Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A better day

Yesterday and today have been so much nicer days.  I have not been emotional or cranky or tired or weepy.  A little worn out, but I am able to live an almost normal life.  These are the days I would rather be writing about.  But I am trying to write about everything that I can, good and bad.  And I was taken back to hear comments and emails about not fighting the bad day.  I am not fighting anything, bad days, good days, cancer, anything.  I am living through each experience.  Each new day, good or bad.  And yes, it will sound like I am complaining about the bad days, but that is my way of expressing what I am going through.  And it is important for me when I look back whether a week ago or two weeks ago or 6 months ago and see that there are some days that are just not picnics.  But come on, I have had such a smaller percentage of bad days then good days.  Life is wonderful and it is a picnic and it is rain showers and sunny days, and thunder storms and days when everything goes right and days when nothing goes right.  Same for us with cancer.  So I had a crummy day that just kept getting more miserable and unpleasant as the day progressed.  But from that I learned a new timing for my meds that have made today and yesterday not only bearable but quite productive.

Jack and Jan picked Vicki and I up in Jan's itty bitty ranger yesterday morning and off we headed to town.  First stop was to pick up my trailer at Mary's then drive into Parkway Marine to pick up my Malibu and hook the trailer up to that.  We left Jan's truck in the parking lot and back on the road heading west to East Point.  We got there about 12:30 and all their loading men were out to lunch.   So the four of us drove into Apalachicola for lunch and settled on the Owl.  We had a lovely lunch everyone was so sweet and kind.  After lunch we stretched our legs and walked through Petunia's, the book store, and River Lily before heading back to East Point to get my booty.  

The guys were there and very sweet and got everything loaded up on my trailer not to mention 3 ficus trees for Sylvia.  Hopefully Denise and her faithful glue gun can make two pretty trees out of the three sad little ones.  

We did stop at the Kangaroo on our way out, but not on the way home.  Jan, Vicki and I had so much fun washing our hands and then drying them with the Excellarator.  Like I always say the instructions should be:  "1.  wash hands  2.  push button  3.  Hang on   4.  let go  when hands are dry, Excellerator will automatically turn off.  The men's Excellarator was broken so Jack did not get to play.  The womans' bath room was open with the shiny Excellarator glistening in the florescent light, whispering, "Come I will dry your hands" but he opted not to..  Too bad, so sad that Jack would go all the way to East Point and miss one of the main attractions of the trip.  

The rest of the trip went fairly calm.  We did have a little accident between the car and the trailer, but I am sure Mr. Moon will assist me to get it taken care of.

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good and started preparing for the change of furniture.  Vicki helped me move furniture and vacuum, Carry and lift and move things from one spot to another.  We have looked at every angle trying to determine where to put each thing.  It felt good to move around and use my body for more then sheet twisters.

Then Bob came by, my friend, not the dog and he is so sweet and brought Bryers Vanilla Ice cream,  a lovely big water melon, English Muffins, and  a loaf of of hearty whole grain bread from panera.  He is so sweet and we will enjoy all of it.  We are ready for the movers.   Jack and Jan said that they had 2 guys who helped build the sets and were bringing them by to get the "new couch and chairs" moved into the house.  Vicki and I have things as ready as we are able.  We have moved the TV, the book shelf, tables, lamps, etc.  all in anticipation that the new things will fit into their new places.

And we have had a lovely slow but active day and I really appreciate everything that Vicki has done to help me.

This evening we will go to Casa LaLuna for a little get together.  I wanted to do something while Vicki was here so she got to see her friends.  Everyone decided I was not going to have a party, so Ms Moon graciously volunteered her home.  Vicki made banana pudding, oh yum!!!! and I am making a marble yellow - chocolate/espresso cake with dark ganache' poured over the entire cake and a semi sweet ganache whipped into the filling between the layers.  It is done in parts and i hope that the parts start coming together soon.

A new day, a cleaner house, all the laundry washed and put away, new furniture sitting out in the carport waiting to be brought in, cakes and puddings almost complete and smiles on our faces and a a happy day.  AND I get to see ms Moon and all my beloveds from the Opera House this evening!  WOOOHOOO


  1. Hey. Don't apologize for complaining. I complain all the time, and I don't have cancer nor am I dealing with chemo and radiation.

    Bah. You've got a lot to be aggravated about.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with Ms. Moon & Co. tonight. Give her a big smooch for me.

    I'm glad you got your watermelon.

  2. I can't wait to get Michelle's smooch!
    The house is relatively clean although I am nervous because R&P are coming. I saw them walk into Publix today and they are so...tidy. Both of them.
    Oh well. It's going to be fun. Now I'm off to make pasta salad. I got a smoked salmon at the Costco and I hope you can eat a little. It's soft. And yummy. We shall slice it very, very thin.
    I'm so glad you're having a good day. Love you and Vickie, too.

  3. Glad today is a better day.