Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So I drank the delicious banana flavored barium.  Let me just say that was some of the most foul substance I have ever put in my mouth.  Big gag time reflex.  But I was able to get it down with about 3 glasses of water in just under 30 minutes.  I woke up all night running to the bathroom and I would drink another glass of water when I woke up. I struggled with trying to keep it down all night.  I knew that I if it didn't then that would mean no scan today.  And I got up early and this time within 20 minutes I was able to get the second one down.  Well, I didn't actually vomit it back up, but that is only because as it started to come up, I would do whatever it took to not vomit.  As soon as I got into the office for the scan, I asked for a vomit bag.  I didn't need it, but I wasn't sure.  And then I had to drink some of the vanilla to "top off my stomach"  I have to say that my stomach felt topped off.  But the vanilla was much better.  

So they did the abdomen scan and they did a chest scan.  I will ask Dr. B tomorrow about why are we doing abdomen scans.  Does he think it is spreading, or is he just making sure.  That is part of the problem with him is that we don't understand what he is doing so we do not know what to think.  Hopefully we will get some answers tomorrow.  I hope so, it will help as I listen to the second opinion to understand what Dr. B thinks.  The Radiation Therapist spoke very highly of Archibald.  So that is reassuring.  And the scans went just fine and I am very curious to see what they find.  I am not looking forward to future scans if I have to drink that horrid barium, not to mention the dye that makes you feel like you are wetting yourself in a public place.  The Therapist said he could work with me to drink the barium solution in water at the office if I have trouble in the future getting down the vanilla flavored source.  I told him that I hope that things are going well enough that I will need to have another scan in the future.

Then I went to work with my cakes.  Bob brought a delicious pumpkin cheesecake flavored bundt cake.  It was wonderful.  I had the chocolate mouse and vanilla mouse cake.  People came by I gave them cake and for the most part they left shortly after, most of them to go get their lunch.  It was perfect and a good time and good cake was had by all.  Although I only had a taste I can definitely recommend the cakes from CostCo.  Thanks Denise!!!  You were right.  I heard several people say that it was better then a Publix cake.  I got lots of sweet and funny cards, and it was very special.

Tonight as I sat finishing up the renewals it was just getting dark and I heard Bea screaming.  I grabbed a flashlight and ran out to the coop.  Bea was huddled in a corner screaming, feathers every where.  I did not see the perpetrator but Bea is missing lots of feathers and has some serious scratches and bite marks on her butt.  Chicken engineering is amazing with all those feathers and down that help a chicken survive.  It must take quite a bit to get through the feathers and down to the chicken.  She was so upset, but calmed down quickly when I picked her up and stroked her then put her in a corner on the nesting box.  Dani and Buttercup sleep in the very tip top corner of the roof over the nesting box just under the eve of the coop.  It takes a bit to get at them, so they are safer.  Bea is fine, and I tried to put barriers up in the rabbit holes, I have no other idea on how and who is getting in there and eating my chickens.  Poor Bea she is going to be uncomfortable for a few days.

I have now gotten past the first of the people involved birthday events, and it was a success.  Now to relax and enjoy Friday at Mary's.  It will mostly be Stage Company people, but there may be a few people from Tallahassee. Tomorrow during chemo Mary, Judy and I will discuss Friday and what to do.

Vicki called and she sounds so happy.  I miss her so much, but she is in a good place in her life, and I am so happy for that.  She is an amazing woman!

That is all for today.  I need to get my list finished for Dr. B.  I have been thinking about it for a while, but haven't got it all put together.  I need to do that before I sleep tonight.  I think I will sleep well, what with no barium to deal with.  And tomorrow we will see if this chemo has helped at all.  I am hopeful.


  1. I am hopeful as well. Hope that you sleep well.

  2. Me too- hopeful. Sleep well, my sweet. I am glad Bea is okay. I'll see you in the morning.

  3. Good job on that awful barium. I hope you have dreams of peaceful healing.

  4. Hope it goes well and Dr. B starts making sense!

  5. Poor Bea. Poor you for having to drink that nasty Barium cocktail. Yecsh!

    Wishing good wishes.