Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's warmer

Yes, that is really the most important thing to me today, the frigid weather of the last few weeks, or was it days, is finally gone.  It will take me a little while to completely thaw, but I am working on it.

A few times each day so far it has been glorious blue skies, but they have not lasted and even if there was no blessings from the skies in the way of rain, it has definitely brought a bit of gloom.  All the more reason to celebrate the blue skies when they manage to peak out around the clouds.

I watched the first half of the Superbowl.  I had gone into the game hoping that Denver might actually have a chance against the Seahawks with Payton.   But on the first down when it flew over Payton's head and the Seahawks scored Bug looked at me and said he was not going to sit through a blowout.  Once Seattle has 4 scores above Denver he was planning on checking to see what else might be on.  I had no problem with that.  I was tired after still thinking I was invincible at Mom and Dad's lifting and moving the mattress and box spring to finish attaching their headboard.  I had been able to get by several days with no pain meds, but that has changed now.  No complaints, I know what heavy lifting can do.  I don't remember if I saw the halftime show or not.  After the last few years of Superbowl half time I can't say it is something I look forward to.  I like some of the commercials, but not enough to endure anymore of a game that appeared only one team showed up to play. 

This morning we were up and out early to return the moving truck back to the rental place in Thomasville.  Of course it was a lot more involved than you would expect for simply returning a truck a day early.

From there we went to Goodwill and found some track lighting that will help us to illuminate some of our art work.  We have some really gorgeous pieces of art.  Almost all are numbered signed prints or originals.  This lighting, whether bedroom or living room is going to really show them off.

From there we went to Lowe's to look at floors, carpets, wall colors, kitchen appliances, cabinets, counter tops, back splashes, washer/dryer and lights.  Amazingly we both agreed on the floors.  I showed him a carpet I had seen with his Mom when she and I had been there.  I liked it, and so did he.  He then showed me his idea of colors and we did need to come together a bit, but mostly we were pretty close.  I did not see a stove I liked because all of the electric stove tops at Lowe's are those flat top surfaces.  Gas is not an option.  We simply do not need to pay to convert to gas at this point.  Electric is what is there, I am happy to have it again, but I really did not want a flat surface, but I guess I may not have much of a choice.  I am sure that whatever we end up with I will be happy in my house with the view of the trees.

We looked in the garden area at stones, walls and water features.  We have a swamp and we have a pond, but the gold fish will need their own little spot.  They wouldn't make it long as bright as they are in the clear water of the pond.  We would be very popular with whatever bird found them for a very short time.  I would rather have Queen Bubba and the Bubba minions happy and safe closer to the house with plants to cover them.

It was fun getting to look at the choices to hold paint colors and bamboo floors next to the round rug we both liked.  To get an idea of all the possibilities there are in just one store.  I like this part and I enjoy doing it yourself.  The part that is hard to take is exactly how much will it cost for each part, each room.  To be able to tell how far can we go at each time. 

I need to get some rest.  I have a little trouble falling to sleep, but since I have started pacing my pills better it is better.  I usually sleep for about five hours and then I am up and down every half hour or so laying sleepless long after laying down again each time.  I have so much on my mind with the house and this house and gardens and so many other things.  Just need to spend more time doing yoga and meditating.  I spend some time each day, but sometimes it is a total of 15 minutes between the two for a day.  Not enough for anyone.

So no one to blame but myself, and I don't feel like blaming.  I will just try and do the best I can do each day.  Yeah, sounds good.  But there is some hope in that. 

My honey has been out working on the road and in the yard with Gus his new John Deere.  He has all the appendages for him and they have quick connect that seems to work well.  Here is a picture of him and Gus:



The camellias and magnolias are blooming.  I have seen a few red bugs and blooming cherries along with a few over anxious azaleas  peaking through. It isn't spring for another six weeks or so, but with a little warmth, a blue sky and the rain washed camellia petals like a slip that has lost its elastic bright and shiny around the glossy green leaves.  The air is filling with the fragrance of blooming flowers, the sound of song bird and frog duets around our new home.  How lucky can one woman be.

My little Japanese Magnolia with blooms


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  1. Hi sweetie! Just 2 thoughts. My mom had a flat top electric stove and loved it. With the old fashioned one I inherited here on Water St. I'd give my eye-teeth for one of those since they are so easy to clean. Some day I'll get gas again too, but not any time soon I'm afraid. Second thought; the Star Magnolia you all gave Jack and me after Steel is blooming again in all it's glory. I check on it every morning and it makes me smile.