Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another day in Paradise

We woke at 7 this morning, our rooms filled with sunlight.  We were still in paradise.  I headed out to take my morning walk first thing.  Even before breakfast, the most important meal of the day.  I wanted to get out to the beach and walk.  

Public access to the beach

flowering vine running along and across the beach path

It was quiet and peaceful with only a few walkers on the beach.  People with their dogs were out and the dogs sniffed and ran and played on the beach with more enthusiasm then their owners.  A beautiful yellow lab sniffed his way along the surf line proudly snatching up the most odoriferous of the bounties from the ocean.  His parents quickly, "No, No, No!"  until he dropped the aromatic treasure, quickly gaining interest in the next delightful find.

The Gulf was less choppy this morning and the tide had just begun its work eroding the small waves of sand dunes.  The sand etched with the movement of the water, lines of shells and seaweed washed into small piles.  The shell prints of the fiddler crabs crisscross from one hole to another.  Two sharp lines side by side with a drag, unlike the star patterns of the Sand pipers, Willets and Ruddy Turnstones.  The foot prints of the these shore birds looked like little lines of stars then a Morse code design where their beaks have poked in and out of the sand searching for tasty morsels.  

The golden glow of sunlight sparkles on the gulf.  I walked eastward towards the morning sun.  I was in no rush, I just set a comfortable pace and walked.  Eyes searching the sand for shells, out to the horizon for dolphins then upward to the clear blue breathless sky.  My mind tried to wrap around the idea that I had no where I had to be.  I had no demands.  I could walk as long as I wanted, or my knee held out.  I could walk into the water and just float and swim with no demands on when to leave.  It took me back that I should have be aware of this timelessness.  I tried to slow down a little further.  To step back and enjoy these moments.  Moments of warm gulf salt water, hard pack sand giving way under foot when the tide splashes up and around me.  Of having no obligations.  Of having friends to spend time, and sunsets to watch, and beaches to walk on, and yoga.

I returned to the Moondance after my walk:

 and took a shower in our outside downstairs shower:

hot and cold running water

Here are pictures of Judy, Vicki and Nancy at the Moondance:

The day crept along like a perfect summer vacation day with no demands and wonderful choices to make.  Nancy made lunch, tacos and black bean and corn salad.  Vicki made a chicken casserole for supper.  The refrigerator is full and Ms Moon is on her way with more food.  

I took my bird book out for my next walk and added two birds to my life list, the Willets and Ruddy Turnstones.  I wandered back and forth between the beach and the Moondance.  After lunch the four of us headed together to the beach where the we headed out to float in the warm shallow gulf.  It is hard to get out the first 20 feet or so because of the uneven gulf bottom from all the wave action.  It stays shallow for a long way out, so as soon as the water gets up to your knees it is best to just sink down in the water and float scoot out  past the choppy water into the calm ebb of the tides.  Nancy does not swim and chose to spend her time up on the beach, mostly under an umbrella.  To listen to the surf and birds and relax on the warm sandy beaches with out burning herself to a crisp.  I eventually headed up to take my second walk of the day, Judy continued to float in her beloved Gulf water, Vicki splashed up to the shoreline. 

Ms Moon came in mid afternoon and everyone was so happy to have her with us.  She unloaded her car and started the Herculean task of finding a place in the refrigerator where you could put another container of food.  

The afternoon drifted along, a little rain shower came up and cooled the temperatures down more then raising the humidity.  Each of us had gone our separate ways during the day accomplishing little errands or walks.  I had quietly worked through the yoga program in my book.  Simple positions flowing from one to the other stretching muscles up the body, relaxing, breathing, slowly working through the positions taking the time to enjoy the moments.  The moments of the stretch.  Feeling the pull and relaxation, the opposite motion to stay balanced.  Breathing in and out with the fluidity of the movements.  Turning the pages of the book following the familiar positions, it felt so natural and comfortable.  Stretching limbs turning deep brown from the beach sun.  Still smelling faintly of sunscreen generously applied every time I return to Moondance.

We have each floated in our own direction, coming together then passing on, like the ebb and flow of the gulf that fills the white sound of our heads and ears.  The roar as the water rolls ashore being dampened out only by the buzz of the cicadas.  The sound increases as the heat of the summer day edges off waiting for the coolness of the evening.  The buzz of these insects loud enough to make a normal conversation difficult.

Moondance.  Our voices become a little thicker and softer as we enjoy the company of our little group.  Our group almost complete now with Ms Moon here with us.  And tomorrow maybe Apalachicola, then the next day with Hank, Lily and Owen.  Then Friday night our Denise will be here with us.  Wonderful days to come, and each of us seems to be savoring each moment.


  1. Moondance, what a magical name for your cottage, just as magical as your day. May the rest of them be just as wonderful as today, each in its own special way.

    Happy beach vacation to all!

  2. Lovely beach descriptions, lyrically astute.