Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Shell shock

I know this sounds so silly but here we are again facing winter.  Yes, I realize that the people up north have been living some of the most brutal winter they have had in long memories.  But we are experiencing for us a brutal winter.  I woke up this morning to gray raining skies and temperatures dropping.  It is winter, so okay.  Have I ever mentioned I don't like cold weather?  probably once or twice.

Anyway I headed up to my PT scan and will find out about it next week when I see Dr. May.  It is a long day, but really I look forward to my PT scans.  Ms June is the nurse who checks me in and then does my paperwork and does the blood tests and then tucks me in with warm sheets and blankets in a recliner, turns out the light and leaves me to meditate for an hour or so.  For the test to be performed properly they need you to lay still and quiet.  Any stimulus can cause false information the radioactive nucleotides are drawn to the fastest growing or moving, so laying still is important once they do the injection. I love Ms Cindy my Radiologist, she is a so sweet and wonderful.

But today was crazy.  Contractors kept walking in on my quiet time and then they brought in an elderly woman who is now scrawny and frail, bless her heart.  Unfortunately she was a whiner.  I love my dark quiet space.  The contractors did try and whisper, but then they seemed to think I would want to know what they were doing.  No, I really didn't care what they were doing, and ever after their long quiet explanation, I still don't know.  Or care.  I appreciate that they tried to be nice.  But the woman next door insisted on screaming every 5 - 15 minutes or so.  "Nurse" she would shriek.  I know that Ms June and Ms Cindy are way too busy to be available to a shriek.  I asked her across the dark and the wall between us if she had a nurse button.  She didn't know what I was talking about, so I pushed mine.  Funny, but Ms June did not come to me, but directly to this other woman.  When she realized it was my button she stuck her head in and I said I was only pushing the button for the other woman.  She said that she thought that.  Another 5 - 15 minutes and she would start screaming, "I'm cold!!!!!!!"  "It's dark in here"  "I want a TV".  Finally I put on my voice and said, "They need us to be quiet, dark and not moving or making any noises so that the meds will work.  You are radioactive and every time you scream you are making the radioactivity worse."  OK, the radioactive part is not completely true.  I mean we are radioactive, but screaming doesn't change that.  But we are supposed to be quiet for the tests.  After that she was quiet.  I am sorry, I respect my elders, but we are all either sick or taking care of others who are sick.  There is no reason to scream and shriek.

Everything else went fine after that.  Except for the rumors about weather.  One rumor was a woman had grabbed a pole in the parking lot and stuck to it.  It was raining, so I don't think that was true.  They were worried about snow and whether they will get their nucleotides from Macon, GA.  We just don't know how to handle this weather.  This is a land of people who live in heat and humidity, not cold.  We are wimps, we are unprepared, uneducated for this brutal weather.  Okay, I exaggerate, but I love being a southern this winter because it is so cold everywhere.  But we are more dramatic down here, and honestly cut us a break we do not have the equipment and experience of people who live in the frigid north.  We are doing our best.

I am home, warm and cozy sitting with my honey and drinking a glass of wine.  Maybe still glowing with the radioactivity, a little.  But drinking lots of water, and now wine also, and feeling fine.  It may be cold outside, but it is warm in here. 

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