Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am still singing, Pete, I am still singing

I have loved reading and hearing about Pete Seeger while our world is eaten by an artic vortex. It is almost like the world has lost a bit of the warmth with the loss of this great humanitarian.  Will we ever be as warm?

I think Mr. Seeger would say, "Yes!  Gather around together and sing.  It will keep us warm and singing together will bring us together as a people and together we can make the world a better place."

A better place would be warmer for me.  But I have sang along yesterday and still this morning with Mr. Seeger and my heart is warm.  If I had a hammer which I have sang, If I had a heater.  Where have all the flowers gone, The Garden Song, Good night Irene, on and on I sing.  The songs of my youth. 

Of course, my favorite story about Pete was from NPR:

Pete Seeger

Blessed be Mr. Seeger, blessed be

I am able to start moving back into the house today.  The carpet is dry in the living room and my bedroom, but still damp in the guest room.  The dogs slept on the closed back porch with the electric fireplace going.  I even put on the fire in the logs so it looked warmer.  I put blankets on them on their beds.  Every time I woke up and checked on them I would give them a dog cookie.  I wanted them to continue to have plenty of energy to stay warm.  They snuggled down in their beds and blankets and seemed to enjoy the little camp out.  When I got up to feed them this morning they were soaking wet from playing in the rain.  We did not get ice, sleet or snow, thank you!  But the rain was big, slow and thick from the cold and as soon as I would dry them they ran back outside and played, so I finally gave in that they were fine, and left them with a hot breakfast on the porch.  I see them running through the yard now. 

It is still freezing here, yes, we are at our high of 32.  I realize this is nowhere close to Vicki whose high last week was 8 degrees.  I understand that, but obviously I can't take this, I certainly could not live there.

Oh!  This storm is named Leon.  I have been confused by that living in Jefferson County and having Leon County next door.  I kept trying to figure out what they were saying had anything to do with Tallahassee.  Leon County is the home of the College Football National Champions. 

Bug and Dad have caught up with the storm, so they are about 800 miles away but the I-10 bridges and over passes are closed through most of the gulf coast.  They will have to be careful and creep along to get home and stay out of the biggest part of the mess which is north and east of us.  It will be miserable today with Leon, but hopefully Bug and Dad will be safe and make it home tomorrow.  maybe.

I understand that central Florida will not be hit as hard.  Thank goodness, the strawberry Festival is at the end of February and they do not need this much cold.  Some cold sweetens the berries.  Too much freezes them.  Plus it looks like they will not loose trees in the cold, but the fruit will either be sweet and wonderful or the oranges will freeze.  

They are still showing pink heading east across Tallahassee.  That is freezing rain.  hrmmmpppphhh.  I think I will put on another layer.  My electric heat is simply not able to keep up with this type of cold.  Tallahassee has sanded the roads and we are hoping to get through this horrible nightmare of cold.  Hee hee, okay, it is like a 3 day winter.  But this is by far the coldest winter I have lived through, and I think I will just watch passively from inside the house. 
No going outside today. 
Maybe tomorrow.
By this weekend it is supposed to be in the upper 60s and maybe even 70s. 


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