Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Monday, December 16, 2013

Being Santa

I love giving presents.  I love searching for the perfect thing, or the perfect yarn or material to make presents.  I made scarves, afghans, one shawl, a couple of pillows with Tinkerbell on them, a berka for keeping your head warm under a helmet and pillow cases.  Lots of pillow cases.  Well, here are some photos of some of the things I made:

Yesterday I wrapped each person's gifts and slipped them into pillow case and tied a bright ribbon.  I went through my list and checked it twice.  I couldn't believe I got every present wrapped.  Then I started putting the presents to be given locally in reusable grocery bags and filled a laundry basket.  For presents being mailed, I divided them up into the boxes and called it a day. 

This morning I got up and walked into a room that looked like it had been hit by the Tasmania devil. 


There were some Godiva Santas and Reindeer pops in a couple of the boxes, along with a Claxton Fruitcake and some chocolate covered cherries.  Well, the fruit cake was history.  What is it with that dog?????  This is his second Claxton fruitcake he has eaten.  You would think after the first one, he would have had enough, already.  hee hee  Now he had to eat his way through several boxes of Christmas cards, no where near the fruitcake.  Then it would appear that he did find one bag of Santas.  Not a lot, thankfully.  Again, these were no where near the fruitcake.  I guess the fruitcake monster must have gotten a whiff, because he left the rest of Godiva, ripped the box then the plastic bag holding all the presents, then pulled out the one pillowcase with the forbidden fruit, ate through the back of the case, pulled out the fruitcake from the more than adequate sized hole and left only the tiniest slip of the label.

The most upsetting of this entire situation is the fact that Harley only uses part of his brain some of the time, yet he outsmarted me.  We did have a very unpleasant discussion concerning his Claxton fruitcake addiction.  It does not look like my big brother will get his fruitcake this year.  I sent him the chewed bag as proof that I had tried.  He knows about the first cake, so, I don[t think this is going to happen this year.
Harley has the worst gas.
I am just saying.

After cleaning up the mess, and taking many deep breaths, I marched back out to the barn and sewed another pillow case for my brother and then packed the boxes, taped them up and addressed them to my precious loved ones. 

We loaded the car up, completely filling the trunk and then more went into the back seat and drove into town.  Monticello that is.  That is town to me.  Tallahassee is Tallahassee, town, Monticello. 

I had presents to mail and presents to deliver.  The toy felt like Santa's sleigh and I was so happy.  We carted all the boxes in using one of the handy little folding carrier thing Bug found at the Goodwill for $3.  One trip we were able to get everything in to the office.  Who should be in the Post Office, but Denise.  I was so happy, I drug her outside to the toy and gave her the presents.  She told me I shouldn't, but she had that smile that says, thank you and I see how happy you are giving me this present.  And I am.  I love giving presents.  And these are so fun with the pillowcases.  Most of the gifts are home made, or cashmere or fish shirts.  That is mostly what I give as presents.

After I returned to the Post Office I suggested that Bug might want to wander down to the pawn or one of the other stores.  His face broke out in a wide smile and he disappeared out the door.  It is Christmas, but this is a small town and it probably took 15 minutes to wait in line and then give each box over wishing it well on its journey to a loved one.  The Post Office was busy, but everyone was of good cheer and patient.  Smiles and hugs, thank yous, and she was ahead of me were the murmurs of those waited.  We all knew it wouldn't take any longer smiling and being pleasant and helpful to each other then being any different.

Bug appeared back at the Post Office just as I was finishing, with Ms Moon in tow.  What another wonderful Christmas surprise.  I drug her out to the car for hers and Mr Moon's presents.  She is another one of those dear friends that knows that giving is really what is most enjoyable to me.  The three of us wandered around Trader's Marketplace Antique store.  Mary found a beautiful silk scarf, Bug found me the "sweetest, softest robe".  Sweetest?  It is pretty wonderful and I have washed and dried it and I am currently nestled in it as I sit on my Mother's couch, write my post and eat some chicken veggie soup I made.  The house smells rich and homey.  The Christmas presents are wrapped and mailed.  I should be writing Christmas cards, but after the last few days I needed a night off.  I will work on my crocheting and go to bed early.

I have hung a fir wreath in the living room decorated with flowers and pine cones. a glass acorn, bells, a wooden angel ornament and a beautiful brown/gold ribbon that came on a box of Godiva.  It is a big wreath, and it gives us the smell of Christmas without buying a tree.  I have a poinsettia.  One of those new varieties that has pink and red speckled leaves.  We have our Merry Christmas lights up on the carport and I have my Christmas cactus blooming.  I have two beautiful ones, a pale peach and a vivid red/magenta.  They make me smile every time I look at them.  They are out on the screened in porch so are protected, but have better humidity then in the house.  That is Christmas decorating this year.  I am happy.  I have enjoyed everything I have done this Christmas.  I think I will do a little baking when we get home.  I have not made any nut bread, my family tradition, but I can make it and have it for New Year's.  I always make enough bread to last from Christmas into the new year.  So my need for baking will be satisfied.

I will go and see Dr. May tomorrow.  I have the scarves and shawl and will take cookies or cup cakes or something like that from Publix.  Presents.

Here are a couple photos of my two boys, Bob and Harley. 

 And my other two men, Henry drinking water out of my glass and Bug laughing at him.

It is December and cold here, but not as cold as it will be in NJ. 
I mailed my packages
I have my Christmas letter written, the stamps bought, and still a few cards that Harley did not eat.  I can always write them on the road in the car.  maybe
we will see
Jack and Jan called.  They had found their Christmas presents hung on their front door.  They called to tell me how much they loved them.  sigh, I love presents.
life is good
chicken soup good
Christmas presents good

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  1. Your spirit is comforting to me. Merry Christmas!