Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh I'm on my way, I know I am, some where not so far from here......

That Cat Stevens song keeps playing in my head as Christopher and I have started our adventure to CT.  We left the house about 2:30pm and drove to Thomasville so I could meet with Dr. C, my digestive specialist.  He told me that they had a conference on me and that all the doctors in the group decided that I did not qualify for the Hepatitus C treatment.  I had wanted to find out if I qualifed.  I had no intention of taking the treatment, it just does not make sense for someone in my situation, but I would have liked to know whether or not I qualified genetically.  I still do not know.  It does not matter.  But Dr. C did prescribe something for my stomach issues and wants to see me back in 3 months. 

He called me "heroic" when I told him I was riding on the back on OB's Harley to CA, OR and maybe even WA to visit family and friends.  I laughed and said that there was nothing heroic about it.  He said getting up everyday with Stage 4 lung cancer and live life is heroic.  I did take a pause on that.  I do not feel heroic, just lucky.  Lucky to know so much about my life and what the future might hold.  It is like I have been given a crystal ball that tells me more then maybe I want to know, but let's me know to get up and get out and live life.  So I am.

We finally got on the road from the doctors about 5 and made it to Macon and into the hotel about 8pm.  Of course our exit was under construction so you could not see the name of the road, but we did see the LQ sign, so turned around and made it in with little to no problem.  The room is nice, the pool big and the hot, according to Christopher.  I guess I need to get the boy out of the pool before he turns into one big wrinkle.  We have a long day of driving tomorrow, so I am ready for bed.

Our trip so far, all 4 hours of it, have been great and it is so much fun to drive the toy with my sweet laughing 12 year old next to me.  He is a great companion, and helps me find our way.  We are on vacation, so we will see how far we get tomorrow, but it would be great if we could get 500 - 600 miles in so that Friday we get in at a decent hour.

It was hard leaving Harry again.  He is so tired of life and just fading away in front of me.  I think he will hang on until I get back.  He is not suffering, just fading away.  I have friends who will help Ms Elizabeth if anything should happen, but I am sure all will be fine.  Bob and Edna were not happy to see us go, but are getting used to it.  The cats all took it in stride.  I have to give Daddy a call and let him know we are doing ok.

Tomorrow a long road through SC, NC, TN, and VA.  The next day, VA, PA, MD, NY and CT.  Oh, we are on our way, we know we are, some where not so far from here..........  more from the road later!


  1. You two are going to have a great time, flying through the states in the toy with the top down ~ safe travels!

  2. be safe! wave in the direction of the feral mitten when you hit the ohio border!