Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Swamp land

Well, we drove back out to Casa Bianca where the house we hope to buy is located.  It was cold, like in the 30s cold, but I layered up and went along with Bug.  The sky is that blue that only occurs when the weather is clear and cold.  I had my camera, Bug had a ladder and measuring tape.

Barry, our realtor met us.  Barry was born and raised in Key West before he moved to this area. 

It would appear that Barry is going to sell another native Floridian,
swamp land.  Yep, the property is 8+acres. 
Maybe an acre of it is swamp. 
Muddy, water standing, squishy Terra.
I am a gator
University of Florida Gator
So I feel quite comfortable in a swamp

The house is broke
The people who were foreclosed apparently were a bit unhappy
Unhappy enough to punch holes in the wall and cut electric wires
They pulled the wires out of the panel box
and just randomly beat up on the house

So why are we buying a house that looks like a barn, that the previous owners left uninhabitable, that land surrounding the house is in the flood plain and some of it is swamp?  Well, the land in front of the house actually is not swamp or flood plain.

I guess we are buying it because we see the potential. 

When we drove up and got out of the truck a hawk's cry broke the clear sky as the red tail circled above.  The sun shined brightly sparkling off the frost and dew on the ground.  It is quiet except the song of bird, frog and insect, the rustle of leaves brown and crisp.  There is a pond, big enough to be stocked.  A creek the water from the swamp empties in to.  There are oak, maple, pine, magnolia trees, standing tall and strong. 
There is a whisper, "here, you belong here" that both Bug and I hear. When we are standing there in front of the house we feel the magic. 

There are pads of cement in front of the house that is larger than the house itself.  You could use it to land a helicopter.

There is a huge barn
that is very very nice

We could just stay here.  We could just fix up this trailer. 
But I would like to live in a house
No, I want a house
A real house, not a trailer or mobile home or modular home
I want a house

The kitchen is upstairs
Downstairs there is a basic bathroom, 2 oddly shaped dark bedrooms with large closets, a laundry area and the Florida room.

Upstairs is a very tiny kitchen, living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms with normal closets.  The kitchen and living room are open concept.  The kitchen is half a dozen cabinets, frig, sink, high end dishwasher, microwave fume hood and a place for a stove.  It is only on the part of one wall.  But the cabinets are lovely and the handles have leaves. 

Today we took our time and saw why they would have put the house in upside down.  The view from the upstairs is gorgeous.  Your eyes skim across the top of trees.  There are four huge old crepe myrtles that are lined up in front of the house.  This summer when they are in bloom it will be magnificent. It is glorious looking out those windows in the living room.  The bedrooms downstairs are darker and more closed in.  So it was a good choice to put the living space up with this beautiful vista.

It is going to be a lot of work just to be able to live there. 
It is a swamp
It is amazing
It is going to be ours

We have our contractor and he is supposed to be drawing up some plans and estimates for different things to do with the house. 

I am so very excited
I am so very nervous
We have started signing the paperwork
My mind is just jumping constantly
ceiling fans
electric wiring

Tonight we are taking Mom and Dad out to dinner for their 60th Anniversary. We had a picture of them put in the Monticello News on Wednesday.  They were happy.

Bug and Dad fly to CA Saturday to pack up the house and drive the rental truck home.

It is getting down to freezing again tonight. 
I don't like cold weather.

We are buying a house
a house
a real house



  1. It looks to be a great piece of property and I am sure that you will have the house redone nicely. Good going!

  2. I completely understand why you would want to buy something that glorious. Even if it's work to get it in order, it'll be so awesome.