Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, August 26, 2010


For those of us who love Ms Moon, you have got to go back over, and don't tell me you haven't already stopped and visited her there. and read here blog.  closeted Catholic.  What I find so odd is that all of these people who are closeted Catholics or questioning Catholics or any person struggling with any religion seem to want Ms Moon to be their new leader, their demigod.  I am not sure if they have really lost the point where she is not interested in being a leader let a lone a demigod. Mary celebrates life. She really doesn't seem like the kind of person to run for office, let alone demigod.  Have you not seen her collection of children.  She does not merely love other people's childern, she is  mom figure to young and old alike.  So many people who meet Mary want her to be there Mother or want their mother to be as cool as Mary.  She celebrates flowers, you do all know that flowers are the sex organs of a plant right?  She loves her chickens and their scratching which aeriates and weeds her gardens and the fertilizer they leave in their place and the life giving eggs.  Come on people, catch up, Mary is not a closeted Catholic, Madonna woshipper or anything else.  She is what she is.  A woman who sees beauty and life everywhere and revels in it, and celebrates it out in the open, on her walls, in the pots of plants, everywhere you look is the celebration of love, life, sex, happiness, joy, celebration of all things.  Lighten up and if one hair is harmed off of one of those Madonna's, you are going to have to answer to this scrawny cancer survivor, along with a long line of other Mary lovers.  PUll your heads out of your proveribial hidey holes and look for real, with clear and open eyes.  No conspiracy, just love, mermaids, submissive Madonna's angry unibrow woman's woman.  I wish you could have seen her Yvonne.  I spoke about it in Ode to Ms Moon.  So don't get me wrong, she is special, and each of us find something that relates to just us with Ms Moon, but if you truly loved her, don't you think rather then projecting what you want her to be instead really seeing who she really is, is a much more natural and longer lasting love.

I know she still surprises me all the time.  Love you Ms Moon with all my heart.  And that wonderful husband that loves you so.


  1. I celebrate YOU, Kathleen, and every hair on your head, even when they are all invisible. You are part of the great goodness of my world.