Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ticks, Santa and record highs

So when I went to see Dr. May, just as we drove up to the clinic I felt something in my hair on top of my head.  It was a little uncomfortable and at first felt like a huge red spot from my meds.  Bug looked at it, and no, it was not a huge red spot, it was a tick.  A tick with its head buried deeply into the top of my head.  great.

Bug tried to remove it but was afraid he might break the head off in my head and that couldn't be good.  As I was getting ready to go in to see the nurses we thought maybe they could use some forceps and remove it.  I took my cookies in and talked to the insurance people updating my newly medicare life.  Then I went back to the lab for blood work.  I sat down in Precious's chair and asked her if when she was done collecting her blood samples and flushing my port if she could remove the tick from my head?  She stepped back and looked confused.  It seemed like simple English, "Please remove the tick in my head."

She looked at the other nurse and asked her if she could help remove a tick from my head.  She looked even more confused.  She said, "Tick?  What do you want me to do?"  I smiled and said, "Nothing, I will just name it and keep it as a pet."  That was just quirky enough to get the ladies looking at my head.  They peered and peered.  They moved my hair this way and that.  They tried to pull it out and squeeled.  "His legs are moving, he is trying to burrow deeper!!!" They exclaimed.  They went got help.  They finally found a pair of plastic forceps.  The crowd of nurses discussed what to do.  One suggested that you have to touch it with fire to get it to remove its head.  I told them that besides possibly having caught my hair on fire once before with an ear candle, I would rather that they not involve fire.  Another suggested salt.  Another gave a good pull and off came the body.......leaving the head firmly attached in the skin in my head.  They picked and poked until I told them thank you, that was enough.  Two heads were better then one anyway.  They love me and my quirky sense of humor.  Now that the excitement was over they all went back to try and get cookies before they were all gone.

We went on to lunch at the Farmer's Market Buffet.  Bug looked at my head and was not happy to see the head still firmly attached.  He said we should have used olive oil.  But once I had mentioned the tick to the nurses, there was no stopping them.  

When I got back I told Ann, my nurse for the day about the tick and could she please let Dr. May know and could she please look at it for me.

Dr. May came in did our business and looked at the tick.  She also said that she could not get the head out and suggested that maybe I should go to the Emergency room and have it cut out.  Whoa!!!!  No, I still think two heads are better then one, and I am not going to the Emergency room for some small black spec in my hair.  That and after everyone had helped my head was pretty sore.

Yep, a tick head in my head.  I swear I can find the craziest things in the world to happen to me.  I wash my hair about every other day or so and I never found it.  Oh well.  Update?  Yes there is still a little bit of tick head in my head.  It is slowly working its way out, so really, no worries here.

We will get to Shireen's house tomorrow.  We have taken our time getting here and have gone thrifting at Goodwill's and other stores.  It has been nice taking our time to get here so hopefully that will help my body to adjust and I should be fine when we get there.  All I do is sit in the passenger side of the car.  An occasional look at a map to verify the GPS.  I open waters, mints and snacks.  I crochet.  Yet, when we travel all day long, I get really worn down.  So taking our time to get her seems to be working so far.  A few complications, but heck, I have a tick head in my head, I am used to complications.  I am a complication.  Shireen's Ken is a Med Tech, so I am sure that he can look at it and if necessary removed any little pieces of head left in my head. 

I finished the latest Rick Rirodan novel, "House of Hades".  It is a series that Christopher turned me onto.  I found "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" by Frank L Baum at a thrift store.  Yes, the same Baum who wrote the 16 or so Oz books.  He wrote this story in 1902 and I have only read a few chapters so far, but it is beautiful and as wonderful as his Oz stories.  My Mother read and owned all the Oz books growing up and when Harry Potter came out she read those.  She thought of Harry Potter as this generation's Oz.

So as we have driven north we have brought the record highs with us.  You are welcome to those who are enjoying these record highs.  Tomorrow it will be 70 when we get to Shireen's tomorrow.  It will get cold again for Christmas, but it has been nice so far.  I am getting so excited to see all the kids. 

Life is good.  Yes, travelling does bring a few challenges, but not enough for me to stop or to not spend this Christmas with my grandkids.  And any time with my Bug is a gift. 

Oh, Christmas cards.  I have mailed my Christmas cards.  Well, all the ones that I still have addresses for.  When my hard drive quit I lost a lot of things that I had not backed up recently.  Yes, I know computers should not be treated as imperfect, and I do backup, just not as often as I need to.  Obviously.  When I get home, if I have any cards with lost addresses I can simply send late cards.  So if you are wondering why you haven't heard from me via US Post office, it is because I have lost your address.  I know I have printed copies of these addresses somewhere from last year, but I had not found it when we left.  That is one of the problems with travelling over the holidays I don't have as much time at home for holiday doing.  But for this holiday is different and not doing so much is working out just fine so far.

Tomorrow is the grand kids!!!!  Yea!!!!!


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