Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cold but the sun is shining

We took Bug and his Dad to the airport yesterday to finish packing up the house in CA.  Then Mom and I drove back to Tallahassee, ran a few errands and had dinner before returning home after dark.  I was a little worried about sending Bug's Mom off on her own in the dark.  She is more then capable of taking care of herself and driving her car home.  I was just concerned that she had not driven herself from here to her home, and she did miss the turn, but only got as far as Fred's.  Coming back down 19 she had no problem then making her way around behind the B&Bs.  I spoke to her before I went to bed and she was home and fine.

I am taking it easy this morning, picking up the house and watching curling until football comes on.  I love curling.  I mean what is not to love?  Rocks, brooms, sliding across the ice and yelling it is positively insane.  It reminds me of bocce ball and shuffleboard, only on ice and with those cute little brooms.  I like sweeping, I don't care much for vacuuming. So as crazy as it is for a Floridian who can not stand on ice to like that sport, I do.  Go figure.  I will switch off of curling to watch the two football games today.  Today we will find out who the two teams are for the Superbowl.

I love the Superbowl, it is like Thanksgiving in that you eat and watch football, but you don't have to wash as many dishes afterwards.

My oldest brother and his wife are bringing my truck up today.  My big brother has bought a new fire engine red Toyota Tacoma and he is giving me his old truck.  A very old truck, but as I have said before I know who has owned the truck from day one.  I know he takes care of things, and keeps records.  He knows what is wrong with this one, and Bug will be able to fix the few minor problems and the truck will carry me to pick up hay and to take my kayak out.  I have never owned my very own truck and this is so exciting for me.  

Tomorrow my brother will go take his helicopter lesson.  I am pretty excited about that for him also.  They are only staying tonight, dropping off the truck, dropping off my Dad's little riding chair.  The family figures I will probably need it first, Rob next, but this way, it is here just in case it should come to that point.  We will see what the future holds for all of us, but it is nice to have a family that watches out for you.

I am doing much better with the pain meds.  Okay, I haven't done much, that is one way to not need pain meds.  For now I could just do nothing and I won't hurt.  But I am afraid that won't work for me, and I don't know why anyone would want to be alive if they don't do anything.  

Well, I cleaned part of the bathroom, and now I am heading back to take some meds.  My brother is finally on their way, I have gotten to message and talk to my sweetie and now here comes the first game of the day.  

The sun is shining
my heart is happy
my big brother, sister-in-law and niece are on their way to see me
pink perfection camellias blooming right outside my window
it may simply be Sunday at home
but it is hard to imagine a more wonderful world
The sun is shining 
and my heart is happy 

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