busy now that they have gotten here.  Just turning on water, gas, power, garbage, seems never ending.  Then they have to change everything from their old place to here.  So much to do.

Life is just putting along here.  Nothing new and yet it seems like everything about life in the last few days has changed.  We took them to Thomasville bedding and they picked out their new bed.  We also introduced them to the Farmer's Market Buffet.  Then we swooped in and out of goodwill and Bug and I left them at Lowe's and had pointed them in the right direction for Wally World.  I mean, everyone moving someplace new needs a few basic. 

Tonight is the College Championship Bowl, at the Rose Bowl.  This Gator's heart is broken, but still rooting for FSU.  Sorry Auburn, go Noles

I am going to have to wash my mouth out with soap after this game, but there will be supportive noises coming off my tongue that will need to be removed as soon after the game as possible.


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