Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Saturday, July 16, 2011

last day in Barcarotta

Having a puppy is very similar to having a human baby in that you are up and down all night.  She would make a noise I would get up stagger out into the rain and wait.  She looked like she went each time.  I mumbled something like "good girl" then would pick her up and bring her back to bed. But when I got up about 6, she had gone in the living room.  When was she on the floor away from me?  She cannot get down and up on the bed without someone lifting her up.  I mean she is this tiny little chunky monkey.  So obviously I had put her down and picked her up, but I was must have been asleep.  Ok, she is way too young for this.  Tonight she will sleep in her crate, she will not like it, but I know she will be safe and maybe I will get some sleep.  She is very young to be away from her mother, and there is a lot of growing up between 5 and 8 weeks old when it comes to puppies.

Last night Christopher, Ednarose and I went to Janak and Geeta for the full moon meditation.  There was a very nice group of people and after some meditation; we had a wonderful cover dish dinner.  It is always amazing to me that I can tell which dish Geeta makes.  All the food was wonderful, but maybe it is like your Mother's food, it is the flavors you are used to, and everyone makes their food their own way, and there is just something about the way Geeta cooks that I enjoy.  But I always enjoy trying something new, and there were lots of delicious things to try.  Ednarose behaved very well, and I think Christopher enjoyed himself too.  

Today it is raining, gray drippy rainy day.  Wonderful.  We need the rain.  But that kind of cuts back on outside activities, which is really ok because it is Ednarose's first day here and I would rather spend most of the day with her.  

So here is another installment of the trip with Dad:

Sunday, June 26th, the banquet:

After the procession had passed us on its route through the little town, a group met back over at Paco y Teresa's house to organize getting to the restaurant.

Paco, Concha, Candi, Teresa, Dad and Fatima

On the schedule, it said that the banquet would be 10:00 pm, but the procession was not over until closer to 11 and we were not able to get through the streets and to the restaurant until 11:30.  Concha and I sat in the back seat, she had a death grip on the door making helpful suggestions that Paco ignored.  Dad's stomach lurched; Paco knocked the side mirror on Dad's side of the car.  

We finally weaved our way around the streets to the Play de Maya, all of our dearest friends in Barcarotta were there.  This included two of Barcarotta's Ambassadors, Fran and Christian.  Fran's girlfriend was another one of the Ambassador's but she was taking exams and could not make it.  Fran had just finished his exams and flew in that day from Poland to get to see Dad.  Fran just graduated with his degree in business and is now planning on attending law school.  Christian is a laughing therapists and works for various establishments teaching laugh therapy and other positive thinking methods.  He and Dad clowned around to the delight of all the guests:  

 Dishes of food were set out family style around the table, jamon with melon, gazpacho, Bacula, calamari, beef tips, sausages, insalda mixa and so on ending in ice cream deserts of every imagination.  

Alfonso gave a speech with Montana translating, then Dad gave a speech with Montana translating.  I passed out Hernando DeSoto coins and the little note pads that Dad had brought.  They are very nice with Bradenton and Barcarotta written on the front with a picture of Dad's face, the date and something about loving our friends.  Everyone seemed very happy to receive both the books and the coins.  They are generous people, and just having someone bring them something, no matter how small means a lot to them.  They gave Dad a leather wine bag, then Paco read a poem he had written about his friend Bob. It was a night filled with laughter and talk, dearest friends and spending time together.  Finally, after 1:30 am, I said I had to go home and lay down.  I had had one sip of champagne for the toast, but by this time in the trip, I was simply exhausted.  I hated to be a party pooper, but I just can't do these late nights. 

Everyone walked outside in mass and took turns hugging on dad and me.  Tears flowed like the wine and champagne earlier in the evening.  I could see in many of the faces that this was their last goodbye to my father, and possibly to me.  Dad took a minute with each couple and spoke to them personally.  I could see how much they love and adore my dad.  It was a very sweet ending to a wonderful trip.

The next day we were all packed and ready to go, but dreading the time to leave.  We walked over and had breakfast with Paco y Teresa one last time.  They asked us what we wanted for lunch.  I said, please, no more food.  They agreed it was a late breakfast and we needed to leave around lunch to head to the airport.  So as soon as the breakfast dishes were cleared away, Paco started bringing out lunch.  I know he knew what I said about no more food, but they just can't help it, they love to take care of us.  So after we had spent the morning eating we loaded up in Paco's car and headed to the airport.    Again, we drove past the fields of olives, sunflowers, tomatoes, oaks and grapes.  We got to the airport and talked Paco into leaving us there.  

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