Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Day after Chemo

Admittedly in the beginning I said things like "I will read and learn all about this disease."  That has not happened.  They keep giving me all this material to read but I have so much going on, and as many excuses as I can come up with, but bottom line, I see this as a temporary situation and the doctors seem to be doing such a fine job, well, I just have not cared about becoming the expert anymore.  Maybe as I get more into the process and I am spending more time focusing on the cancer and getting better, maybe I will want to know more.  For now, I am more engrossed in the total experience, not just the medical end.  I am still feeling well from the chemo yesterday.  That anti-nausea meds really worked.  Or maybe I am going to handle this better then I thought.  OK, they did say it would take a few days before I know.  But nothing wrong with a positive attitude and a wonderful girl day.

Ms Moon and I went to town, to the mall!  And we bought makeup.  I decided it was time to start getting ready for what my body might be planning as soon as it detects that I have allowed WMDs to be released into the body, I for the most part of my life tried to take care of.  And we bought nightgowns.  Sorry, not sexy slinky, pink or red or leopard print.  Nope, cotton grannie nightgowns.  Comfortable, soft, and blend into the sheets so well it feels like you are not wearing anything when you sleep.  And I still say positioning the light just so, the implication of your figure through the gown might be far more sexy then the glare or reality light.  I am just saying!  Then for free lancome makeup.  I used to hit them up for extra samples, but that was for my Mother, and even with my cancer, I just wasn't up to it.  Of course, a visit to the Gap and then lunch with the fabulous Ms May at the Mockingbird Cafe.  After that I met with Ms Paige of A Cut Above and I had her cut my hair shorter.  You can see a picture posted by Ms Moon on .  The nurses kept bringing up how much easier, emotionally it is to not wake up with huge hunks of long hair covering your pillowcase.  So shorter now. What a perfect way to celebrate the first day after chemo.  Like a normal person, well sort of normal.  I couldn't drive, I was way too benedryled up, still.  And Ms Moon got a tickle out of me trying to find my mouth this morning.  Hey, antihistamines really affect me, so does aspirin, so that is why I am so thrilled to get out and have such a lovely day and to feel so good, even if my brain didn't feel like it was working all the time.

And if I am feeling up to it, we will go back on Saturday night with Ms Vicki to hear Lis and Lon play, go hear to hear Lis:, and don't forget about Lon who is always amazing!

Rich will pick Vicki up for me tomorrow to save me from having to drive into town at 10, so thank you so much sweet Rich, and then first thing Saturday morning Vicki and I are getting our facials from Ms Katie, whom we love so much.  And she loves us, the two of us and our friendships.  That is when you know you have the right friends, when they are as happy about your friends as you are?  That is friendship, and I have to say, all of my friends are that wonderful.  Then Sunday to the beach.  Really are we going to be some hot old woman at the beach in our cotton night gowns?  Oh yeah!  
And as soon as my brain starts working again, hopefully my blogs will start to make sense.  Ms Moon had to do a lot of editing for me last night.  But I am not complaining, better to be unfocused and giddy then to be sick.  And I am still not sick.


  1. I like it when you're not sick. And hey- you forgot to mention the perfect boyfriend again! What's up with that?
    What a great day we had.

  2. I like the cotton nightie idea.

    thinking of you....

    and the word v was refoxxy.!

  3. Glad that you aren't sick. Hang in there.