Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, March 18, 2012

family, tie dye, rehearsals and museums

It has been a good week.  A week of family.  Monday night Dad, Rob, JongAe and Jessica got in for spring break.  The weather was warm and glorious.  We need rain, but it is hard to think about that when the air is thick with spring.  The bees buzz, the butterflies flutter the azaleas blow in the wind forming pink, white and magenta skirts of colors underneath the soft green of new leaves.  Bird song woke me every morning to the early sunshine and scent of sweet olive, roses and multitudes of wild flowers.  I slept in my beloved airstream, nestled in the trees and green light.  Each morning I woke with Bob and Edna cuddled up with me in the single bed.  Stella perched on my shoulder, queen of the mountain.  One night Harry even decided to sleep out with us.  The rest of the nights, he slept in his bed in my bedroom with Rob and family.

We open The Fantastick's this coming week.  We are working hard, trying to pull everything together into the vision of the Director.  My family was patient with all the time I was gone at rehearsals.  At rehearsals I grew ever more frustrated with not knowing my part and how to prepare for it. 

On Wednesday the five of us loaded up in the toy, put the top down and drove into Tallahassee from Hwy 27, the southeast side of town.  We drove up the Parkway where as you come up over the hill you get a view of the State of Florida Capital building.  We turned west and then back around to the Museum of Florida History.  I had Dad's travelling chair.  It is not as big as his regular chair, but it is easier to get in the trunk of the car.  We wandered through the museum.  Dad really enjoyed the new Culture Exhibit that shows the native Americans present in the country at the time of the Spanish Conquistadors.  Rob really enjoyed the WWII exhibits.  Jessica loved Grandma's closest and the replica of a river boat.  The most memorable moment for me is the 1940s radio that you can push the button below it and with the crackle and echo sound of the 40s you hear FDR give his moment of infamy speech.  It is chilling to hear the words spoken during a war that changed the map of the world.    It is truly a beautiful and amazing museum and we are so lucky to have such amazing wonder right in our back door.  The skeletons, the dioramas, the travelling and the permanent exhibitions.

After the museum we had a huge lunch then meandered our way home where we collapsed, warmed by the ride with the sunshine swirling around, warming our still winter cold skin.  Our minds full with the sites seen, our tummies full from the food eaten.  Naps were taken or simply restful time.  That night was our only night to get to spend together, we just stayed home and were a family.

Thursday Dad and I worked on scanning photos from Dad and Mother's previous trips to Europe and Spain in the past.  Rob, JongAe and Jessica took a drive into town and spent the day just wandering around Tallahassee.  They bought me a chicken balloon.  You can walk along holding the ribbon and the chicken will walk along behind you.  I love this little red hen.  She is completely adorable.  The dogs and cats are not as thrilled:

little red hen balloon
 Here are some photos of the early spring flowers starting to bloom:


A Joseph's coat climbing rose

Dozens of butterflies sipping nectar from the blush of bloom

Butterfly ginger pushing up through the ground

Another lovely Amaryllis
Rehearsals have  To say the least, but after a particularly hard, but successful rehearsals yesterday Dave suggested that we all go to Pizza Hut to unwind.  It was a great idea and really help us all bond.  The play will be wonderful.  But the process has been horrifically painful.  We open in less then a week, and I need to rush now to get ready and go.  I have made my "fire" ribbons.  I have gathered up a blue shawl.  I have put together my costume, and pulled out the makeup.  I will wear the makeup tomorrow, but today we have a 5 hour rehearsal, and I just don't think that trying to do it all right now, is just a bit much.

It was a good week in more ways then it wasn't.  On Friday Jessica, JongAe and I tie dyed.  We made one for family members at home who could not be with us this week.  Saturday as the family left, the car filled with swirls of colors as each wore a new tie dye shirt.  We all hugged and promised to get together again very soon.  As soon as I can get away from the Opera House for a few days.  Not until after this play closes.  But first we have 7 more days of rehearsals or performances in this nine days straight.  I hope to see y'all there.  I do not willingly get up on stage that often.  This may be the last nail in the coffin.  I watch the other actors and they come alive, they glove the bubble endorphins.  I struggle to not let them down.  This is joy to them.  This is hard for me.  I am sure that once the play opens I will find the joy as I watch the actors glow under the hot lights, the applause of the audience.  Then I will be happy and love being a part of this very special little group of actors.  I love all the actors and stage crew in this show.  They are marvelous.  You are going to love them to. 
See you soon!

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