Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ground hog day and the Super bowl

My sweetie made it home Thursday night.  I was in bed, tired out from the last week when he came in the door.  I called him from our warm bed, not as warm as when he is sleeping next to me though.  He came in and kissed me hello but was still wired from five days of driving.  When they left Louisiana that morning they had about a six hour drive.  It ended up taking them more like eleven hours because of all the east west road closures.  I crawled out of bed and snuggled into my softest sweetest robe he had bought me for Christmas and sat on the couch as he talked away.  Retelling me his life for the last two weeks plus.  Exhaustion poured out of him in a rush of words and I watched him as he started slowly returning my honey back to our life.

The next morning he headed over first thing to his parents to get the unmoving organized.  I had my second day volunteering at the Art Center.  We had a class show up from the High School.  Twenty two students and their teacher.  She wasn't as big as most of her students, but she was an amazing teacher.  First, she took them out of school during their lunch to come see this Exhibit.  Then she grabbed the first one that wasn't paying attention and she made sure that he and the rest of the students understood how lucky they were to have this exhibit they could come and see and she expected to see the appropriate respect.  They respected her and after Dr. Anne Holt got done walking them through the exhibit I have no doubt that each of them learned or thought about something they had not thought about before.  After they left Dr. Holt was so happy.  She loves sharing her passion of history.

When Carolyn came to take the afternoon shift I slipped out and headed over to the parents and help Bug.  He had already unloaded about a quarter of the truck when I got there.  I was a little confused because we had hired some guys to come the next day and unload the truck and there he was working his way through the truck all by himself.  His Dad was in the house in his chair that Bug had unpacked and Dad did not look good.  Mom was moving back and forth between Dad, the living room and the bedroom as their new carpet was put down.  The colors Mom picked out looked great in the rooms and I went back outside and helped Bug to pack up some of his things and to continue unpacking the things to go in the garage. 

Bug finally hit a wall and Dad offered to take us out to lunch.  You can just see the pain in every fiber of Dad.  Mom spoke up and told Dad to let  Bug and I have some private time.  Dad looked as relieved as I felt.  We enjoyed our afternoon and lunch out, but we were both worn to the bone and I was in bed again before 8pm.  He had taken some of his pain meds which had helped with his pain, but the meds wire him out and he can't sleep.  I got up and down a couple of times coming out to sit near him.  Each time weariness would take over and I would trudge back to bed.

Saturday morning was gray and drizzly and the fog thick as a wet blanket dripping over our now thawing world.  That was one of the amazing things to me when we finally broke freezing and our world began a slow dripping warm.  The sound of dripping was everywhere.  Icicles I had not been aware of on the grape vine around the chicken coop was almost deafening with dripping noises and the plopping sound as the soil was misplaced from the thick heavy dripping.  Drip drip drip, everywhere. I had never known how loud spring could be.

We dressed much warmer then the temperatures would have dictated Saturday morning.  But with all the damp the world still felt cold to the bone.  Bug and I moved the truck gingerly on the soggy yard hoping not to get stuck, but trying to get the truck positioned so as to minimize how much mud the movers would traipse across Mom's new carpet.  We had the truck up in position at one point, but it was awkward so Bug now thought he could position the truck a little straighter.  Unfortunately the weight of the truck was bringing more and more water up and soon the truck was stuck.  The movers never complained and Bug covered the area with cardboard and other rugs to try and keep the mud sticking to all of our boots off the new carpet.  We had hired three guys to do the heavy work, but Bug was working right along side of them.  They were polite and worked hard.  Okay, maybe not as hard as Bug, but he is more like me in that everything he does he does it all the way.  I was finally given the task of sitting with Mom to try and keep her from helping.  The apple did not fall far from the tree from either of his parents.  Mom made the mistake by sitting down on the love seat.  I sat next to her and kept her occupied.  The movers smiled and talked to us and were so nice.  They listened to Bug tell them where everything went, then they would come in and Mom would give them directions.  Sometimes these were the same, sometimes not.  I got one of them aside while Mom had gone to check on Dad who was in bed with the blanket over his head trying to get through the worst of the pain.  I told him to pay attention to Bug.  He had boxed everything so knew what was what.  They appreciated knowing who to listen to and Mom never knew that they were listening to other directions.  She was happy, Bug was getting the work done.  I was sitting with Mom, fixing food for Dad and getting water for the movers. 

Once the truck was mostly empty Bug was able to attach his truck to the moving truck.  I drove Bug's truck and he drove the moving one.  He would wave his arm out of the window and I would follow his directions.  The truck pulled out of the yard on our first try this time.  By now we had trimmed and moved and sawed up branches, unpacked the truck, taken care of Mom and Dad, cleaned up after the move, cleaned the truck and picked up Chinese food to celebrate the new year.  Bug spoke a Chinese greeting to the woman at the Chinese food and she was thrilled and spoke back to him.  He is an amazing man and awed the movers as little bits of his life slipped out in his conversations.  He has lived a pretty incredible life and hopefully has plenty more left to enjoy.

While all of this was going on Bug was carrying on a conversation with the previous owner of our tractor.  Bug bought this John Deere before he left for California and now he was back and he was salivating over all the things he wanted to do with his new toy.  Bruce, who told us the tractor was named Gus because he had been made in Augusta, Georgia, was not ready to give his beloved John Deere up.  But Bug was gentle and prodded him into completing the sale they had already shook on.  The second half of our day was driving back and forth bringing Gus and his various utensils home to Labrun.  Bruce struggled with letting go of this precious toy.  His wife's grandmother is at the end of her life and they needed to leave yesterday to get there to visit her before the end.  She had called everyone and said goodbye, but they needed to be with her one more time.  To wrap their arms around her and love her and to send her on her way surrounded by the family she held so tightly around her.

We finally got the brush hog and Gus on the trailer, our last load and headed home.  Bug's eyes glistened brightly and he talked merrily and with more energy then I had heard in his voice in many days. 

We both went to bed early last night.  Each of us exhausted from our physical and emotional few days packed with responsibilities and hard work.  He was up early, I stayed in bed.  I am still worn out.  I know he is too, but Gus was calling.  While I watched my beloved Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood and one more glorious reminder of Pete Seeger, Bug was out and happily working on his green glory.  He has worked with a lot of large equipment and looks very natural up on Gus.

The sun is out shining and chasing all of the gray out of the day.
Phil saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter.
The super bowl with the Broncos and the Seahawks is this evening
Go Payton!!!!!
I am going out to get some pictures of my sweetie and Gus
I am slowly letting out the exhaustion from my body. 
Afraid to give in completely that I might just disappear into it
I was not able to stay up to see Bill Murray on David Letterman, but my sweetie recorded it for me.  He is so sweet.
I need to get up and straighten the house up
fix some food for the Superbowl
But I think I will just slip outside and play with Bug and Gus.
Just for a little while
The side effects, red spots, stomach issues, pain, etc from the cancer almost seems like no big deal anymore. 
Maybe because my honey is home


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