Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday morning

This morning my alarm went off but I was already awake laying there.  My legs were bothering me. But I thought maybe not so much, then I realized I have started getting used to the feelings.  Ok, whatever it takes to get me up and out the door.  But it was not enough.  After my shower I had to lay down and rest, then I got up and fed the dogs and then laid back down to rest again.  I had been watching the clock since a about 3:00am.  That kind of time where I might very well be a sleep, but so lightly that I am constantly opening my eyes and look at the clock.  Some times it was like every 15 minutes, other times maybe close to an hour had slipped by, but I did not feel rested and the more I tried to push through it, the more uncomfortable my legs and arms became.  Again, a distracting kind of discomfort and by 8:00am I had given up on forcing myself to the office.  I did that last Friday and made myself sicker, so trying to be a little smarter here, but I am not sure exactly what to do.

So Dad and I are going to venture up to the Winn Dixie to pick up the last few needed items.  We will take his wheel chair and the plans at this moment are that I will be pushing him around the store.  He assured me though if I get wimpy he will trade places with me.  Isn't that sweet.  I hope it just remains an offer.

That is it for now.  Nothing exciting to say.  I am still pushing the envelope eating.  I pureed up the chicken and dumplings I made for Dad last night.  I used the last of the three roosters, I think this was Sue based on his size.  And almost as dark and strong meat on those legs as a turkey.  But it made some fine chicken and dumplings, which pureed up quiet nicely for me.  Tonight?  I am thinking of a chicken noodle stroganoff kind of thing.  Then maybe Italian tomorrow night.  I am enjoying the cooking, wish I enjoyed the eating as much.

Sorry, just seems to be a challenging couple of days, and trying to learn to cope with this situation and get back as much of my real life as possible right now.  Nice to have dad here.

And hopefully tomorrow I will be strong enough to maybe go to the office for a couple of hours.  That would be a very good thing.


  1. So good that your dad is there with you. Take care and rest. No sense pushing to go to work if you don't feel well and got no rest.

  2. I did the same thing with the clock last night but my legs were not aching. I think it was very wise of you not to go to work.
    I will call you in a while, after Owen has gone home. I love you, Kathleen.

  3. Your Dad sounds real sweet Kathleen...and Chicken and Dumplings I just love! Take care of you and don't overdue...a hug is coming your way...
    Sleep..yes I too had issues last night..something going on or what I just don't know.

  4. I've been reading, and thinking of you.