Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rhode Island

This morning Christopher and I got up and after time spent with Susan we headed over to Hartford from where Susan and Jim live in West Hartford and took a tour of the Mark Twain home.  I had been there before, but this was Christopher's first time.  I liked our tour guide, she was well informed, pleasant and not over the top in anyway.  The guy in the group behind us was way toooooooo hyper for my taste, so we lucked out getting the docent we got.  It is a gorgeous house, filled with books and art and everything you would want in Mark Twain's home.  The interior design is gorgeous and the over the top Victorian period.  You just have to go their yourself, there is no way to give it justice with my description.

After Christopher's and my tour through the house we spent some time perusing the beautiful gift shop.  I bought him a mug with a picture from the original book, Tom Sawyer.  It has a boy white washing a fence only the fence is black.  But when you put hot liquids in the mug the fence turns white.  We both thought that was pretty cool.  I bought a small book with 4 of Twain's short stories for something to read on the trip.  We enjoyed all of our time there and took photos and laughed and then headed home to pick up Susan.

Susan drove us on this gorgeous spring day over to U of Hartford so that I could get Christopher his first none FSU college shirt, maybe.  The sun was shining and the weather cool and clear and the short jaunt from their home to the University again reminds me how smart Susan is.  She is an extremely intelligent person, but she also has smarts.  The house they bought when they moved up here is on a flat driveway, so no skidding up or down the drive when you come and go.  It is literally less then 5 minutes from her house and the neighborhood is just lovely, right on a golf course, so their back yard looks like it is endless green.

Susan took us across campus to the bookstore where we bought him a U of H shirt with the hawks logo.  She then walked us over to the conference center where we were able to see her office.  I was very impressed!  A window with a gorgeous view.  You go Susan!

Once we had decided on the shirt and visited the office we got in the toy, top down with the afternoon blue sky over head, trees forming canopies across the roads and we headed to Rhode Island.  It was a little over an hour, but it was truly a glorious ride.  Up and down and around the beautiful green mountains as we headed east to a state he had never stood in.  Susan and I chatted and laughed, the wind blowing our hair and our words in a vortex that flew out over the windows.  Christopher fell asleep and slept most of the way over and back.  It is hard for a 12 year old to sleep when there is an 18 year old in the house and giving them a little attention.  It is so nice to see how well Christopher and James get along.

Susan found a lovely spot in Foster, RI for us to get out and take a few steps in RI.  After about 5 minutes in RI, we got back in the toy, belted ourselves in and headed back to CT.  Susan and I talked as if we talked everyday like this, purring along with the top down, the sun in front of us, the air crisp and clean and green.

And now it is late and I am getting ready to go to sleep.  We had a lovely dinner with the family.  The boys are now playing video games.  Susan and I are heading off to our respective beds and Jim is watching the Olympics down stairs.  A family.  A sweet precious wonderful family.

Tomorrow we head to NJ and a new part of our adventure begins.  We will meet with OB tomorrow and go to see where the Hindenburg exploded.  Over the next many days we will go to DC, Delaware, Williamsburg, Yorktown and Philly.  Then once again we will change up and head to NC to spend some time with Kim at Loving Springs.  We will be staying at the Dragon's Inn.  Yes, another precious beloved ones to wrap my arms around and get to look into her sweet, lovely face.

But first to sleep and then to drive to NJ and to wrap my arms around that beautiful man and kiss his beautiful face.  And Christopher?  He is charming all that meet him.  His sweet, young boy with an imagination that is colorful and fun.  Those blue eyes, that precious smile, and to add onto it that intelligence and wicked humor, all wrapped in a 12 year old boy man.  It has been fun and there is more fun yet to come.

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