Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One more rehearsal

Tonight is our last rehearsal.  We did a speed act rehearsal last night where we are supposed to say our lines as fast as we can, do all the actions with our words as fast as we are talking and ramp up our emotions by 10X.  So if you smile when you come in, then last night you were to come in laughing hysterically, if you are frowning, then sob dramatically.  We are a funny group.  We ramped it up, but we did not shorten the rehearsal at all.  Instead we got so in to be extreme that we started adding things in so instead of taking 15 minutes off of each act, part of the goal, we stayed at the same time, but it was funny.  very funny

It was a good thing, and I hope to add this into my bag of tools as a director.  It brought a fresh new joy to all of us.  It made us laugh and remember again why we have put in all of these hours, why we have worked so hard to hope that a few people will show up and be entertained with a quality performance.  It is a lot of volunteer hours to make a show.  Barbie, our Director and her husband Tim have put in the most, working until midnight on more then one occasion.  And the set is amazing, we have a water feature that simulates rain.  We have hysterical sound effects, we have quality actors, we are a family and we love what we are doing. 

However, getting out on that stage does not give me the joy I always see in the other actor's eyes.  And all of the actors in this show, not counting me, just oooze talent and joy.  They are loving this time to get on the boards and perform.  I like sitting in my little corner (bedroom #3) and knit and go over my lines and read my part for Sir Percivel and then go to great lengths to put on my mustache and beard and then my wig.  I come out on stage 3 times during the show, and then of course the bows.  I am probably on the stage for about 15 minutes total.  And I look around and all the other actors have this look in their eyes, this expression on their face, the creativity bubbles out of them.  When they are on that stage tomorrow night for the Altrusia show they will literally release bubbles of endorphins from their happiness.  I will look on at them in awe.  No endorphins, no joy for being on the stage.  But joy from getting to play with these amazingly talented people.  That is why I do it, for the joy of playing with friends.

I try.  I really try to feel what they feel, but it is just not there.  My happiness comes from watching them be happy.  These people who I have spent so much time.  We have memorized lines, learned where to stand and when to come in.   We have painted and hammered and crawled through cat walks, built rooms that do not exist, make necklaces of tin cans and decorated the set to look like a real cabin.  We have worked long hours, we  have put ourselves on the line and done our best to learn to make this world of fake believe real enough to our audience so that they will enjoy themselves.  We have learned how to fall, how to kiss, how to be another person.  All for people we have no idea whether or not they will even come to the show. 

The name, Sin, Sex and the CIA tends to draw some people, but it also tends to drive others away.  There is no sex in this show.  There are a lot of double entendre,  and people tripping and landing in compromising positions, and I would not recommend this play for children, but for adults, I think this is very very funny and entertaining.  I hope we end up getting more people then are making reservations at this time.  I don't know if people don't want to pay for the dinner, but will come to the show, or if they are turned off from the name, or if football games will prevent people from coming to see the show.  I hope we have a nice crowd, not just for all the work the Director and actors have put in, but also because every bit of profit goes back into the Opera House.  And right this minute, we are not looking at breaking even yet.  I am sure we will, but it is getting close.  too close

And this week has been an interesting week.  I spent most of the morning shopping on line.  Yes, I have started my Christmas shopping before Halloween.  Just trying to watch for sales and coupons and getting things done without going into the stores and spending more money then I need to on presents.  I tend to find the perfect present for someone, then find something else, that may be even better, so I get it.  Then I spend twice as much as  I need to spend.  The rest of the day was focused on Rehearsal. 

Monday we were off for Samhaim.  It was a quiet halloween for me.  I stayed home that evening and watched a couple of movies.  During the day I drove up to Thomasville to pick up my barium to drink for my CTscan.  Then I went shopping.  Yes, I went shopping.  I bought a nightgown, under garments, 2 pairs of boots, one pair is brown the other black. I bought perfume.  I don't think I have ever bought myself a bottle of perfume.  I have had my mother give me perfume.  I have had friends and husbands buy me perfume, but I have never bought any.  I don't wear it very often, but once in a while it is nice to feel pretty and smell pretty.  I felt good about picking up a couple of things for myself.  Things I needed, things I didn't really have to have, but will make me feel better about myself.  And that is a good thing.  I like shopping in Thomasville.  There are only a couple of stores, but less choices is not always a bad thing. 

Monday night I drank my barium, yuck.  And then got up Tuesday morning and drank my second bottle.  Drove to the Ambulatory Center and did my CTScan.  I had the same nurse as last time and the same radiologist and they are just so nice and kind and bring warm blankets and it goes by quick.  Then still attached to tubes and valves I drove over to Oncology.  I saw one of my friends from the Y there.  She is so sweet.  I gave my blood and they took all the things back out of me.  I drove to Publix and bought some groceries.  I might have company this week, so I bought food in case that happens.

I have gotten a lot of things done around the yard lately and today had the carpet cleaned.  Oh my, does it look better.  Now I can do my yoga again.  It was just too disgusting to get on the floor before, even on my yoga mat.  Well, life is treating me just fine these days.  I have to hurry now and go to rehearsal.  Sorry for the short post.  So many wonderful and lovely things are going on in my life.  Just everyday things that make life worthwhilte.  Five eggs from my hens, a hug and a kiss from Bob or Ednarose behaving.  Harry wanting to sleep in the bed with us.  The warmth of a small striped cat curled up against my legs.  Ednarose trying to spoon.  Bob resting his head on my knees.  Squeezing oranges and tangerines for juice in the morning or making pad thai for dinner.  Giving the young man who cleaned my carpet a dozen eggs for his mama because it was her birthday today.  Trimming back plants so they can rest and build their strength underground for next spring.  Taking a beautiful night moth back at outside to keep its DNA in the mix.  Finding a little brown tree frog smaller then a quarter.  Smelling the roses in my yard, hooking up a new hose, that is orange with a purple nozzle and laughing over the garrish combination.  Applying pesticides to the ant mounds, shooing the chickens away.  Taking the chickens treats, and making sure that ZB, my oldest rabbit has plenty of treats and food.  Looking at the amazing job he is doing at building new tunnels from in the barn to just outside of the chicken coop.  Watching the sun come up over my barn and seeing it set behind the Opera House.  Smelling the smells of fall and watching as each tree in its own time and its own way changing from the summer to the fall.  Leaves changing colors, or simply falling off to leave barren branches and limbs reaching out in a suspended animation as they change through the seasons.

Life is wonderful.  I feel good, strong, healthy and happy.  Now to run to the Opera House and be other people.  To relish the closeness of back stage with people that are just so dear. 

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  1. I grow weary just thinking about all of the work. But tonight it will all have been worthwhile.