Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Greats

Ms Moon and I are the Foley team of "The Miller Sisters" at the Opera House.  That means we do the sound effects for the 1940s Radio Shows at the Opera House.  We are pretty creative and do a good job as the amatueres we are.  But yesterday one of the greatest Foley Artist of all times, and by far the best known and most talented Foley Artist of our time and one of my all time heroes, Tom Keith died.  Here is a link to an article about  Tom Keith.  You will be missed.

Another one of the greats also left us today, Andy Rooney.  He was 92 and basically worked until he died, which was his greatest desire.  How many of us have jobs that we love that much?  I know that when I was diagnosed with the lung cancer one of my first thoughts was, "I did not want to die at my desk."  I don't mind going in the garden, in my red chair, in bed, walking through the woods or on the beach.  No, I don't mind dying doing something I love right up to the end. 

And then there is my 13 year old lab Harry

Harry 11-04-2011
 He will be 14 on Valentine's Day.  The statistical mortality rate for Labrador Retriervers is 10 - 13 years.  Harry has epelepsy and has seizures.  Most of his seizures now occur when he is asleep.  Well, he spends most of his time sleeping, so I guess that makes sense.  He can not climb the stairs by himself any longer.  He is still strong enough, but his balance is not so great and as he walks up the stairs he can not control which side his feet will land, up or down and he can not control where the feet will land, on the steps, in a pot, on Ednarose.  He just does not have the control any longer.  And now that it is getting cold he wants to sleep in bed with me again.  Yes, he is the center of my universe, and yes, I lift him up on the bed each night, and yes, he wieghs more then I do.  

Harry's life is such an intregal part of my life these past almost 14 years.  From the moment that Janette and I walked into the pet store almost 16 years ago, and looked down into the pet box and saw my sweet Maggierose, the dream of Harry began.  The day after Janette and I first saw Maggie, Larry and Doug Jeffers drove to the pet store, took one look at Maggie and brought her home.  The two of them came walking up to the house and Larry handed me this 8 week old perfect black lab girl puppy and said, "Here is Maggie"  and I smiled and picked her up and said, "Maggierose".  She was one of the world's greatest all time dogs.  And as she grew up we knew that she had good confirmation, maybe her head was a little soft, but not bad for a female, her size and weight grew into standard confirmations for AKC Labs.  She was sweet, intelligent, affecionate and in all ways the perfect child.  We waited for her heat when she was 2 years old, which was her second or third heat.  We applied to several breeders and were accepted by one of the most respected in our area.  She was very familiar with Maggie's bloodline, and her black male, Breckins Excalibar of Southpine, otherwise known as Elwood, had a head a tad too big, but still within standard, so we hoped that it would mean beautiful puppies.  Elwood was going to the show that if he earned the points, he would be a grand champion.  I don't understand that whole AKC world.  But we wanted to breed and raise standard labs.  I do not believe in puppy mills.  But at the same time, I do know what I want in a dog, and a Labrador Retriever's personality meets my needs.  After the dog bite in college, I have wanted labs.  And our whole point of breeding Maggierose was to get a chocolate boy.  Our hairy little boy.  And now Harry is old and having troubles walking, getting up and down, Standing on slippery floors, that are not slippery to anyone else.  He is getting old.  He is one of the all time great dogs in this world, and when he is gone, a huge part of my life will be closed.  The book complete, and shut.  For the last almost 16 years of my life Maggierose, Harry and his sister, Lily have been the center of my world. 

Now I also have Bob and Ednarose and it looks like Bob will end up being another one of the all time greats.  After all, he was raised with the other three.  But it takes a lifetime to earn that title.  And little Ednarose, well, at 5 months old, we will have to see who she eneds up being.  But she has Bob and Harry in her life and they actively teach her how to be the best.  She is hard headed though and we will have to see.

Time will tell who turns out to be the great ones.  Colin was one.  He was one of the greatest greats. 

The show last night went very well.  We are in the stride and enjoying ourselves.  We all feel comfortable with our characters and each others.  Most of us sit behind stage and say the more famous lines together.  We had an ok crowd last night, tonight looks a little scary with only 20 dinner reservations.  We have made a big investment in this show, and it is such a shame to think that we will not make money on it.  We still have 2 more weekends (5 shows) so hopefully things will pick up.  Tonight is the big LSU and AL game.  So that will affect our audience.  And then the next 2 weekends are home FSU games.  That will affect our audience. 

It is another beautiful day.  I am going to go rest and get ready for the show tonight.  I am wearing down, and have some cold symptoms and just feel slower and tired.  Normal for the late nights for the play.

I know there were more things I wanted to bring up, but I can't remember what they were.  Maybe because I am tired.  Time to go rest.  

Life is good.  Things are moving along for Dad with his Christmas shopping.  Yesterday he called and I went on line for him and ordered a couple of things.  We are working through this pretty well.  He will be here on the 15th for about 2 weeks.  This is working out so far.  Just every month or two I need to have him come up and stay with me.  That way we get to spend time together, and I can take some of the load off of my big brother who is Dad's main help right now.  And even though I don't get much done when he is here, I love having him here. 
And my life is so full and rich.  I am so lucky to have so many dear and wonderful friends.  Today Jan and I set tables again.  Just 20 and then I ran by Ron and Pat's to drop off eggs and meet their new pet.  A beautiful small gray/beige 7 month old kitten who looks like she is a few weeks old, not a few months.  She is so sweet and pretty and has a lovely personality.  She loves affection and Ron says she sits on his lap for hours.  They both look so happy with this new little life to share and enjoy.

Life is good, and a little nap would make it all the better.

Ednarose was supposed to be a lab, but she is not, and

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