Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Saturday, February 22, 2014

camellias, rattan and rehab

This morning I got up early and left the house before 8:00am, with a bra and make up on.  I was in my garden club clothes.  I swung by Mom and Dads to pick some of Mom's camellias for the exhibition today.  I was at the Downtown club about quarter after 8 and they were already placing flowers.  I was given my instructions and started putting the flowers in cups with the paperwork filled out.  Then I was given the job of starting to put out the flowers in alphabetical order and then I worked with a couple of the guys from the Tallahassee Camellia Society who were assisting us in identifying the various varieties.  I loved working with the identifiers.  As an Entomologist and Birder, I understand what to look for to help identify a particular bug or bird.  But I do not know that much about camellias.  After today I would say I know about a 100000000% more.  It was fascinating and I was actually able to start to see the different varieties.  When I got there I could identify two different plants, pink perfection and seafoam.  Two of my favorites.  They both have the similar petal pattern which I think is why I like them.  Now I can identify maybe six different varieties.  I was able to clerk for three judges, and then assisted them when they went to the back and picked the four best in their size and then finally the best in show.  I enjoyed the process so very much and learned new things and made friends with some of the other camellia growers and one said he would help with air layering to make sure I was doing it correctly. 

But the very best of the entire experience was then to be standing back while the Judges picked the top four and then the best of show.  The seafoam camellia that I picked for Mom off the camellia by her bedroom window won Best of Show.  I couldn't believe it.  I had put her name down, of course, it was her flower. I ran right over to Brynwood Rehab as soon as the judging part was done and they just needed people to be there to tear down.  I had signed up for the first shift but stayed until the end of the judging so I felt like I could leave to go tell Mom.  She was thrilled.  Best of Show.  And I have to say, it was a beautiful flower. 

On my way home for lunch before I went back up to the Camellia show, just in case they did need a little more help, and then we had the Opera House Stage Company meeting, I saw the most beautiful set of rattan chairs, ottomans and couch.  I pulled into the flea market and saw that they were in Ham's space.  The first furniture I bought when I came to Monticello was from his flea market on Hwy 27.  He is a nice man and I am so happy with my new pieces.  I also got a glider chair with a matching ottoman, so we are set on furniture for the new place.

Friday we went to Tractor Supply to pick up a post hole digger from the John Deere tractor.  Guess what they have?????  Baby chicks and ducklings.  Oh My!!!  Heaven, I'm in heaven.  I picked out 2 ducks.  We have a pond now, I think a couple of ducks would be very happy to get to play in the pond.  I also bought ten chicks.  All sex linked.  Well, that is what they said, so I hope so.  I love baby chicks.  They are sweet, fluffy, cute and they peep.  But now that I have had baby ducks, they are sweet, fluffy, cute, don't peep quite as much and they have the most amazing feet.  They are so cute.  Almost transparent little feet.  I love my baby ducks and chicks.  I have started thinking about names.  Of course Mom wants one named Camellia in honor of her winning, but I already have one.  I thought about Seafoam, but not too sure.

We have closed on the house and Thursday late morning the keys were delivered to us.  We drove right over and unlocked our house, put on new dead bolts and started working on the house.  Bug carried me over the threshold of our new home.  He is so sweet.  We busted down one wall we knew would be going.  I started ripping down wallpaper.  We met with our Contractor on Friday and they hope to get the electrician in on Monday to look and then start working on Tuesday.  It apparently is real.  We keep coming and going and no one stops us.  We have the keys in our hands.  It is our home now.  It is our swamp, our pond, our woods.  It is our job to take care of them, and I am so excited.

Life is pretty good here.  I did not get to go to the OHSC meeting between Mom, furniture, moving vehicles and helping to take care of Dad while Mom is at Rehab.  It is probably good I did not go.  I really can't do anything.  I know I would volunteer and then regret putting other people out because I can not do what I said I would do.  I will call Jan tomorrow and she will tell me all about the meeting. 

Time to walk up my sweetie from his way too short nap and get over to Dad's with the supper I made.  Spaghetti with my version of a marinara sauce, salad and cookies.  Dad picked up the bread.  Tired.  Sore.  but life is good

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  1. That IS thrilling about the winning camellia! You know I do love a Seafoam.
    My brother said that ducks were the most pleasant poultry he ever had. I imagine you will find this to be true.