Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, August 16, 2010

I got my piece of paper.....and my mask!

I got my piece of paper saying that I have graduated from Radiation Therapy. The three therapist have been so wonderful and today they each hugged me and we all laughed and they gave me my mask and my certificate and then I gave them their little gift cards for an ice cream cone and they laughed again and as much as I will not miss having my head bolted to a metal table, I will miss them.  Dr. Newman was not in this morning, but I was able to meet with her nurse and she gave me an appointment date 6 weeks from now for me to meet with the Doctor.  There were no other patients in the waiting room when I came out with my paper and mask, but I was sort of relieved because I haven't survived 40 treatments, I don't have the Big C, but just a little c and I am not sick, so somehow I don't feel like I am in the same game as these other patients who look so sick, and are normally so quiet and well behaved.  I was so grateful to have my little graduation ceremony with just the Therapist, and as much as I am the center of the universe, I like it so much better when I can slip in and out quietly of the various worlds I spin in.

This afternoon I go in for my second bone treatment. That takes up to an hour, but it is quiet and peaceful as they drip an IV of magic into my veins to strengthen my bones. A walk in the park.

And my family is gone. I did so enjoy having them come and visit, but it was exhausting and I had trouble sleeping last night worrying about getting everything done this week. I was just so tired after they left I spent a lazy day on the couch watching mindless TV with my kids. So today I am still feeling tired, but not so bad. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight and catch up on my rest. I am able to eat a little better today, and I know that is a direct result of Ms Elizabeth, the Nutritionist. I have started making a big effort to drink more water, which is my main source of hydration, and I did manage to eat. I have to just not be such a whiny, wimpy baby when it feels like someone is sticking a burning sword down my throat with each swallow. So I turned to the food processor and took half of a baked potato and pureed that puppy up. It was covered with butter, cheese and sour cream. Things that I would not want to normally consume in such vast quantities, but right now, this is what I need, and it did taste good. I will probably eat the other half tonight for supper.

So, now I need to get the carpets cleaned. Yes I have a carpet cleaner, but with three dogs, and for the past week, four dogs, one with a bladder/bowel problem, and Maggie being 14 and all of her systems not working quite like they used to. I would rather just have the professionals come in with their smell removers and get it done in a couple of hours, where it usually takes me a hard long solid day. So get the carpets, cleaned, clean the bathrooms, ignore the dusting, but straighten things up so that when Vicki is here I don’t feel obligated to do any cleaning then. Normally simple tasks that would not require the loss of sleep, but right now, I can make anything and everything into an ordeal. But eating and drinking water is really helping. And today is my friend, and Captain of the 2 years in a row winners of the Leon County Walking Competition, The Walkoholics, Janak’s birthday. It is also Madonna’s birthday, she is 52 today.  Janak is a bit older. For our birthdays, we take each other out for lunch, so I hope that I am able to order something that I can eat. I know it will be easier then last week.

Another great day, radiation done, bone treatment this afternoon, chemo Wednesday, and I feel good.


  1. I can't wait to see The Mask. I am so glad you are done with being bolted to a table.
    I don't know if you realize, Kathleen, how very much a part of current state of profound gratefulness you are. I hope you realize it, at least a little bit.

  2. Congratulations! So, I was talking to mama about y'all's beach trip. I was down at St. George this past weekend, and it was beautiful. Perfect water temp, even if the currents were a bit strong. Y'all are going to have a great time!

  3. Good luck with your chemo tomorrow. I hope that all goes well. Glad that you graduated from radiation. That is nice I'm sure.