Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Vicki and Ken called Wednesday night around 9 pm to let me know that they would be getting in around 3:00 in the morning.  My first response was, "fine come on in."  Then I realized it would be better for all of us if they stopped and got some sleep or at least rest and then came in at a decent time on Thursday morning.  So when Vicki called back, I asked her to stop and that I would see them in the morning.  That sounded like the right thing to do.  It made sense.

But for the rest of the night every 30 - 45 minutes I woke up and stared at the clock and thought, why didn't I tell her to just come in and go to sleep here and it would interrupt my sleep, but just for an hour or so and then we would have all could have gotten some sleep and when they woke up, they would be here.  Oh well. 

I finally got up around 5 and cleaned the house again and wore myself out before they got here mid morning, and I was exhausted from waking up all night like a child on Christmas Eve.  But she and Ken did get her, and it was wonderful having her here.  I didn't care what we did, just as long as I got to be near her and to talk and laugh.  We did a lot of laughing while she was here.  The only problem is that we seem to speak our own language and some people don't understand it, so they think we are laughing at them.  We are not.  We laugh at ourselves more then anything.  We laugh at our crazy ideas, funny things that pop into our heads, memories of things that have happened over the past 50+ years.  We just laugh.  I think more then anything it is because we are just happy to be together.  

We ate in Thomasville on Thursday night.  Friday we drove to see the lighthouse in St. Marks.  Ken had never seen a live alligator so he was thrilled to get to see and photograph many many alligators.  And all kinds of birds, and the weather was cold and windy, but bright and sunny with a blue, blue sky.  We had lunch sitting in the sunshine at the Cafe on the River.  And in the evenings watched movies at home.  I had already DVR'd Nanny McPhee Returns, Toy Story 3 and the Sorcerers' Apprentice and the three of us watched those as we ate Godiva chocolate.  Then we watched, The Devil.  A movie that takes place in an elevator.  It was scary, but I was able to watch more of it then I would have expected it.

Saturday we drove into Tallahassee and walked around the Capitol.  There were people dressed up in Victorian era clothes and were taking pictures in front of the old Capitol.  This was a lot of fun for Vicki and I because we used to dress up in Southern Antebellum hoop dresses when we were growing up, all the way up to High School.  So it was fun to see these people in their outfits.  We then went to see the latest Harry Potter at the IMax.  We enjoyed the movie, but honestly it was a little intense for me being that close to that big of a screen while things are being blown up and fighting and such.  But it was a lot of fun anyway.

On our way home we stopped to see the Moon's.  Ms Moon invited us in to a dinner of venison vegetable soup and biscuits.  It was perfect.  And Vicki was so happy to be with Mary.  And we had our pictures taken together.  And it really was perfect, just being with friends and filling your mouth with the south.  Then Judy and Denise came over after finishing working at the Beau Turner place for the hunting camp.  Vicki was so happy to get to see them while she was here.  What a wonderful day.

This morning we spent a little bit of time together.  Vicki and I got to watch the Moment of Nature on Sunday morning, that we call the quiet minute, which is seconds, not a minute.  And then Vicki was off.  Back up north, hopefully missing most of the storm heading this way, hopefully missing most of the snow. She will be back.  And when she comes back, the girls will return to St. George for another sweet weekend of sun, surf, friends and laughing.

Then I made my spinach and cheese puff pastry rolls, and Napoleons for the Fancy Pants Camellia Garden Circle.  Jennifer hosted the meeting today in her lovely home.  She had set the table with her good china, sterling and crystal.  It was so lovely, and we sat around and drank wine and talked about what we needed to do to get our gardens ready for spring, and what we should be planting now, and then just enjoyed each other's company.  it was a lovely couple of hours, and then I got to talk to friends and family this evening on the phone.

And now a new week.  I will go to work tomorrow and Tuesday; chemo on Wednesday.  Then a 3 day weekend, and the following weekend, my friend Sioux from Ft. Myers is coming up to see me.  She was as close as a sister to me for 20 years.  When I moved here from the Ft. Myers area, I came alone, my friends stayed there and maybe felt a little betrayed with my leaving.  It was all so complicated.  But now with Sioux back in my life, I am so very grateful, and I can't wait to see her in 2 weeks.  By then I should be strong again and rested.  Another reason to be grateful for this disease.  My friends are making an effort to come and see me.  How lucky can a person be?  I have such loving and wonderful friends here, and now to have my dear friends from my previous lives, coming to see me, I am in awe at all of these kind, wonderful, giving people.  And I laugh, and remember so much fun and adventures.  I have had such an amazing life, and each day, a new opportunity for more laughter, more smiles and chuckles.  More hugs and love.  And friends.

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  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend. Nice to have friends visit. Take care and have a good week.