Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It was supposed to be a relaxing quiet day

It is supposed to be colder still tonight and tomorrow than today.  I did go outside out of necessity and the sun was shining and it looked glorious but the cold nipped at me constantly and no matter the number of layers and how I held myself together, I was so uncomfortable.

I am still having problems with the solar gate, so I have simply chained it shut now.  Sort of closing the barn door after the horses have all run away.  Bob the dog, previous known as Bob, the good dog had a bit of an altercation with one of our neighbors and they came to lock him away.  When the animal control pulled up along side of the sheriff car he got out and looked at Bob and said, "I thought they said it was a chow."  I don't have a chow, but since the neighbor had pointed at Bob and there was a mark on the boys arm, there is no fighting, just accept.  I give up.  I completely give up and can not wait to move away from this place.  It is not the property or even the trailer.  It is the neighbors at the end of the road.  They are terrible neighbors with people driving in and out of their property all day and night, with the cars never seeming to stay more then 5 - 10 minutes.  It is not my business and I don't want anything to do with them and their habitual throwing of trash out of their vehicles leaving broken glass on the road.  The sides of the road show decaying human garbage and I am just tired of picking it up.  In fact, I quit picking it up quite a while ago, but they have called the sheriff on me every chance they could exaggerate something enough to get the sheriff to come out.  The Officers are always polite and a little embarrassed about the situation once they get here.  I don't blame the sheriff for doing their job and do not try and retaliate.  I just want to live and let live.  But the neighbors win and since they were here first after all, we will leave and they will be one reason why I will not regret leaving this place that holds so many memories.  This is such a complicated place for me.  Filled with magic and joy and challenges and heartache.  I am looking forward to starting new memories at our new place.  I will look back at this little place that I named Labrun and it will become a place in my imagination of wonder and love.

So, Bob the dog is in lock down here at the house.  He is not allowed outside for 10 days without being on a leash.  Or walked on a leash to a pen.  Trust me right now I am wishing I had a pen to put him in, but he was only scared and trying to protect me and his brother and sister.  Getting angry at him would be ridiculous, but the cost of his ticket is pretty steep and I am not sure how he thinks he is going to pay me back.  He is a dog and has no hire-able skills, so we will have to think of another way for him to pay for his sin.  He is still my little boy and I love him, even if I don't appreciate his dog behavior in this particular situation.

So that was an hour outside in the cold, punishment that I consider cruel and unusual punishment.  But as I stood there by my dog that had brought this punishment. I looked through the branches of an oak tree across the street and could see the sky filling with birds.  Huge big black buzzards rising on the wind currents.  I did not see a wing flapped, just a giant black spiraling vortex of silent birds.  I have seen this habit with buzzards before but there were more then I could count.  It darkened the sky like a heavy rain cloud, but these birds just lifted higher and higher.  I looked at the sheriff and the animal control officer and commented that as much as I am not happy about what I had to do, it certainly wasn't there fault and at least I had gotten to see the buzzards.  They gave me that look they give to outsiders.  I smiled and when the officer asked me if I was in Lamont, I said, "well actually Nash, but our mailing address is Lamont."  That caused heads to cock.  The officer said, in a practiced voice, "Only someone born here would know Nash."  I smiled and said, "or someone who loves this place and happy to know the history of where I live."  They agreed I could keep Bob on house arrest instead of them taking in for 10 days.  They were worried about the money.  I was worried about Bob.  He may have made a very bad decision regardless of his dogness, but he could not survive 10 days locked up with the bad dogs.  I understand my responsibility to Bob and the community and have already put a chain and lock on the gate that had barely opened, but enough for them to slip out.  Another reason I need to fatten up my boys, they are both too skinny.  Bob will also have to be on a leash and this is not going to make either of us happy, but maybe he will finally learn how to behave on a leash. 

Other than that it has been a quiet day and I have enjoyed sitting inside reading Prodigal Summer.  Enjoying it and enjoying the sun bright but not warm just outside my windows.  I got to see the buzzards, talk to my sweetie and talk to my mother in law.  I got to talk to friends, Carolyn patiently listened as I told my tale of whoa about Bob.  She was kind and made me feel so much better.  I spoke briefly with Ms Moon, but she had the kids and I don't like to take her time when she is with her boys.  They take so much attention and energy and I am in awe that she is able to keep up with those two.  And how very lucky they are to get to spend so much time with there Mermer and Boppie.  I also got to talk to Judy, but by that point the sting of Bob's unlike Bob behavior had wore off a bit.  I know he is shy and scares easily and when it is a question of protecting he will use his only defense, his mouth.  I am the adult here with the two hands and his actions are my responsibility.  I think we will all survive and I know that the boy is fine. 

Tomorrow I am going over to my in-laws house and look at the quarter round on the baseboards in the living room and bedroom.  They have to be removed and the baseboards painted before the carpet is installed.  I will look and see if it is something I can do with Mom or if we will have to get someone to come help.  It will be colder tomorrow so I am not happy about leaving the house, but I want to make everything as easy as possible for Bug and Dad when they get here the end of next week with the rest of the house stuff.  Bug is working so hard and has packed 99% of his parents house.  They will start loading the truck this weekend and then head east back here.  I miss him and look forward to his return.

It is dark and the cold is trying to creep through the cracks under the doors and the sides of the windows.  I have things blocking the cold and the heater although only set at 70 is cranking away.  I had it turned down earlier but the cold just causes me to have to take pain meds.  As long as I stay mostly warm layered in the house and keep the temp up I can get by all day with out pain meds.  Well, when all you do is read a book and chastise your dog it really isn't very stressful. 

Now to bed and to sleep.  Tomorrow it will be colder.  I have to go outside, but I will scurry from one door to the next and hopefully avoid as much of the cold as possible.  Darn winter, comes every year, gets cold every year, but this year winter is being a little over zealous in my mind.  But it is getting late in January, so spring is just two month away.  Something to hold on to with a cup of hot chocolate on a night like this.

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