Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am back in the lawn care business

I have some remarkable friends.  Ms Moon is one of the finest cooks of health food, nurturing, loving people you could ever want to know.  Ms Denise? that woman can sew, craft, find the most difficult prop for a production anyone can dream up, and then make you smile with her wit and smile.  Ms Judy, whew, what can that woman not do?  She knows everything about forest management, fire, roads, heavy equipment, and just one of the best people to sit and have a conversation.  I have friends who can fly helicopters, teach, farm, weave, knit, crochet, cook, raise the best children and chickens, fix cars, grow vegetables, make music, write poetry, paint, act, sculpt, dance, sing, recite lines, hike, laugh, name the stars, know trivia.  Well, as you can see I greatly appreciate all the talents my friends have. 

Yesterday Ms Judy came over and helped me to get my lawn tractor working.  It really didn't end up being that big of a deal, with Judy there.  And there was no problem getting it started once we put gas in it.  She tightened the blades for me and I am good to go.  I am back in the lawn care business again.

I spent the day cleaning.    Something in my memory said clean today.  That was my routine when I lived on Pine Island.  I worked or was on the road Monday through Friday.  Saturday was my day to clean the house.  And of course all my time after Hurricane Charlie was about cleaning up.  I also realized that I have not done my spring cleaning for this spring or last.  So most of the cleaning yesterday was things I don't normally think about.  I walked around the house looking at things with new eyes and oh my, there was a lot of things that needed cleaning that I just never think about.  I would rather garden then clean the house, well duh, who wouldn't?  OK, I am sure that there are actually people who would rather clean then garden, but I don't know any of them.  But cleaning also has the reward of being able to see the difference between before and after.   I felt strong and accomplished getting the few tings that I did get done and it made such a difference.

Today was the cast party for the Radio Show.  It was at Shirley's house.  She has a lovely home and we had a small turn out but it was great fun.  I love getting to spend time with these lovely people.  We laughed and talked and ate.  Oh did we ate.  We always have so much food at these parties.  

Now I am sitting in my red chair, and looking at the crazy schedule I have set up for myself this week.  Tomorrow I will get my bumper fixed.  Tuesday will be my first day at my cancer program. I am psyched.  As an over achiever I think I can quickly move to the top of my exercise class, well as long as I stay in the cancer classes.  

I have not had the best time in exercise classes.  The last class I was in I was thrown out over a bottle of Boone's Farm.  I was not drinking it, I simply passed it from the person on my left to the one on the right.  Well, actually I was going to pass it on, but that was the moment that the teacher focused in on me.  She yelled.  I stood there quiet, feeling a little guilty.  Then she continued to yell at me, so I figured if I was going to get yelled at I might as well have a sip.  I still don't care for Boone's Farm, and she pointed at the door and yelled out.  A different time I tried an organized exercise class, I got my foot stuck in the ballet bar.  The fire department had to come to take the bar off so I could get my foot out.  Another time during a dance marathon for some worthy cause, I went left they went right.  There was no stage to the left so off the side I went crashing to the ground.  Most classes the women just got ugly at the end of class because I don't sweat like normal people.  I have to be careful not to overheat because I don't sweat well.  I do sweat, and now post menopause I sweat way more then I ever did, but still not as much as normal people.   So as I think about this, I am a little nervous about  starting another exercise class.  I am clumsy, I don't sweat right, I just have a lot of things that make me stand out in an exercise class, and unless you are Ms Jazzercise, most of us don't want to stand out.  Well we will see how things go on Tuesday.  I am still pretty excited about going, hopefully this will be the good experience. 

Wednesday Ednarose will see the doctor for the first time to start her baby vaccinations.  Thursday I have exercise class, blood work and dinner with Janak, Getta and Baa.  Friday is a totally unscheduled day, so I need to get everything I need for the St. George trip next week.  Saturday I will finish up getting ready and then I will help out at the Karaoke night at the Opera House.  Thank goodness we will be at the beach the following week so I can slow down.  Now that I have the exercise class 2 days a week that has got to affect how much time I will have available for other activities.

Ednarose is still alive.  Neither her brothers or I have killed her.... yet.  I heard a noise earlier and looked up and she was standing on the kitchen counter.  Geez

What a glorious sunset!  You can tell it is about mid August.  The weather is going through those changes where it teases with a few cooler evenings.  Dusk is glowing with the pink and orange of fall.  It will still be hot for weeks yet, but we have the promise of cooler temperatures  in the dusky glow that fills my garden.  The dusk is deepening into purple and soon it will be dark with a moon still almost full.   I need to get to sleep soon, I have a big week coming up, and as much as I feel healthy and strong and normal, I need to remember that I do have cancer.  Seems so funny to say that these days.  I still have the side effects of the chemo, but other then that, I feel fine.  I feel strong.  I feel healthy and alive.  That is probably because I am fine, strong, healthy and very much alive.......with cancer.  Big deal.  We all have a few challenges to deal with.  I better go grab Ednarose before Harry tries to eat her again.  Bob has gone to bed.  He loves having someone to love, protect and play with, but he does get tired of her razor sharp puppy teeth.  

Ednarose, put that down.  Ednarose, stop that.  Ednarose take your teeth out of my ankle.  Ednarose time for bed.  sweet sleep

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