Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello from Lexington, VA

I was exhausted last night.  HA!  HA, I say.  This morning Christopher and I got up a little before 7am, got ourselves ready, went down to breakfast and prepared ourselves for a long day of driving.  Christopher made waffles and ate a banana and drank some apple juice.  I ate some hard boiled eggs, yogurt and bananas.  So refueled we hopped into the toy, put down the top and pulled out of Macon, GA heading for, hopefully, VA.  We drove north with Christopher learning how to navigate.  Yes, poor kid, talk about learning by trial by fire.  But he did great.  We tried some roads we did not plan on driving on, but somehow ended up getting where we needed to without doubling back.  I don't know how we did it, but we drove from Macon, GA to Lexington, VA today.  This is like 600+ miles.  And we had fun.  No really, we laughed, Christopher loved the mountains.  I mean we are both children of Florida.  So landfills tend to give us a thrill because of the height.  Christopher lives at sea level.  No really, he lives across the road from the Manatee River and it is sea level.  I know because it is about 3 blocks from where I grew up.  So hills and mountains are amazing to us.  And he was.  It was wonderful seeing the blue ridge mountains again through his eyes. 
We drove and drove.  Every state we drove through we got out of the car and stood in the state.  That was GA, SC, NC, TN and VA.  It turns out that Christopher gets car sick.
WHAT?????  Oh yeah, motion sickness.  How did I not know???  We looked for ginger ale, but could not find it where we were, but they did have Dramamine and so he was fine.  He took one pill and it lasted for 600+ miles.  No, he did not get sick in the car, other then a little queasy tummy, but that even went away with the is one tough 12 year old.  he dramamine

We texted OB and sent photos back and forth.  He is in NJ and getting to spend time with his daughter and two grandsons. 

We finally stopped around 7pm, checked into a HOJO and I called Dad.  Bless his heart, he is so lonely.  I call him and talk to him almost everyday, but sometimes I am the only person he talks to.  I feel so bad for him.  I talked to Christopher about going down to visit his Grandpa more often.  And asked him to please talk to his older brother and to ask him to try and find some time each week to stop by and talk to grandpa for half an hour.  It is funny how we can find time to do for others, but to just call your Dad or grandfather it does not even enter our minds.  I call Dad because I am not close enough to do more.  Once again, I am torn between my wonderful life, filled with travel and adventure and my desire to take care of my father.  I send money to my brothers to get things for Dad and I do try and call him every day, but he is still alone.  When I get home from my trip with OB to CA, I will have to go down and visit him and maybe see if I can bring him up to my home for a week or two.  I do love my Dad very much.

Well, we managed to get down the street to Berky's for dinner around 8, and now, here I sit, tired, guilty and confused about life again.  We still have many miles to travel tomorrow and I need to call Susan to give her an idea of where we have made it to.  So I will close for now.  Christopher and I both ate big plates of veggies off of the buffet.  The food was good, but we were so tired it took all of our energy to just chew.  And now I need to sleep.  Hopefully we don't have quite so many miles tomorrow, we did drive way more then 600, but I am not sure exactly how many, but we did it, and smiled and laughed and soon we will be throwing our arms around Susan and Jim and Jim (yes, 2 Jim's) and Skylar, Percy and Beebe.  Our shoulders, arms, necks and ears are red from the sun, but we are not burned, just brown little Florida Crackers. 

We are having fun, watch out CT, we are on our way.

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  1. Hey Kathleen ! So glad to hear your road trip north is going so well. If you have time to meet to say hello, I'd love to see you. Drop me a note with a phone where I can reach you at email So glad you and your nephew are having such a wonderful trip together...making a great memory for you both!