Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lessons learned

Friday I picked up Mom and took her to Tallahassee.  She and Dad have been learning Thomasville.  Okay, they have gotten lost on several occasions, but through these side trips through the area they are learning a lot about Thomasville.  I mean a lot. hee hee

But I had a coupon for JoAnn's that was burning a hole in my pocket and I was so excited for Mom and I to go and check out this makeup my friend Carolyn had told us about.  I have to say my friend Carolyn is looking wonderful.  She is focused on loosing weight.  Weight put on during years of care taking her beloved John John and then mourning and coming back to life in a new place.  She is not always able to be a physical as she was used to and now she is changing things about herself and looks amazing.  That is all I can say.  I know she must be getting tired of hearing me say it, but my gosh, she looked just fine before, but now, wow. 

Mom and I made it to JoAnn's before the crowd, which was wonderful.  I bought some yarn to crochet into an Afghan for a grandson and then some sale yarn to crochet into another afghan, possibly for another grandson.  maybe.  Then I bought some material to make pillow cases and finally I bought spools of ribbon and iron on fusing.  I am doing a presentation for the Camellia Garden Circle called the Journey of Plants.  Huge topic.  But I had 15 minutes.  Fifteen minutes can last a really long time if you are bored and sitting in a small circle where everyone can watch you nod off, especially the person talking.  So to avoid that I cut the ribbons into 6 inch long pieces and the fusing into 6X6 inch squares and then I cut up cardboard squares a little larger and picked up some straight pins.  I had the ladies weave the ribbons into little squares to make into sachet bags.  It was just something to keep their hands busy so they would not grow bored.  I explained that I thought of this because it was weaving a story of plants as we discussed all the plants that have moved around the world.  It was fun researching out the subject, and for the most part everyone enjoyed my talk.  I had taken a lot of meds before I left on Sunday to give my presentation.  But that was not because I did too much on Friday with Mom, but because of Saturday.

Mom and I were gone most of the day on Friday and went by the credit union, had lunch in the mall and I got my watch fixed, but not my diamond ring.  We finally found the makeup place Carolyn had told me, but it was late and so we headed home.  We had a lovely day together and managed to get Dad three belts and my trunk filled with craft projects.

Friday night we tried to watch the Olympics but somehow kept missing the good stuff.  I don't know what it is about these Olympics but as hard as they keep trying to show us how much Russia has changed, it still doesn't feel free to me.  I have never felt this strong from watching the TV.  They keep showing us all these happy people in the various parts of Russia and how much they love where they live.  I hope it is as lovely as they show.  Maybe it is simply that this has been such a cold winter for us.  Yes, I know I live in Florida, but for us, this has been brutal and watching the winter Olympics has not been from the warmth of my home with the doors and windows thrown open as the sunshine warms the winter into the 70s.  No, this has been a winter where one day every 10 days or so, does get near 70.  Actually one day it was almost 80, but then it is gone.  Like a day lily.  The flower opens and dies all in one day.  That is how I feel.  I start to warm and open up only to be closed down with the cold.  I still have the Olympics running most of the time I am up, and I am still really looking forward to curling.

Saturday Bug and I took the green truck over to his parents and his Dad gave me the truck topper that he and Bug found when they were cleaning the weeds in the back yard.  It fit my truck and Dad had the pressure washer guy clean it up.  So Saturday Bug and I drove the little green truck, now covered with John Deere things.  JD mats, steering wheel cover and license plate cover, back to the topper.  We squatted down and lifted up and at that moment I realized this was way too heavy for me to pick up.  I struggled and finally got it up on the back of the truck while Bug held on to the other side.  I am much stronger then I look, but apparently it is not a good idea for me to do these things anymore.  Once it was up.  I moved up against the wall of the house and felt the most excruciating pain sear my entire chest area.  My breath was forced in and out of lungs that were screaming nasty things at my lymph system and I realized for the first time that there are things I should not do.  It is not about being willing to pay the consequences in some of my actions.  It is still clear this morning that I made a very bad choice. I have been taking my pain meds.  Only one in the morning and one at night, and that is making me be able to continue getting up and moving.  But slower, much slower.  And breathing is a little harder.  I am not sorry what I did, but I did learn my lesson.

Sunday I made quiche for the garden circle and I pulled out a banana bread.  I packed up bowls and napkins, utensils and wine cups and headed over drugged probably more then I should have been driving, but I did not feel goofy, or slow, just not in as much pain. 

Bug and I have been stopping by our new place whenever we get a chance.  We walk around the yard and dream of all the things we will do.  Just two more weeks and it will be ours.  Hopefully we can move into it by the end of March, maybe the beginning of April. 

I went to bed early last night and slept late this morning.  I am still hurting and need to fix some real food and take a pain pill.  Lots of things I would like to do today, and I need to take it easy, but get them done.  We are taking the three dogs to see Dr. Matt today for their annual checkups and vaccinations.  That is this afternoon and it will be warm today.  But I think it starts getting cold again tomorrow.  It is winter.  It is a real winter for us this year.  Not the pretend winter we all love here.  Sweater weather is how I like to think of winter, not Michelin man clothing.  Ah, but in two months it will be spring and then summer and it will be hot then.  I like hot. 

Life is good here.  My little truck is looking fine.  Bug has been working on the John Deere and it is looking wonderful.  He keeps eyeing the little truck with his John Deere Green paint he is using on his tractor and honestly I would not be surprised to walk outside one day and find the truck painted JD green.  That would be okay.  It is just a little beater farm truck and the first truck I ever thought of as part mine.  Bob the dog is slowly come back to himself.  Edna and Harley are spending a lot of time getting in trouble.  We can always tell when something is wrong in the house because Bob will be sitting outside and look up with the most honest eyes that say, "I tried to tell them not to."  Bob is a good dog.  He doesn't really tattle, but he does make sure we know that he knows the other two are behaving badly.

My fairy god daughter is coming to visit me this next weekend.  I am over the moon happy.  Today is her brother's 20th birthday.  I love those two kids.  Christopher has a new pet.  An Eastern Box turtle that he will take care of for at least 30 days to earn a merit badge.  My cousin Lori is planning a trip down in a few months.  The sun is shining so far, and hopefully warming up. 

Busy week with another PT scan for me, and a couple of doctor visits for Bug and of course Valentine's Day on Friday.  Sigh, I love holidays.  I think we will stay home and I will make something romantic and we will cook together and share a bottle of wine and celebrate a year since he proposed.  If someone had told me that I would be where I am in life right now I don't think I could possibly imagine how wonderful my life is.


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