Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Thursday, September 9, 2010


In second grade I met Jennifer Oakley.  Her family moved to Palmetto that year and we met and became fast friends.  All through elementary school into college Jennifer and i were very close friends.  She lived closer to me in elementary school then Vicki did, so I spent more time after school at Jennifer's.  And since she was an only child until she was 13 I went on several vacations with her and her family.  Jennifer is a special person with a wonderful smile and a laugh all her own.  She married Rodney, a man she met in college and loves so very much.  They had wonderful tall blond boys and adopted a beautiful little girl.  And I am sure that the children all grew up healthy and happy with Rodney and Jennifer as their parents.  Jennifer works in the school system, and i am not sure, but I think she is one of the people I graduated with who went back for the PhD, so she might be a doctor of education.  I really can't remember, but I am proud of her and what she has done raising a family and a career.  

Jennifer's dad passed away on Monday.  I know that she is suffering way more then I am now.  I am  in the getting better phase. Jennifer is just starting her moment of grief for her beloved father and worrying about her mother.  Jennifer's mom is strong and has handled many things in her life, but the loss of a life time partner has to be one of the hardest things we have to deal with.  And I know that Jennifer must miss her dad with all her heart right now.  How he used to always say as you were leaving, "I am so glad that you got to see me today."  or "It is hard to be humble when you are this good."  he was very funny and loved Jennifer and his other children completely.  

I hope that those of you that know Jennifer will pass this news around to the rest of our class friends, being this far away and just having had my second chemo treatment, even though so far so good.  I can not go to see her or attend the funeral.  But my thoughts are with her and dad was sending a potted plant with a card on it for us.  I called, but this is not a time about me, but about her family, so I was just able to tell her how much I loved her and we will talk again next week.

Dear Jennifer, all my love is sent to you and what you and your family will be dealing with now.  I know you have very strong faith and beliefs, but i also know you will miss him so much that it will feel like you are breaking in two right now.  Time will help, but i still miss my mother 9 years now after her passing.  I would take this pain right now if I could from her.  But it is her pain and she must choose how to handle it.  Bless her hearts and her families.

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  1. It's odd how surely death is a part of life and yet, when it comes to someone we love, we are so baffled by it and so struck down.
    I hope that Jennifer is able to find peace.
    I am glad you knew her father and that you remember him so fondly.