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Sittin On A Porch
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Behind Door Number 4

On Tuesday I was running a little late to my radiation appointment, I signed in, and walked back to change from my street clothes into one of those very attractive hospital gowns.  Gowns, that does sound lovely doesn't it.  I take off my top and bra and then put the gown on, open to the back.  So it is pretty quick and I don't have to worry about my scrawny butt hanging out.  I wear skirts with tops because it is jut too hot to wear pants, and the whole butt thing is why I don't wear dresses.

Anyway, on Tuesday I  stepped into dressing room 4 because it was the only one open.  Push the lock button on the doors and slipped out of my shirt and bra and I was leaning forward to grab one of those lovely gowns out of the drawer when the door opened.  First, I would like to say I am glad that I was leaning forward, you could at least tell I was a woman, where if I had been standing upright, it might not as been as easy telling whether I am a woman or a thin teenage boy.  The person opening the door was an older distinguished man who was as shocked as I was, and immediately closed the door and apologized as he scurried off.  So I threw on my lovely gown and stepped out, he was gone, thankfully.  About that time I was called back for my radiation and when I came out the distinguished man was talking to one of the therapist and a maintenance man about what had happened.  I scurried by and into Dressing room #3.  I was either not seen or the distinguished man gave me the respect to pretend he did not recognize me.  Well I was covered up, so maybe he didn't recognize me.  I got dressed and headed to work.

Wednesday I was very late so was lucky enough to miss the distinguished gentleman.  But this morning as I opened the door to walk into the special radiation cancer area and who should be walking out, yep, you guessed it, the distinguished man.  He smiled right at my face and told me that I was looking very nice today.  I think I might have smiled back, I am not sure.  I am sure that I  couldn't think of anything else to say at that moment, so just hurried on to Dressing Room #3, yes, I have learned my lesson, plus there is a sign warning of the inability of the door to lock.  Of course I had to tell the Therapists about what had happened and we all laughed and laughed.  They knew that someone had been walked in on, but I think they got a big kick that it was me.  After all, I have not noticed that many of my fellow cancer patients exhibiting much of a warped sense of humor.  They had a volley of ideas, like selling tickets for a peep show or maybe a dating service.  Something to think about, after all, I have a lot of medical bills to pay.

So always something interesting going on in the cancer ward, and well, there are lots of different ways to meet interesting people.


  1. Well- who knows? Maybe you could find true love in the radiation department. Then you could write a book about it and go on talk shows. It would be awesome.
    Or...maybe not.
    I love you, Kathleen. That was a great story.

  2. I am sure that he was probably more shocked than you. I once opened a portalet and there was a woman sitting on the throne who had forgotten to lock the door. I slammed that door shut so fast that it's a wonder the damn thing didn't tip over. Weird how our reactions are to just the human body.

  3. I realized half way through writing this what the date was when Kathleen wrote this. I decided to finish it. Hopefully she is still able to see the smiles she put on people where ever she is. God bless you Kathleen

    Hi Kathleen,
    This will be the first time responding to someone in "a blog"I guess its called? What got me here was a dream I had last night. I was at my sons school when he was smaller and needed to use the bathroom,I turned around and there was door number 3 and door number 4: my son and his teacher told me to go into door number 4. Then I woke up. I believe dreams have messages sometimes,all I could think to do is look up door number 4 on the internet. And I found you. :)
    I felt a kind of closeness to you while reading your story. Which was cute and made me chuckle some,thank you. I am an RN in a hospital and have seen suffering. I have had several people close to me also suffer through cancer,including my mother with lung cancer. Its the stories like yours that get people through the day with heartfelt smile. I have many from my patients which keep me going in nursing,but I would like to share one about my mother.
    She had a life with husband and 3 kids. Both my folks worked. Mom a factory worker,dad a truck driver. In 2008, my folks split up for a very good reason. My father, a man who everyone respected, ended up in jail for something unforgivable. It hurt my mother deeply. Then 2 months later her sister died of cancer to the brain. This crippled my mom. I helped her through those. Then my sister and her daughter ended up moving back home due to loosiing her home and good paying job. My mother was overwhelmed and becoming more depressed every day.
    She was a very young 72 year old when she found out she had lung cancer in May of 2010. At this point she became very depressed. I was able to set her up with an Oncologist thru the hospital,who she adored!! Very nice man. Us kids shared bringing her to her chemo and radiation treatments. At first I would stay with her in the hospital for the hours of treatments she would get with others dx with cancer. After awhile, she was kicking me out. I would pick her up and she was telling me stories of these people she met and SMILING again after years of depression. She was smiling!! WOW!!! It was then that I realized her light was shining and from all of those small stories she listened to from other cancer patients, her friends!!
    She died one year later, day after mothers day. She died happy,she was finally happy again!! Even with death at her doorstep,her light shined on everyone, thanks to people sharing!! :)
    Take care to all of you
    Bless you kathleen
    And remember to always take a moment and listen to others share