Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Monday, December 12, 2011

A seond post for the day

I rarely write more then one post a day.  I do not write everyday.  I think about writing everyday.  My mind working at the words running the draft through my mind.  But often times, once I have formed the draft in my head I worked through the process and although I need to write, it feels as if I have.  And so if I am tired or negative, or busy, I do not push myself too hard and I skip writing that post.  After all, the point of this blog for me is to keep a memory of my life at this time and to get things off my chest.

This morning's blog was pretty darn depressing.  Of course it was, I have lost so many dear friends this year, and this week alone has been a particularly trying one.  I caught myself as I drove to the Post Office thinking about all of my friends and their health.  I think I am OK for a little while.  We never know what will happen, like Colleen's stroke.  But that girl was not the healthiest to begin with.  So, please, could everyone just hang in there for a few weeks, say until the end of the year?  I just need a little break from being the gate keeper.

That is how I feel, the keeper of the keys, the gate, the one to stand at death's door and hold a light.  My light is a little battered and faded right now.  It needs a little time to build its strength back up.  I promise to be there for you, but let me light heal just a little, please.

The dogs were so thrilled when I came home within a half an hour.  I know it will take them a couple of times before they have faith that I will come back.  

I collected the eggs and filled their water containers, I took care of Zora Neal.  Rest in peace dear hen.  

And then as I turned to head back into the house and go through my mail and start my soap I saw the flowers.

Brazilian Flame Vine

 This is one of my favorite plants and the first year it has bloomed here.  It has frozen back before it has bloomed each year.  I will post pictures as it opens.  It is an amazing vine with gorgeous orange flowers that played such an important part of my childhood.

These flowers would bloom right before Easter each year, or sometimes on Easter.  My Dad will move all of us outside in front of the vine running across the power lines and take our pictures in out Easter Outfits.  It was in the old days where you had to stare into the sun for 15 minutes while they looked down into the camera and focused the shot.  By the time the photo was taken the sun had burned all the rods in your eyes and you were blinded for hours.  Not to mention beaten down for moving or wiggling, or closing your eyes or not smiling at the right time.  Ah memories.  But I still love these flowers and of all the days I needed flowers it was today. 

I also took a couple picture of my chickens.  I don't photograph them often, but they are a beautiful flock with a lovely balance between the white and black and red and gold, I am very happy with my chickens.  OK, I am always very happy with my chickens.  And I miss Zora, four years is not long, but for some people that is plenty of time to love them and miss them when they are gone.  And she was certainly memorable.

Some of my dear chickens

Sunflower with her feathers growing back in
And while I am posting pictures of chickens, here are a few more of Spat and Colleen's "chickens", their sandhill cranes:

      I finally got two batches of soap made.  I had hoped to make at least 4.  I did get the mint eucalyptus and the orange rosemary.  Tomorrow I will make lavender oatmeal and then see what new flavor I can come up.  Ms Moon and Ms Judy came over and instead of focusing on the soap I enjoyed every minute of having these two woman here.  I miss them so much and it just did my heart and spirit so much good getting to visit with them.  The soap will be made.  But spending time with them is way more important.

I also spent time today chatting with friends about Pete, and then I had a surprise a friend from high school messaged me and we have chatted off and on throughout the day.    He was a nice guy and it has been fun getting to know him a little again. 

This has been a day filled with surprise.  This morning they were a little rough, but as the day has progressed the surprises have improved.

I will wrap up this second post for the day.  Tomorrow I can blog about soap.  But today I have talked about dear friends lost.  I have posted photos of my beloved Brazilian Flame vine that come the one of the next frosts it will freeze back to the ground, but next spring it will push out of the soil and start it's climb back up the barn.  But this year it has filled my heart with joy on a day when it needed a little joy.  And each day I will watch as the flower open and I will be happy.  Yes, I know I will be happy.  And I know whenever I want to see a little beauty all I have to do is walk out and look at that Brazilian Flame Vine.  I will post more photos.  But now to eat.  I need to eat.  and then to sleep. 

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  1. Thank you for today. I say that with all of my heart.