Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inch by inch, row by row, goin to make this garden grow.......

Pete Seeger died today.  He was 94.  I loved Mr. Seeger.  He would probably rather be called Pete, but it is hard to call one of your heroes by his first name.  Amazing how sometimes a person has so much good in them they can't help but change the world.  He is right up there for me with Mandela, Gandhi, MLK Jr, and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Such a sweet loss of a rare gift to the world.  I have been wanting to get the Arlo/Pete CD set with the Garden song on it.  Susan, Linda and I have loved this song since college, maybe before.  I can't hear that song without thinking of them, and their off spring.  It is just a song that the music sings right out of your heart.  You just want to head out into the sunshine and hoe your garden.  To wipe the perspiration from your brow and shade yours eyes as you look up to see an old crow sitting up a tree.  I am sure that if I played this song to my gardens that they would grow bigger and brighter, happier and healthier.  I bet enough times played and the insects might all leave the tender leaves and shoots and do a flash dance to it.  A sight that would make Mr. Seeger laugh out loud I'm sure.  I know that crow would certainly be interested.  I ordered those Cd's and can't wait for them to be here.  I used to own the cassettes of this album, but I have no idea where they might be. 

Blessed be Mr. Seeger, blessed be.

I went to the Historical Meeting last night.  Carolyn was there and we sat together.  She ate some fruit, I sipped a very small glass of red wine.  They had the head of the Department of Archeology from FSU there and then one of the scientist that has been working on the wet digs in this area for almost 30 years.  They talked about different finds, what they expect to find, what they hope to find.  How they radio carbon date various pieces and how old civilization had lived just 100 meters or so off of Jefferson County.  How wet sites have been able to preserve wood, bone, fiber and other organic treasures.  They have a bison head bone that had a human made point in it.  They were able to carbon date the bone to about 14,500 years ago.  So it would appear that some type of human hand crafted a point that was used to maybe kill that bison.  Here, right here in the world I have grown up around.  The place where I belong, this peninsula of growth and life may have shared life with others not that unlike me thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids were even conceived.  So very cool.  The work they are doing with these digs are not just teaching us about our past and who these people might be.  But also helping us to understand our world then and now and maybe how people will learn to survive for 14,500 years more. 

Everything connected. 

Last night not only did I know most of the people in the room, but most of them knew me.  What a feeling to be someplace that I have adopted to be my home.  To sink roots deep into the soil and swamp and soul of this place.  To look into faces that I have met over my seven years here and to know them and for them to know a little piece of me.  To stitch my square into the quilt of this community.  To be one little piece of the 14+ thousand pieces of this puzzle.  I do not want notoriety.  But to have a sweet woman I had met at the Founders Garden Circle introduce me to her son, was so sweet and for her son and I to know each other made me feel like a part of the family.  Another lady from that day with those lovely garden mavens told another friend about how funny I was.  Ms Beulah, whose home we met was there and we each thought about her sister.  Someone we both knew.  Someone I admire for her work with pesticide regulations and education.  Someone she grew up with and loved.  Again, that feeling of family.  To sit among these people.  People whose people have been here forever, added to the wonder of treasures in this region.  The presentation was a bit dry, but I learned many things I did not know before.  A wonderful way to spend a drizzly evening when my sweetie is driving across this big wide country. 
He is coming home. 
This is our home, and I felt that so strongly at the meeting.

We are moving, but closer to the heart of this community.  People look a little shocked when I say I am moving.  I am not sure if it is because they never thought I would leave.  Or is it that once you have fallen under the spell of this Brigadoon kind of place you can never leave.  But as soon as I tell them we are moving to Casa Bianca they always laugh and say what a pretty area it is.  Almost like I told them the oldest joke in the world.  Once the spell has been cast you might be able to go away but like the migration of birds, butterflies, fish and other wild things, you will find yourself drawn back here.

Yesterday Mom and I scraped off the paint that had been used like glue to hold on the quarter round on the base boards.  Then I sanded them down, once with 60 then with 100 grade sand paper.  They felt smooth to the touch when I was done.  I wiped the cleaned boards with a damp cloth and Mom laid out tape and cleaned up the mess.  She was up until almost 3:00am painting the boards in the living room.  She planned on painting the ones in the bedroom today.  I started some packing and cleaned and moved everything I could pick up and move off of the three carpets.  I set it up so that I have a little nest in the kitchen to snuggle down in, or I can bundle up out on the back porch with the little electric fireplace and stay warm.  I can fix food and with only one step on the bedroom carpet I can make it to our bed, one more step on the carpet and I can be in the bathroom.  I would like to keep myself and all of the animals off the carpet for at least 24 hours.  They are not going to be happy with me, but I have worked hard to have their beds ready and a heater on the porch so that they can keep warm.  Henry and I spent much of the afternoon sitting together keeping each other warm while he napped and I read.  I am tired and have had to take pain pills twice for the last couple of days.  I was ready for this, knowing that it was going to be physical work and that I knew the consequences of my actions.  It feels good to do more.  To stretch with work, not just yoga.  To be useful again for a couple of days.  And I knew I would have this afternoon to rest and read.  To give my body a rest after pushing it hard for a couple of days.  The red spots have been particularly unpleasant this week.  Appearing in very uncomfortable places and slowly growing despite the med.  The gel Dr. M gave me for this still works just fine, but sometimes the spots just need a little more attention and notice.  Not bad really. 

Tomorrow I will continue cleaning and in the afternoon I hope to start putting some things back in their place.  Other things will be lovingly packed for the move to the new house. 

All day it has been getting colder.  Tonight is the beginning of a 48+ hour nightmare while frigid Arctic vortexes dance hopefully just out of our reach.  I heard on the radio that at noon 34 states were reporting temperatures 32 degrees or colder and the front was still tumbling eastward.  The "s" word has changed from a possibility of snow to a fear of freezing ice and sleet.  oh bother!  a big sigh and a loud hhhhrrrmmmmpppppphhhhhh!  I do not like the cold. 

I am sure that some where Dr. Seuss wrote or meant to write a book about the cold. 
I do not like the cold. 
It makes me want to scold. 
To yell up at the sky,
and tell the dreadful clouds good by. 
I do not like the  cold. 
It makes my bones feel old. 
I layer on sweaters, gloves and coats
a cup of hot coco helps the most. 
I do not like the cold,
and now it has been told.

There doesn't seem more that needs to be thought of and written down for the day.  So bundle up, snuggle down and stay warm.

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