Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, August 12, 2011

Finding a little happiness

I am generally speaking an irritatingly happy person, a real Pollyanna.  I am very trusting, too trusting, and nothing makes me happier then giving something to someone else that makes them happy.   I am learning to find my own happiness by being good for me, but enjoying a sunset is something I love, but sharing it with someone else, makes me much happier.  Last night Christopher called me and that made me happy.  I miss that little guy.   I do hope he understands that even when he is all grown up I will still be almost 45 years older then him, so he is always going to be my little guy.

I got to bed early last night.  I received a call from someone from the dating nightmare, and I told him not to call me back.  And without any further worries, I fell asleep with Bob, Henry, Luna and Ednarose.

This morning I woke early, but felt good and got up and did a few things around the house, wrote my dad a note and sent him a copy of the article in the Democrat's Sunday TLH magazine.  Then I got dressed, put the top down on the toy, which really still makes me happy and drove north to Thomasville.  

Nothing makes me happier and feel good about myself then the convertible Toyota Solara that Mr. Moon found for me.  And this past week I have needed some happy.   I know people say that a little rain helps to enjoy the flower and sun more.  Hmmm, I don't know.  Being unhappy does not make me appreciate the happy more.

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate my happy.  But each day that I have awakened happy for as long as I can remember I have been aware that I was happy.  I remember my grandmother reading me a story about a little girl who woke up each morning and rolling onto to her tummy she would crawl out backwards from her bed, and the whole day would just seem to go backwards and she was not happy.  Then a tiny old fairy crossed her path and told her the way to have a happy day is to jump out of bed feet first arms held open to welcome the day with a smile on your face and the rest of the day will be happy.  I told her that I believed that because that is exactly how I woke up each morning.  And it is.  

So I drove to Thomasville this morning, a beautiful August hot sunny day and I met with the sweet lovely physical therapist and one of the trainers.  They are excited and happy about the HOPE project and getting to work with someone who is well and physically as strong and flexible as I still am.  She asked me to lean over and stretch down as far as was comfortable.  I could touch the ground.  But I used to be able to touch the ground flat handed, behind my feet.  The physical therapist made a comment about how flexible I am.  I laughed and said my fingertips aren't but about 6 inches above the ground.  My dad used to joke that when I was an infant and they would put me in that little round thing with the wheels even before my feet touched I could whip around the kitchen just using my orangutan arms.  OK, he was kidding, but not by much.  Even the therapist said she had never seen anyone with my extreme proportion of arms/legs to body.  That is one of the reasons I can handle heat and suffer from cold.  Small body to generate heat and long, long, long appendages to dissipate heat.  

I will start my exercise program this next Tuesday.  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 - 12 is the cancer exercise group.  I am pretty excited.

After I left the therapist I walked downtown Thomasville sticking my head into a few of the lovely stores downtown.  The bookstore, the shoe store, the Sweetgrass diary cheese store, Relics Antiques, so many different stores to slip through and experience.  Then to Publix for yogurt and some vermouth marinated olives.  On to Sears for the pre-filter to my lawn tractor that I lost at the last Sears I went in to buy a new one, which they didn't have.  This Sears didn't have one either.  At Lowe's I picked up Jungle Soil and a few plants.  A thunder storm was passing west to east south of Thomasville and the drive home was cool and breezy and lovely.  Back in Monticello I mailed my dad's envelop at the Post Office, dropped a movie off at Redbox and then to the Moon's to see Ms Moon for a couple of minutes.  Ms Moon had been working in the garden and her smile and covered in sweat and dirt and she looked happy.  That made me appreciate my own happiness and know that like her, getting into the dirt is something that makes me happy and something that I do when I am happy.


  1. Go read my post, you beautiful woman.

  2. This made tears fill my eyes and a absolutely lovely joy fill my heart. Thank you for sharing who you are.