Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So many wonderful things to do

Yesterday after space camp, Christopher and I met my friend Bob at the movie theater to see Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows Part 2.  I have known Bob since I first started with the Department almost 26 years ago.  He is a dear sweet wonderful person and I treasure our friendship.  I know that people say that men and women can not be friends, but Bob and I have been friends for so long, and it is based on mutual admiration, trust and keeping things simple and uncomplicated.  

The three of us sat in a mostly empty theater sharing a barn size tub of popcorn and watched what I think is the best Harry movie yet.  There are so many beloved characters in the last book that are killed and they handled it with a sensitive hand and played to the story line, instead of focusing on the deaths.  It was a beautiful movie, and unlike part 1, which I just could not make it through again the other night when Christopher and I watched it, this movie, even with the war and being outnumbered, there was a sense of hope that good would overcome evil.   

I am a pretty simple person, in many ways.  I love stories of simple good kind people who triumph over evil. I love to get dressed up and go out to wonderful places and eat exotic and amazing foods, but I also like picnics.  The simplicity of some fresh hearty bread, cheese, olives and fruit, a blanket, friends to share time with, a pretty perfect day.  I love flowers, but I am just as happy with a single flower or a few wild flowers as I am with a box of roses.  A phone call or email makes me as happy as a present wrapped in ribbons, although you all know that I do love packages tied with a ribbon.  But honestly, a garden, my animals, books and beloved friends and family, and my life is perfect.  Oh wait, that is my life!!!!  And yes, it is perfect.

Perfect in so many ways.   I have wanted to get Ednarose for a while, but was worried that it would change my relationship with Bob, my 3 old lab.  He has been the center of our universe here at Labrun and the baby for his entire life, and as much as I hoped he would finally grow up a bit, I was also afraid of loosing that sweet affectionate puppy in him. He has matured, but in such sweet ways.  Last night Ednarose was pestering Harry.  She loves to climb over him like Mt Everest, which he is fine with, but then she also bites him, and that he does not tolerate well.  He does not snap at her as much as just gobble her up in his giant mouth and then spit her out with a huge bark.  It scares her to death and she will lay there in front of him shrieking like a banshee, while Harry looks around, like, I have tried to tell her over and over.  I am not putting up with this!  Bob will race over to her, and nuzzle at her, lick her and just overall try and soothe her.  It is so precious to watch my baby Bob be such a wonderful big brother to his new little irritating sister.

Both Bob and Harry allow her to snuggle up and sleep with them, as long as she does not bite or try to nurse on them.  Also both of the boys are very much like me, in that they like their schedule and want everyone to go to bed and to sleep at 9.  Ednarose sleeps a lot, being a 6 week old puppy, but when everyone is laying down and moving into the sleep mode, she often gets a second wind and wants to play and bite and chew and nurse.  It is hard on all of us, but especially the boys.  From the first day I brought Bob home, he has gone to bed 90% of the time at 9, with or without me.  He just goes and gets in the bed and snuggles up with his pillow and goes to sleep.  I really like that in a child, whether a dog or a human one.  Endarose is learning fast, and I am sure that she will get used to our schedule before too long.  And she is really a very good puppy and adores both of her older brothers and her human cousin.  She is such a cutie and also a very sweet and affectionate little thing.  I am so glad that I have her now.  Christopher has enjoyed her, and Harry is not too old to tolerate her.  So as things go in my life, the timing once again was perfect.  

