Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Famous

The interview that Christopher and I did last Monday is out.  And yes, I am on the cover of the TLH magazine, and there is a full page article.  And I very much appreciate the free advertisement for the radio play, but there are a few tings that I really don't like.  First, I am not "fighting cancer."  We all know that here, but I didn't emphasize it enough during the article.  And of course this was before I had gone to the doctors and got the good news about my cancer.  OK, it really wouldn't change much of what I said during the article, because I still have the "c".  The reason the cancer is doing so well is because of the chemo.  If we stop the chemo, the cancer starts taking over again.  But we do not have to worry about that right now, the chemo is working out just fine.  

The second thing that bothers me is that I must have talked about Mary Moon in every story.  Every story.  That is because Ms Moon has been standing by my side for every show until this one.  She is half of the Miller Sister's Foley team.  But that is not mentioned in the article.  Oh, she tells the stories that Ms Moon and I have, but she somehow managed to not mention Ms Moon by name.  sigh.  I had tried to get the interviewer to interview both of us at the same time and she did not want to do that.  She said the agreement is that she does individuals and the Democrat does events.  OK, but I would like to go on record stating that as great a job that Rich is doing, I still having Ms Moon by my side.

Other then that, she got 90% of the facts correct, and trust me that is very good for a newspaper article this complete.  And it is fun, and hopefully great advertising for the show.

Yesterday Christopher and I took it easy.  We slept in, and then went to the antique stores here in Monticello.  Christopher enjoys going to antique stores.  He is such a boy.  Sweaty, dragging sticks in the sand, exploring creeks, OK, that could be a boy or a girl, but he really is all boy, but he is mature beyond years in some ways, and going to the antique store with his wacky old aunt if one of the many pleasures of having him here.  

The afternoon was spent rehearsing for the play.  We went over our scripts, practiced the harmonica and went over his commercial.  I worked on the glockenspiel.  The show opens up next Friday night and I still have a lot of work I still need to do to get ready.  And I need to send in another article about the Radio Show to the Monticello News tomorrow.  

Last night we took the toy into town to go see the Pirates of the Caribbean.  But they had changed movies, so we missed it.  We tried to go see another movie, but there really wasn't anything we we had to see and our timing was off.  So we drove up to the Tallahassee mall and checked the movies there.  Mostly all the theaters are showing Harry Potter and we are going to see that tomorrow after work with Bob from work.  

Since we could not get to see a movie, we decided to go out and have dinner, his choice.   He picked Golden Corral.  OK, it has been literally years since I have been to a Golden Corral.   And I have to say this was not a great experience.  The food was pretty awful.  OK, very awful, and the place did not feel clean.  In fact I got something on my arm and shirt that I have no idea what it is or where it came.  And I don't want to know what it was.  And there was every kind of person there that you can imagine.  No disrespect to GC, but oh my lord, that place was packed, and I really don't know how everyone is not having the same stomach problems today that I am.  I don't care if I sound like a snob.  I have eaten at McDs more then I ever dreamed possible, to make sure that Christopher eats, but I think that is even going to stop, because my stomach can't take much more, and I am not really eating much in the way of food there.  

We picked up a redbox, Alpha and Omega.  It was adorable.  Then to bed.  But it was late, and then we woke up early.  I mean like I was up at 5:30 with the animals, and then Christopher got up at 6.  By 8 we were walking to McDs for breakfast (maybe our last time ever going to that place) and then walked home.  At least we got our 2 mile walk in.  And then we took all of the dogs, all three of them in the car to pick up the Tallahassee Democrat.  I have had an email and a phone call already about the interview.  So that is where this post began, so I think I will get the harmonicas out and the xylophone and do some practicing.  After all we have a show next weekend.

I am so tired, I hope to get to bed early tonight.  But today is all about rehearsing.
Life is pretty amazing.
A little tiring, but definitely amazing.


  1. If the reporter got 90% of the facts right, that's better than most do. They all have their own take on the story, perhaps this one thought you'd be more 'interesting' if you were fighting Big C Cancer. I'll have to look for this online.

  2. Yay! Glen's saving me the paper. Lily called me yesterday to ask if I knew you were on the front page of the TLH.
    Love to you and Christopher. All's well here in Asheville. Kisses!