Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, December 19, 2011

The countdown is on

Yep, we are down to less then a week until Christmas.  My friend, the helicopter pilot has been working in Maine and he has some great stuff on his facebook about Santa's reindeer and helping Santa to get ready for his Christmas Eve journey.  Very clever.

I can be so light about all of this, because, well, once I got the packages mailed, I just sort of stopped.  Just sat down and really other then finishing a book and going to bed early, I have not been labored over these holiday things  I have been tired.  I still need to get my Christmas cards out.  They are partially done, but still a lot of work yet to do.  And I love to send Christmas cards, the opportunity to reach out and say hello to some friends I have not seen in years, and outside of Christmas cards we don't communicate.  But my lips lift in a smile when I see their cards and the familiar scripts on the envelope.  The memory of moments with each one of them so special and now a part of my Christmas tradition.  Taking a moment to think of loved ones, near and far. 

Yesterday, once it finally warmed up a bit I wandered around the yard a bit and took some photos.

Climbing Joseph's coat

China Kathleen Antique Rose

The butterfly rose

Brazilian Flame Vine




Don't the dogs look nice in their new bandannas from their Aunt Vicki?  She wrote their name on each of their scarves.  Edna has lost hers already, but I am sure that a walk around the yard I will find it.  Bob and Harry look so handsome  And when I opened the box from Aunt Vicki, Edna saw that soft ball and ever so gently she reached in over my hand, cast me a side long look and then carefully lifted the ball out with the look, like I want this one!  And off she ran, happy.  Yes, that puppy was so happy.  She loves her Aunt Vicki.

This has been a wonderful day.  Geeta brought Janak's sister out for a quick visit this morning.  Kalu is absolutely precious and I fell in love with her immediately.  And of course, every one needs a dear precious friend like Geeta.  We looked at my flowers and animals and talked and laughed and smelled soap.  They had lots to do today and only stayed for a short visit, but I was so happy to get anytime in their busy schedule.  Kalu is only here for a few days.  We had such a nice visit. 

Then Judy came by and we ran into Tallahassee for a quick run and then on the way home stopped by to see Ms Moon.  I had got Mr. Moon the same thing I get him every year.  Then I gave Ms Moon just a few small things to let her know I was thinking of her.  Some may call them Christmas presents.  We just called them presents.  Ms Moon allowed me to do what makes me happiest this year, and I tried to be very respectful of her wishes this year.  I feel like we walked the line fairly and neither felt put upon.

Then Judy and I drove home in the toy with the top down.  The sun was shining, the clouds high and wispy like a grandmother's hair.  We talked and laughed and as is inevitable with Ms Judy and I, our conversation turned to plays and the Opera House and we thought about all the possibilities of things to consider for the spring murder mystery.  We really want to make it fun and do a high quality production.  We have the talent, so now, to do it right, take the extra time, not take any short cuts, and listen to suggestions, but as a Director must do.  They must take all the talent and ideas and words, effects, set, costumes and make one vision.  And that is why I love to work with Judy.  We build on each other's strength.  We have similar sense of humor and ideas of what we want in a play.  But we see the stage from different angles.  I don't know, it works for us.  We have worked together for 20 years, and now here instead of for the people of Florida, it is for the Opera House and the residents within driving distance.  But we both give the same effort and energy that we did to our careers with the Department.

I will also stop by the office and leave some little things for my friends there.  Just a quick in and out.  It will be a nice addition to the holiday.

On Sunday I put on Christmas lights.  Just a simple little something.  Nothing fancy, but it makes me smile.  I do not have a Christmas tree this year, mostly because I was gone so much earlier this month and I did not want to spend the time it takes for me to put up and decorate a tree, when I could spend that time working on other Christmas things.  Like Christmas cards.  This is not the best photo, but it gives you an idea of what it sort of looks like:

Make me happy seeing those lights.  I will probably leave them up all year.  I usually do.  I love being able to sit on this little front porch and light a fire in the little chimenea, wrap up in a blanket and lean back to star gaze.  A nice hot cup of cocoa or hot tea and what a relaxing way to enjoy a winter's night.

And since we are affected by La Nina, we will have a milder winter, at least for now.  This summer I read a warm winter in the color of the woolly bears and the amount of acorns in my yard.  Others say that they have had a lot of acorns, my trees have been normal or below.  The problem with just using acorns, is during a drought like we are in right now, at this time to have more acorns is probably more water then temperature.  But earlier this fall was when I look to see what the signs are.

Now I will make a few calls.  Check on Vicki to see how she is doing with the snow.  I already chatted with Ron, my friend from high school that I have just caught up again.  And maybe call my friend in Tallahassee that I recently met.  And of course, I will call Dad.  I am looking forward to seeing him this weekend.  I miss having him here with me.

Well, the countdown is on, the holidays are coming.  Winter Solstice is just a few days away.  And then our days will start getting longer.  The end of the natural year.  The beginning of the new year in nature, a year that will grow cold as the days grow longer, then as the seasons slip from winter into spring and then to the summer solstice we will celebrate the mid year, the longest day, and life grows and changes like the number of hours in a day or night.  Human beings for as long as we have been here have marked these moments in nature and celebrate.  Now more of our celebrations are based on religion or war, but the holidays most beloved by children:  May day, summer break, Christmas day, also relate to a landmark in nature.  Days to celebrate, seasons to enjoy, life to grow and change and laugh and as we mark the end of fall and the first day of winter, as we celebrate the season when many religions have traditions, let us remember how much we are all alike. 

Yes, I appreciate what the military does to protect us.  But I also appreciate those who remind us of peace. 

Let the children dream of sugar plums and presents, in about six months, they will be dreaming of the end of the school year.  Let the children remind us of the season and the joy and the love.  Let us not think of the loss this year.  Of the challenges some will have to face this coming year.  Now, right now, let us all think of those around us and those far away.  Of those precious beloved ones that make the year worth while.  For me, that is the most special part of the season.  The love of family and friends.  The joy in a child's face.  The care of a child taking care of an elderly parent, the love of that parent for their child. 
Special reasons to celebrate at this time of year.


  1. I hope that you have a nice Christmas, Kathleen. We are having a simple day here. I am glad for that.

  2. I thought that too- that you did a fine and fancy dance, allowing me not to have Christmas, but allowing you to gift me and that boy. And the man. He loves his shirt. I do too. I will love seeing him in that blue, blue shirt in Mexico.