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Sittin On A Porch
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

And it was REAL

We watched FSU beat the Gators, 37 to 7.  I am proud we were able to score against this amazing team.  I was way impressed that we kept them to less then 40 points.  We looked pretty good the first quarter, almost like we might actually make this a real game instead of the normal slaughter FSU has been forced to leave behind them.  I say forced because, well they have just been that good, that even with second and third string players, they still run over their opponents.  However, I think the many "force" has been that when FSU actually tried to not slaughter a team they were rewarded by loosing ground in the National standings.  What?!?!  That is right, one week FSU actually tried to not bully up on the opposing team.  They tried to ease off a bit and the ranking reflected a drop.  After that, FSU had no choice but to go full throttle.  And they have, and their QB is amazing is only a freshman.  Amazing.  But Florida played as well against them as any other team has done this year, and well, that has to be enough this year.............

wait until next year..........................
hee hee

But then we watched the Alabama and the Auburn game.  That was the most amazing game ender I think I have ever seen.

In fact as Auburn was running down the field I actually asked Bug if it was real, was it really happening.  Yes, yes, this is real!!  My heart is still pounding with the unexpectedness of it all.

Then Georgia lost in double over time.

Tomorrow morning is going to be very interesting to see how the rankings reflect this Thanksgiving weekend of rivalries and conference winners. 
just wow
I enjoyed that so much
That moment where all of us watching or listening to the game
experienced something so

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  1. Well, I'm no football fan, can barely watch 5 minutes, but my family are Auburn fanatics (brother and both nephews alumni), so I watched the game and must admit, it was fantastic. That ending was about as good as it gets! My brother et al will be at the game in Atlanta on Saturday so guess I will be watching again!