I am still floating on that cloud of happiness.  I only had a few minutes yesterday with the imaginary boyfriend on the phone, but that is really all it takes to make me smile and my heart flutter.  He is so busy and they are coming up on the height of the season.  From here on out things will start to get tight for bidding and timing and getting jobs done.  And so he flies his helicopter applying fungicide to 900 acres of corn yesterday.  That is a long time to sit, focus and fly.  There are so many things you much be focused on making pesticide applications.  You must respect the chemicals, not fear them, and use them carefully.  You must be even more aware of any variance in weather to prevent drift and damage to other crops.  I know it is not popular to approve of pesticide applications.  But as someone born in Florida I have lived and survived in my beloved home state and eaten some of the healthiest foods produced in the world because of pesticides.  Prior to the malathion spraying in the 50s, Florida was not a place for humans.  I do have mixed feelings on that, but I also have no desire to live anywhere else.  The chemicals we used in the 40 - 60s are very different then the ones we use today, and the farmers and chemical companies are constantly looking for environmentally friendly products, trying to improve on how we impact this glorious green and blue orb all the time.  IPM, Integrated Pest Management, has come a long way in changing how we use pesticides, and even though I think that Rachel Carson got some very basic things very wrong in her book, Silent Spring, she got some other things very right.  It did appear that she blamed a lot of things on pesticides, and many of those products, which where very good products are no longer labeled for use as they were then.  That is a good thing.  It was not that the pesticides were as bad as made out, but we were using them in a very unsustainable way.  But that was a time of great industrialation and rivers burned with the pollution from the factories, the air choked with smog and pollution must also be taken into account.  It is not as simple as saying pesticides are bad.  Disinfectants are pesticides, and if used correctly they save lives everyday by keeping down the spread of certain diseases.  No, this is not as simple as chemicals are good or bad.  It is a multilayered situation where chemicals of all kinds are just one piece of the giant puzzle we call our world.

I do agree that we should go more "organic"  but as an inspector with the Department of Ag for 25 years, I have seen an awful lot of problems and misuse in that industry also.  It is hard to grow large scale food without some type of assistance.  And because only the standard registered pesticides are the ones tested for, I have seen a lot of chemicals that should not be used, be used by some of the larger less trust worthy organic farmers because they knew that there were not tests for them.  It was a long time that I would not buy anything organic unless I had been out to the farm and knew the farmer well.  And trusted them.  I am happy to say that mostly by self regulation a lot of those people are no longer in the business.  I am also happy to say that most of the organic farmers I know up here are working on a scale where they can control things with good farming practices instead of having to use things that sometimes are worse for the environment and the people and animals that eat them, then the registered pesticides that under go years of testing and research.  There are a lot of things that we still need to get right on this planet, whether involving the environment, relationships between peoples or how we grow food, transport it and package it.  But I am hopeful that each generation is improving, and as the tide turns and smaller home mostly organic farms start to become the trend again, I think that is one of the greatest hopes for our planet.  Locally grown food, by people who respect the land, the industry and sell their products with pride, that is one of the best solutions for this very complicated issue.

And I am proud to have been part of that world for as long as I was.  I had always wanted to be a farmer.  I am a gardener, and will be very happy when I can get my veggie gardens back up and running.  I love that I may actually be around long enough to see the fruits of my labor in my orchard, vineyard and blueberry patches pay off.  And I can say with pride that I tried to be fair and use common sense when dealing with growers, golf courses, aquatic applicators, and the rest of the industries that use pesticides, fertilizers, seed and feed.  I am glad to see that we are looking at a bigger picture these days to include home owners.  Sometimes they are the most wasteful and harder on the environment with their limited knowledge then our trained and certified applicators in their various industries.  The University of Florida IFAS Extension Offices I think are as important today as they were when they began.  Now they focus as much attention on the home owner and back yard "farmer" as they do with the big industries, educating and training anyone who wants to know more about growing things, and having a healthy environment and diet.  They are asked to do more and more with less, and these people rise to the challenge over and over.  They love their jobs, and it really does help make a difference in this world.

And the conversation circles around again to my world.  Happy, content, grateful, missing Ms Moon and worrying over my Vicki and she continues to deal with health issues.  I know she will be fine, and this too will pass, but I hear how much she is suffering in her sweet voice.  I know Ms Moon is so very happy to be with Vergil, Jessie, Hank and her Lis, and I am happy that her birthday is going to be so special and sweet.  I can't wait for her to get home so I can wrap my arms around that neck.  I am also feeling a little less lonely these days because of my imaginary friend.  Oh he is real, but not here, so it hard to believe he is real.  But just a few sweet words on the phone and knowing that he is where he should be and is doing what he is doing, makes me so happy.   And here I sit, taking a little break for lunch and writing this post before doing a little more house cleaning and then going up to pick up the boy.  
A wonderful life.
custom made for me.
A happy, joyful, grateful
life full of twists and turns and journeys that I could never have dreamed of
but my journeys
all of them,
even the cancer is pieces to the greater puzzle of me.
And I like me
just the way I am

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  1. Glad you are enjoying your life. Enjoy seeing you enjoy - YOU are so deserving of it - you have spent your life helping other people enjoy their life - thanks for all the memories & the most precious one is the friendship we shared - your a wonderful person. Love Ro