Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, July 30, 2012

From CT to MA, VT and NH

Good morning!  It is a beautiful New England morning here.

View of Susan and Jim's back yard

Yesterday Susan, Christopher and I were in the Toy heading for VT by 8:30am.  Christopher would have preferred to have slept a little more, and it was drizzling rain, but today was the day I would get to wrap my arms around Annie and her Sam.  It has so very wonderful to get to wrap my arms around James, but now I was getting to see his magical, beautiful sweet sister.  So with the top up and Christopher ensconced in the back seat we headed north driving through picturesque New England towns.  We drove over and up and around the green mountains of VT.  Susan explained to Christopher that the word VT means green mountain (Verde Mont). 

One of Christopher's hearts desires on this trip was to touch a cloud and he had his chance yesterday.  The clouds sat low in the mountains and as we drove up to the peak of one of these mountains of green you could see the cloud resting it's thick gray bottom down through the trees wet and heavy on the road.  We rolled down a window for him and he reached his sweet boy hand out into the cloud.  His eyes sparkled and that laughter always on his lips gurgled out.  "I touching a cloud!!!"  Yes, he did.  We were in the clouds and at that moment Susan and I looked at each other and the joy of this young boy's excitement of touching the clouds spilled over us and we all giggled like children.  Instead of grey wetness on the windshield, it was the magic of a cloud and we were riding in it, up the green mountains heading toward our Annie.

We drove into Sharon, VT where Susan takes classes at the Law. School there.  It is a beautiful campus nestled in a town filled with tall beautiful old homes right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  We circled the school and town, Susan doing an excellent job, as always, of playing tour guide.  Then we headed north again to meet Annie and Sam at Cockadoodle pizza.  Yep, a pizza place with a chicken name.  Sounded right up our alley. 

We parked behind Annie's car and standing there right on the side walk were the two precious beloved ones.  This was my first time meeting Sam, but Annie's Aunt Linda had already given him her seal of approval, so I did not have to ask too many questions.  Just one look and I knew he was Annie worthy.  He is tall and handsome and charming, but he looks at Annie with such affection and fondness and respect that I loved him for her immediately.

Sam and Annie
It was the most wonderful moment as I jumped out of the car as it came to a stop and threw my arms around that darling girl.  And then to hug that sweet man of hers.  We were not able to eat at Cockadoodledoo pizza because they are not open on Sundays.  It was not a good day for chickens.  But we just drove back to a restaurant that Susan knew from the law school and ate right on the square of this lovely little town.  We walked out onto the green where they hold the town celebrations and got pictures of my dear family in CT. I also got to talk to my friend Debbie who only lives about an hour from here, but life is so packed full right now that I was not able to get over to see her new home.  Okay, it is not so new anymore, but I have not been there, so it is still new to me.  I hope to get to see her next time I am up this way.......

The drive home was beautiful and we were able to put the top down and drive over to New Hampshire......
Christopher in NH
Back on the road.......

And out in MA....

Christopher in MA
We also drove past the John Smith birth place.  The home of the man who starts the Mormon religion.  It seemed appropriate this year with the presidential election.  Although I am very happy that we are not focusing on religion in this election.

For dinner we all snuggled up in the family room watching the Olympics and eating subway sandwiches.  It was a lovely day filled with precious beloved ones, touching clouds, adding 2 more states to our growing list this vacation, and seeing the world through the sweet freshness of a 12 year olds imagination.

Christopher is up and we are heading off to the Mark Twain house.  After our tour we will pick up Susan and take a tour of the University of Hartford, where Susan is a professor and James will be starting school this fall.  Then a kick hop over to RI and a family dinner out tonight.

Having fun and building sweet memories.  Sweet as the peaches of the season.  Sweet as the giggle on a child's lip.  Sweet as looking into a friend's face, so familiar, so loved and so filled with lives lived.  More adventures are yet to come!

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  1. i grew up in northfield, MA. perhaps you drove through it going north on 95 before hitting the VT/NH border. it's beautiful country, i can't wait to take my husband there to see it all.