Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, August 28, 2011

She ran into my arms

Ms Moon made the birthday pizza last night and it was delicious and we moved through the Moondance in and out, up and down as if we wanted to remember each little special place that we had shared with friends this past week.  A week with dark moments as well as those filled with light .  This morning I was awakened before the sun came up.  Denise, Judy and I were out of the house to get to the beach for the sunrise:

I walked east towards the rising sun and watched the colors spread across the sky and reflect off the Gulf.  The Gulf turned from black to pink and orange, purple, blue and green.  It foamed up across the shore at my feet but my eyes were cast today across the horizon.  I raised my head today pulling it away from the sand and shells.  From all the animal tracks and surprises of crabs jumping in and out of their holes.

No today, I did not keep my eyes down staring at these tracks and treasures as I had on previous days.  Today I kept my eyes up.  My last day, my last walk on this beautiful beach for this year's trip, I watched the sun come up.  I watched the dolphins work just off the sandbars up and down and chasing into and after the schools of fish.  I moved briskly along the beach this morning because I still needed to finish packing.  The beach was empty at this time of morning and I was able to stretch out my long legs, swing my long arms along as I watched the beginning of this new day.    There were a few familiar companions:

Like this Willet with a rosie neck reflected from the colors in the water.

I made my full hour walk this morning up and back on the beach.  I had to skip yesterday's evening walk because of the blisters from burning my foot on the hot metal of the nail heads on the deck.  But this morning, as long as I kept my foot dry I didn't even remember the blisters.  After my walk I jumped into the Gulf one last time on this trip.  I saw a couple of small rays, blue crabs and fish swimming to avoid my king kong feet as they shuffled along the shallow bottom.

The Moondance was hopping when I got back.  Packing was in full course, showers being taken from last dances in the ocean.  Bags, coolers, boxes and every imaginable belonging was being dropped down to the cars or gently carried down the stairs.  Movement up and down, up and down the stairs.  The beds were stripped, dirty towels piled in front of the washer, dishes put in the washer and turned on.  Checking and rechecking each room for left possessions.  

I will miss the outside shower.  It was heavenly to be able to take a shower before ever walking into the house.  To leave all the sand and salt behind.  We all lamented the inability to wash the grime and stress away without taking it into our homes.  I had already posted a picture of Judy, Vicki and Nancy at the Moondance.  Here is the rest of our crew:

We left our little Moondance this morning and turned our vehicles towards the bridge and back to our homes and families and plants and animals and lives.  First we stopped at a Mexican Restaurant for breakfast.  Then I headed east in my toy with the top down.  The sun over my head riding along with me as I left my beloved Gulf.  The warm waters brimming with life that has played in my life since I was an infant.  The water that still feels like home, that shared its glitter and sparkle with me this past week.  From those waters I added two more birds to my life list, saw 2 baby sea turtles take their first steps into their first day of what I hope will be a long and amazing life filled with travel and adventure.  I saw rays and star fish, pieces of sand dollars and shells spanning the colors of the rainbow.  I laid in that warm salty water with a friend who has been in my life for more then 50 years.  I have splashed and laughed in that body of dreams with Mer-Mer, Lily and Owen with Uncle Hank close by and I have walked along that water with friends new and old, and I have been happy.  

This past week our world revolved around that body of water and the ebb and flow of the sandy shore that moves with the shift of the moon and the spinning of the universe.  I set goals for myself and enjoyed meeting them with my walks and taking time each morning to stretch up and over and remind my body that it is still strong and is going to only get stronger.  This morning I only took 5 minutes for my yoga, and did the sun salutation.  I could not leave this house without one last dance.  My body is lean and brown, I have a new dress that slips over the beginning of muscles being slowly brought back to life.  I will wear it to the Opera House and will remember the day that I bought that dress. Of the faces that were surrounding me as I walked out of the dressing room.  Not only were there the 3 faces of my friends but there was also another group of woman friends there spending the day together.  These woman looked to be 15 - 20 years older then ourselves.  Their faces shared stories and laughter spent over time together, and when I walked out of the dressing room, it was as if they were remembering a time when they were in that same moment years ago.  They were so sweet, all of those woman faces, known and unknown.

And as I drove home I was happy.  I was happy in my toy with the top down.  I was happy to have spent time with friends.  I had learned things about how much each individual friendship with each individual woman means to me.  I thought about so many different memories from the past 7 days and nights and days and nights before.  But my mind was shifting to my children, to Harry, Bob and Ednarose.  My mind thought of Marina, Henry, Stella and Luna, the chickens, my plants.  Had my plants been watered?  Had any survived?  

I drove along Hwy 98 until the Gulf disappeared into the scrub pine of Jefferson County and then headed north of Monticello and picked up Ednarose at Golden Acres.  Bobbie went out to get her, she was napping in the air-conditioned kennel.  As they walked out the door, I called to my sweet new baby girl, "Ednarose"  Her ears perked up and she ran as fast as she could straight up to me and jumped into my arms.  She looked happy and obviously loved Ms Bobbie, but she was happy to get in the car with her mama and head back home to her chickens, cats and big brothers.  I let her out of the car as soon as I pulled up to the carport.  She ran directly to the pasture fence where Harry and Bob greeted her with kisses and whines.  I opened the gate and the three of threw themselves at each other.

I have been home now for a few hours.  I have talked to some people to let them know I was home.  I brought everything in from the car, but have only put away the most important things.  Everything else still sits in its basket or suitcase.  I fed the chickens watermelon and gathered 6 eggs.  I have sat in my red chair and held my cats.  I am home.  I loved our week at the beach.  I love my home.  How wonderful can one life be with so many places to be happy.  

Tomorrow I will go to the Y for a yoga class and then go to see Dr. M.  Tuesday and Thursday I will go to the Y for HOPE.  Each day I will integrate myself back into my life here.  September is just around the corner and my life is waiting each morning to begin again.  I can be anything or anyone, because I am strong and I am learning to appreciate taking time for myself.  To give a little more to me, and step back to make sure that what I give to others is the right thing for both of us.  I have learned more about people this week.  Hard lessons that I am still struggling with, but for right now, I have a book I started at the beach.  I have my children and tomorrow I can hang my clothes on the clothes line, go see the doctor, take a yoga class and come home to assess my gardens and the never ending list of tasks.  
Tasks I love to do.
I am back home at my little Labrun.  Call me, email or come by.  I am the rested tan one, standing a little taller, feeling a little stronger, a little more flexible and balanced, 
and very happy.

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  1. Your sunrise pictures are wonderful. I think sunrise at the beach is the most magical thing in the world. If I try really hard I can almost hear and smell your picture. You look so happy in your photos. I told Mary I'd love to see your new dress. I love a bargain and a perfect dress!
    Welcome home. I know your babies missed you very much.