Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Spring

The weather here is glorious! Simply, glorious.  Blue skies, air filled with bees and pollen, butterflies, birds and warm sweet perfume of thousands of flowers.  But most glorious of all is Gibson Monroe Hartmann is here.  Lily, Jason and Owen welcomed Gibson yesterday on the first Day of Spring.  What?  You haven't heard?  The whole family is rightly in a buzz with such happy precious news.

Well, you must stop this very moment and read what his Mermer has to say Ms' Moon's blog  and then read what his sweet Aunt May's allwriteythen blog.  All I can say, is Hip hip Hooray! YEAH!!!  Whohoo!!!

Ms Moon, bless her sweet, sweet heart, she has been so busy with this precious wonderful dear family, and I have been caught up in the Opera House and we have just not had a relaxed sit on the porch in forever.  But amidst all of the activity of the baby, she still took the time to call and let us know that Gibson was coming.  People everywhere have been holding their breaths waiting for this new precious child to be born.  And Ms Moon has been taking  care of her family, her mother, the dear Zen Glen, and all of the kids, but especially Lily.  She said to me that she was sorry we had not gotten together.  We are both riders of guilt.  I instantly felt guilty because, I have a play.  That is it.  I actually thought I would have two plays, but instead, Ms Judy has stepped up and taken over the Murder Mystery and I am hearing such wonderful things that she is doing for the murder mystery.  And Ms Moon has been with Lily and Owen.  I said, oh my goodness Ms Moon, you are helping Owen. 

Owen, the new big brother, the older of two beautiful sons.  Who now has the biggest adjustment of his life.  We forget just how much it is for someone who is just learning about themselves and their world, at two years old, now has to make a huge adjustment from being the baby to being the older brother.  From being a diaper wearing baby, to the child who is more self sufficient and needs to start growing up.  Who will no longer ever be the baby again.  Who now has so much to process and learn and figure out.  And his pop-pop and his mermer have been there to help this process.  This huge life changing moment.  Where he must for the first time see another child step into his world and take over his mother's attention and time, and nursies.  Yes, Ms Moon, you have to take care of your baby so that she can take care of her babies. 
One, the older brother, the other, the new baby brother.  Oh Ms Moon, you blow me away with this precious family you have and love and take care.  And thank you for letting me be a tiny part of it.

Yesterday Other Bob and I went for a motorcycle ride.  It was heaven.  The black ribbon of the road unfolded before us and we slipped along in the spring air, so full of potential and life.  The sun warmed our skins, the motorcycle roared, my heart beat loudly with joy.  Spring.

Funny that we had such a mild winter, and yet, this spring is still so very very welcome.  Even though the weather has been so kind, my senses still ached for the soft green of spring again.  The brown and grey of winter wears me down, and I was outside in that time of winter and sleep and rest this year more then ever.  And now to be outside in this beautiful time and to have so much color and life.  Oh, sweet precious spring. 

I know I did not make much sense here.  I am tired from rehearsals.  I am tired from late nights.  I am worn out form the last few weeks.  But I am happy.  I am so very happy.  I love the people I work with on the play.  I was standing on the stage, the other actors were standing in front of me, the lights burning down bright in their upward turned faces.  I was standing there behind them and my heart just filled with such pride to be a part of this production and these wonderful people.  I was standing in the shadows, they were in the light.  And it was just so real and surreal at the same time.

I love the fresh green sprouts of my spring bulbs pushing up through the rich organic soil, swollen with life. 

And the world has a new precious life today. 
Isn't life just so amazing?
And to be here
to be a part of all this

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