Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's good to be home

We made it. 
A lifetime ago, OB and I packed our bags and drove south to start our journey to Spain.
I packed Dad's bags
Rob drove us to the airport and the adventure began.
It was too much for Dad
It was too much for OB
It was too much for me
But we did it
We quickly slipped into a pattern,
working together these three people
Two who had never meant until they shook hands the first time
at the airport
We flew from Tampa to Miami
We flew from Miami
we flew
we flew
we flew
we flew
we flew to Madrid
Dad simply does not fit into a regular class seat in an airport
We was miserable
and in so much pain
but then
we got to Madrid
and we stayed in the Wellington
then we drove to Barcarrota
and then our lives changed

We drove over to Paco and Teresa's and it was so good seeing them.  They looked well.  This retired doctor at 80 and his beloved Teresa, a retired pharmacist at 78.  And we got to see Danny, Davey, Pablo and Fran.  We got to see some of the grand babies.
We got to see so many dearly beloved ones. 
They love Dad there. 
They really love and respect him. 
And the Conquistadors came from Bradenton. 
we spent a week celebrating Hernando DeSoto. 
long story
And we were there to celebrate my Dad
and we celebrated Dad
He was definitely the man of the hour
I still can not see certain colors blinded by all the flashes from photos of Dad by his loving town
I have a small idea of what it is like to have paparazzi chasing you everywhere
He is loved there
We did so many wonderful things
and saw new places
and familiar places and faces
and it was wonderful
and our family expanded
OB was officially adopted by Paco and Teresa
They saw how kind, how strong, how calm, how amazing he was with this 87 year old
this man who is slipping away
but because of our team of three
Dad was able to do almost everything
He was honored
he was loved he was happy
We didn't get much sleep
We ate and ate and ate
We laughed and spent so much wonderful time
with such beloved ones
Then OB drove us back to Madrid
back to The Wellington
into our cool luxurious blue room
beds that were comfortable
We watched Spain and Portugal play
Espana won
We ate room service and opened some of our
anchovy stuffed olives
and drank
some of our red wine we collected during our trip
We sat in big soft white hotel robes
Then we got up early
ate our last Wellington breakfast
for this trip
and made it to the airport
on to our plane
then we flew
and flew
and flew
and flew
and flew some more
OB was able to get Dad into First Class towards the end of the trip
Dad loved it
We ran through the airport and
led by our amazing
and worked our way
through security
through customs
through pat downs
and electronic waves
shaking our brains
then we flew some more
then we landed in Tampa
by the time we got to baggage claim
my brother Rob had already grabbed the wheel chair
and two of our bags
We drove home
we settled in
we slept in our country
with no time frames
OB and I snuck out for breakfast
We talked and decided to stay an extra day to help Dad adjust back home
to attend my sister in law's 50th birthday
happy birthday JongAe
and then the next morning as Dad was eating his breakfast
I hugged him
and told him I loved him
and then we slipped back into the toy
pointed the shiny sliver nose north
and drove home
there was visiting friends on the way
there was Goodwill's
and thrift stores
yard sales
I bought a $5 craft table
such a deal
We found chickens
We got home
We did it
We made it
We still all liked each other
It was tough
It showed so much about the three of us
I am so very
very very
very very very
fortunate to have these two men in my lives
Two men
so much a like
so different
two men I love with all my heart
a trip where we were
wrapped up in so much love
so much joy and friendship
It was a wonderful trip
especially now that it is over

We are home
I am getting back to myself
it was a hard trip
but I am home
and my heart and mind
filled with smiles
and love
and friendship
how perfect

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  1. Kathleen,that was such a powerful post and you got it all in, in just the right bits to make it flow and urgent and loving and kind.. Loved reading it, so happy for you that it all worked out well and your darling dad had a super time too.. it is a very long way to travel, what strength you showed in doing the trip, and I am sure you have loads of photos to later share.. but in the meantime, I am happy for you that you all are back safe and sound, full of happiness from a wonderful holiday!!