Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another wonderful doctor

Judy and I headed up to Archibald today to the digestive health center.  The woman had said something about going past the Emergency Entrance, so we did and came in the back of Archibald, directed out to the front of the hospital and to the Endoscopy Section.  Then we had to run to the Digestive Center which was way back where we had started, sort of.  It was really hard to understand anything that the woman said on my cell phone.  I was not sure what we were going to be doing today.  I was pretty sure we were not doing the colonoscopy today because he had not cleared my system out.  But I had no idea what was up today.  

We finally made it into the Digestive Center, late.  Wait, no we were not.  The appointment was not at 9, but at 9:40.  I swear all I heard her say over the cell phone was 9.  This is one of the reasons I prefer not to talk on the cell phone.  But we were there and now to fill out the paperwork.  Yesterday and today the paperwork was much more personalized to the situation, instead of the standard forms I have been filling out.  Again, another doctor group that made us feel welcome.  Then the doctor came in.

He is buds with Dr. M.  In fact they had talked about us yesterday.  This doctor was also gorgeous, intelligent, funny, professional and had a great bed side manner.  He was thorough and asked lots of questions, again did another hands on physical exam.  And then discussed my um, movement patterns.  Well he is getting ready to do a colonoscopy after all.  He told me about what I would be doing next Monday to get ready, but this weekend he wants me to start cleaning out the system using Mirilax.  I must have made a face because he asked me about it.  I told him that I was really not sure about putting polyethylene glycol into my body, it sounds like something that should be put in a car instead.  He laughed, and asked me to go ahead and do it and then I could put the rest in my car to make it run.  Then he laughed at the joke he did not plan on saying.  But he loved it.  That is pretty funny, make the car "run".  Tuesday he will do the two procedures, an endoscopy and as Judy called it, an "uppie".  The doctor liked that also.  It is nice to talk to doctors and have them be so funny and talk and laugh with us, and at the same time be serious about my cancer.

After the appointment yesterday Judy and I drove to Boston, Ga.  Then we headed to Quitman and ate at the Mexican food.  After a satisfying lunch we headed home but stopped to cut sorghum to nice up the set for Oklahoma at the Opera House.  At home we split a bottle of pink sparkling wine, Korbel.  Today after our appointment we had BBQ at Granddaddy's in Thomasville.  Nice to enjoy time together and not just deal with doctors and cancer.  

On thing that the doctor had said yesterday that I think I had pushed out of my brain, is that if the colonoscopy, endoscopy, lab work and PET Scan doesn't tell us about the primary source of cancer, then he wants to do a biopsy of the nodules on the lungs.  I appreciate that he is wanting to get to the bottom of this little "c" so he knows what is the plan.  What is the diagnosis to know the prognosis.  

I just got off the phone with Richard and Colleen.  It was a mass they removed from Larry's head, not a blood clot.  Because of HIPPA, we can not get the direct information on what is going on with him.  Richard and Collen said that  Larry was told it was terminal.  One thing that they know for sure, is that it was a 6mm mass pressing on his brain, not a blood clot. Larry has decided to go down to stay with his cousin Bonnie.  This is much better news then staying with his brothers.  I had hoped that they would get to be friends.  That was/is unlikely, but I was trying to be hopeful.  But his sweet cousin Bonnie loves Larry as much as he loves her.  And she is the only person I ever saw have any type of influence over him.  Heavens knows I never did.  I don't know how he will get to Bonnie's, surely he should not be driving after major brain surgery.  

I find it so odd that we both have ended up in this situation.  No one has said that he has/had cancer, but he had a 6mm mass on his brain, isn't that cancer?  They say that one out two men and one out of three woman will get cancer, so I guess it is not a coincidence that we each have cancer.  I think we have different cancers, and we have different lifestyles, so we will each deal very differently with or disease.  I am so sorry that he is going through this, but we each have our journey and our journeys diverged years ago.  I will always care for him, I understand that.  I have a lot of baggage from our marriage, but I also have lots of happy memories from when it was good.  It will take me a while to deal with this.  

So good and bad today.  Good for my journey to find out what I have, bad to find out that we are talking a mass pressing on Larry's brain.  I had a good time with Judy.  We missed Mary, but she is always with us.  I had a good first appointment with the colonoscopy doctor.  I mean anytime you can laugh with your doctor and yet know that he is competent and professional is amazing.  I am struggling a little with everything so far today.  


  1. I am just about to call you, dear.

  2. My GOD! It's raining intensity in your world... I'm really sorry to hear about Larry.

    You on the other hand have to gorgeous and funny doctors, who have hope, and that is priceless. I'm still giggling to myself about the proctologist making poo jokes. :-p I had one myself involving the Mexican food, but I'm gonna pass. Woops! I spontaneously punned instead!

    Seriously, I am very very much relieved now that you are in capable, caring and professional hands. Much love, m

  3. I am glad that you have a new doctor who is working to find the source of the cancer. I am sorry about Larry. Every day matters.