Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Friday, July 15, 2011

plays, art camp, Ednarose and Christopher

I am learning about the "production" side of the plays like publicity.  Wednesday was spent getting the wording for the mailers correct.  Not only it is new for me, but it is new for those teaching me.  They are used to just writing these things and that is that.  Now, try to help someone else find their voice and learn how to draw in people with a few well chosen words and maybe a graphic.  And learning the timing, and to remember to give the newspaper names as well as the photos.  Nothing is hard or really that consuming, it is just something new.  I get frustrated and tired with the back and forth, back and forth.  But it is part of the learning process, and my memory and anxiety level are not what they used to be.  

Yesterday I delivered the mailers to the post office box, worked on the wording for the email blast that Lisa sent out this morning letting everyone know about the play, and now I just need to get the poster done.  I am afraid that will have to wait until Monday when I can get it laminated at the Extension Office. 

The email asking for volunteers to help serve the meals has gone out, and I have had 2 people email back already, but that is all.  I still have a little time, and hopefully we will get enough people to help.  We usually do. So everything seems to be coming together just as it should.

Today was the last day of Art Camp.  They had a little reception for the parents with punch and cookies and a demonstration of spinning wool.  The kids got to take their crafts home. It was very nice.

Then we rushed home picking up puppy chow for the newest member of the Osgood Family, Ednarose Miller Osgood.  She is a black female lab, only five weeks old.  Yes, that is very young, but the people who own her parents had two female labs deliver a week apart.  They are leaving tomorrow for Costa Rica for 2 weeks, and thought it might be better on the puppies if they went ahead to their homes instead of leaving them with a babysitter.  I was just happy because now Christopher gets to spend 2 weeks with her, and he is having a wonderful time playing with the puppy.

I was a little worried about Bob.  He has been the baby, and now there is a new one.  But he has been wonderful.  He watches over her and when the cats get too close to her, he chases them off.  He has even let her play with her own toy.  Don't get me wrong as soon as she walks off from the toy, Bob gets it and takes it to his place.  But he is being very patient with his new baby sister.  I am sure that they will be typical siblings and will have issues sometimes, but right now, they are getting along splendidly.  Harry is nonplussed by the whole thing.  He has had to welcome many a sibling in his life, and this is just another.  He sees her as a way to get more treats and food.  

She is adorable and is very smart and active and a chunky little thing.  She is a good eater.  We brought home the puppy chow and fixed her a bowl with milk.  She ate every bite, then went out side and did her little business.  She was rewarded with hugs and lots of good girls.  Tonight she will go with Christopher and I to the full moon meditation.  Geeta called and I told her my dilema with not wanting to leaving her alone, so we will crate her up and take her with us.  She can spend the evening on the porch so that I can spend some time with Geeta and the group.  

Christopher is taking very good care of our new little family member, and has taken her outside each time she looked like she had to go, so at this point she is learning quickly wear she should go.  I put a tea napkin on her like a bandanna and she looks adorable.

Well there are so many things I want to post about, and I want to get the last of my trip to Spain down, but for now, I will leave this post with a couple of pictures of sweet Ednarose.