Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, August 6, 2010

meds, chickens and life is good

I am so bad about getting prescriptions filled. Judy had to finally come and get the scripts and take them to get them filled for me because I just have a mental block against meds. And then after poisoning myself on Wednesday I really was avoiding any meds. But Judy got them filled for me and when I got home there they sat on my table. How foolish I was. One of them is for anti-nausea and let me tell you, even though I felt much better then I did on Wednesday night and yesterday, within an hour of taking the pill, I was able to eat. Thank you Judy. And this morning I feel wonderful!!!

All of the chickens are where they should be and doing wonderful. David Smith and River Song, his new little friend, a lovely little honey colored peep are both doing very well and eating and growing and peeping. Christopher stayed with his cousins, John and Meg last night, but he called me, well, actually he called David Smith, but since David Smith does not have hands and is way too small to answer the phone, I did. But I held the phone down for David Smith and I could tell when Christopher was talking to David Smith because he would peck at the phone. And when Christopher would quit talking David Smith would just peep away. I tell you it is a beautiful thing a boy and his chicken.  And when I drove up last night and got out of the car, Bob just kept staring at the car waiting for Christopher to get out.  He looked harder for Christopher then for Sam, the foster dog I had that I finally was able to find a home for, and when I took it to its new home and came back Bob looked at the car for a second and then grabbed a ball and wanted to play.   They had spent most of their lives together, and whatever.  But Christopher has been here a week and Bob misses him when he is gone.

And Zora and Bea and their three little peeps are back and just fine. When I got home last night here came Zora and Bea walking through the grass in the pasture over to the coop. You could not see the peeps, but there was a wave in the grass between the two hens and when they came closer I could see just the tops of the heads of all three peeps. I was so happy!!!

This afternoon Christopher graduates from space camp so I moved my radiation treatments to the 7:20 slot. It worked out fine and they have that as a new opening so I have switched from the last person of the day to the first person of the day, I am so extreme! I liked getting it over first thing in the morning. The Therapist are always as nice as nice can be, but to see them fresh in the morning instead of tired and wanting to go home is always great. Yesterday they took pictures of me with my head bolted to the table with my mask. I will have to have Ms Moon show me how to insert pictures so I can have a record here of that.

So after my radiation last night I went to have my hair cut, how is that for positive thinking?!?!? The doctor is convinced that I will loose my hair in 3-4 weeks and I am getting my hair cut. Well, it was in my face and 3-4 weeks is a long time in hair growth time. My hair person is also my boss’s wife and she is a total sweetheart. She gave me a great head massage as she washed my hair and it was wonderful. Then she was worried about my hair, and I just found that so funny. I kept teasing her that really by Labor day it will be gone if the doctor is right, so how bad can any hair cut be in that time frame? And she does great hair. She listens, she errors on the side of too long versus too short and gives great head massage. Her name is Paige Nicely and she works at A Cut Above on Capitol Circle. The phone number there is 656-5556. Yes, I am blatantly advertising for her, but if you could see my hair you would agree that I am doing anyone who starts going to her a big favor. But don’t go to her if you are in a rush. She is not a 15 minute hair cutter. She takes whatever time it takes to get your hair perfect and to make sure the customer is happy.

I have started my new meds today. I am taking one over the counter ibuprofen and one tramadol. So I am so sleepy from the tramadol this morning and yes there is still some pain, but not bad. And since yesterday was Phyllis’s birthday, I brought in Klondike bars for the staff. So this afternoon will be fun, and it is Friday and I have 7 radiation treatments under my belt, 6 more to go, a days rest and then we start chemo. But honestly I am dreading more having Christopher leave then the chemo. But Boone is coming out tomorrow to help move the mulch off of the trailer and put it around my trees in the orchard and the rest into a holding area where I can use as and when needed. I mean how sweet is that?  I really do have the best friends in the entire world!

I have really enjoyed having the little guy around. But 14 days, just 2 weeks and Vicki will be here! So lots of things to get ready for, to prepare, to look forward to. And I feel good, have my energy back, my chickens and Christopher’s are all happy and clucking and peeping and this morning when I left for my radiation the yard was filled with baby bunnies. Black ones, white ones, white ones with black spots, brown ones with black and white spots, honey colored ones. Rabbits everywhere. Hopefully when Vicki is here we can think of something to fix this environmental disaster I am causing.  But in the meantime I do love being able to sit in my yard and have it filled with dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens. Life renewing life, overflowing and bursting with color and noise and love. 


  1. Kathleen- you ARE blessed. And honey, you didn't even mention The Perfect Boyfriend!
    Love you and hope to see you this afternoon!

  2. Kathleen Dear,
    Glad the meds are helping.

    I hope you have a terrific weekend.