Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting back to life

Yesterday my friend Melissa came out for a visit.  We only get to see each 3-4 times a year, but we always laugh a lot when we do.  And we share the same birthday.  We met at the Monticello Opera House in a murder mystery.  She played the beautiful ingenue I was actually the Stage Manager, but somehow also ended up playing the part of the "stranger".  A 12 line Spanish speaking maid who comes back to the mansion to find a bunch of strangers in and one wearing her French Maid costume.  After the 12 lines I was poisoned with hot cocoa by the woman wearing my maid outfit.  I did a Mexican hat dance with the rest of the cast singing and clapping along and then I drop dead. One night I slipped and fell on my butt before I had gotten to the part where I spun around during the dance with the inept Detective, played wonderfully by Jon Taylor.  So bam!  I go down, Melissa just reached down and with one arm lifted me completely off the ground and dropped me in Jon's arms just in time for the spin and then my death.  The audience loved it.  Melissa has not memory of even doing it.  It must have been adrenaline.  Melisa wore a gold sequined gown and Colin played her companion and they were a hoot.  

So we had a lovely salad for lunch and then just spent hours sitting around and talking.  It was lovely.  Amazing, I did get a little tired, even though I was just sitting still and talking.  But it was a good visit.

Then I talked to my friend Sioux.   She and Lynnie are friends of mine from Lee County.  Lynnie lived up the road from me.  Sioux and I met at a biker party.  They are trying to come up for a visit within the next few weeks.  That will be lovely to see them, they are amazing ladies and I know we will be laughing a lot while they are here.  

Sioux just lost her lovely special granddaughter, Amanda to cancer.  After all aren't all grandchildren so very special.  I can not not even speak of what Sioux must be going through.  Loosing a grand child..... to have to stand there and watch not only your grand child deal with the disease, and the struggle between life and death.  But to stand helplessly and also watch your child loose their child.  So much lost.  I am so glad that I talked to my friend at work on Friday.  I understand a little better what she is going through because of his perspective, but that doesn't take away all the loss.

Today is another glorious day.  I am feeling pretty good.  I have been off pain meds since Thursday.  I am a little tired and my stamina is not what I would want, but all in all I feel pretty good.  This afternoon I am going to go to Judy and Denise's for dinner.  I am excited.  I have never been to their home.  So that should be a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  I may do some work with my plants in the meantime.  Pull some weeds get my little veggie garden a step closer to life.  Just like me.  Every minute another step alive.

And I am gong to get a second opinion.  It does not look like it will be quite as simple as I thought since I can't seem to have open communication between me and the doctor's office.  But I will call again on Monday and ask to speak to the doctor, maybe he can explain the change of plans or get back on track, or whatever.  I just want to feel like we are all on the same page, and that does not feel like it right now.  But that is for tomorrow.  I don't want to miss today worrying about tomorrow and second opinions, etc.  It is glorious, I am heading outside.


  1. Today IS a glorious day and hearing that you feel better makes it all the more so.
    I love you, Kathleen. Good morning! GOOD morning.

  2. You sound good. It is a great day here as well.

  3. My dad used to make the whole family pull weeds together! On weekends even! It was a dreaded activity, but now when we look back on it, we all get a really good laugh!