Sittin On A Porch

Sittin On A Porch
Our little back porch

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

I lay this morning in a dark bedroom listening to the fall of the rain on the roof.  The room as dark as midnight, the low rapping and pinging of the rain as it danced down on Labrun.  It has been cold, it has been dry, it has warmed up and now it is raining.  Sweet, blessed rain.  I swear it would take a lot for me not to love rain.  I know it can be destructive and I have lived through hurricanes and have seen Mother Nature express herself in many violent ways.  But today as the weather people talk about a gale warning, I look out my windows and see gentle life giving rain, I find it hard to believe what is coming.

Yesterday we met our friend and realtor at Tupelo's to make sure that every thing is progressively according to plans on the house that Bug's parents are working on.  As we were getting ready to go, I realized that Bug was putting on much warmer clothes compared to what I was putting on.  I stopped and realized that I am now temperature dyslexic.  I can not get my head wrapped around cold.  This is not new, but it does appear that my brain is simply refusing to accept cold.  I did change into one of my cashmere sweaters, a lovely soft baby blue over an old pair of jeans, not over sized, but well worn and comfy.  I put on my grandfather's argyle socks.  Yes, I know that is weird that I still wear my grandfather's socks.  He died when I was around 10, and we were very close.  I do not remember any longer how I got them, but I love those poor old worn out socks.  But they make me happy.  Again, I started to walk out the door, only to realize that my blue jean jacket was not warm enough.  I traded it in on my gray wool winter coat.  A coat cut with the same style as a P coat.  My dear Rich helped me pick it out a few years ago.  Every time I put on this coat I think of that.   This time when I walked out to get in the car, I was dressed appropriately.  It was still cold, like 40s, but I was as warm as I could be.  Well, if I had put on the scarf that Mary had made for me during one of our radio plays.

It is strange that so much of my clothing is related to someone?  Growing up my Mother and Grandmother were constantly reminding me of the line of ownership for each piece of furniture, each plate, sugar bowl, silver teaspoon, and so on.  So things have always been as real to me as the family members long gone.  The only way I knew my great grand mother was from a diamond pinkie ring, another by her tea cart.  My grandmother and mother read me books that had belonged to them and other relatives when they were young.  These books were filled with stories of fairies and plants and animals that talked and walked around just like people.  I think my confusion that everything is the same only different started there.  To this day I still see everything as be equal when it comes to respecting "life".  I have always been happy and loved and overly optimistic because my whole life I have been surrounded by animals and trees and plants and rocks and people, many of which I thought of as elders or caretakers.  Who wouldn't grow up with out fear, if there is always someone watching over you.  Maybe might even account for someone being naive and viewed as immature.  I think that is quite accurate description of me.  That is no excuse for bad behavior.  No, I have forgiven myself for my bad behavior, but that does not mean that they are not a part of me anymore.

The rain continues to tap against the roof, an ever changing rhythm as the tree sway and the rain ebbs and flows.  We are sitting quietly with the kids nestled around our feet.  They are great foot warmers, but it does make for quite an obstacle course.  Not only are their 12 legs, four with really big feet at the end of them like a knight's mace, but they move with three bodies and three tails all moving together.  And that is just the dogs.  But for now I am happy to sit on the couch and slip my feet under soft furry snoring warm dogs.

We are watching weather and history programs as we discuss our plans of the day.  I baked cookies last night for the Moon preThanksgiving family gala.  Mr and Mrs Moon's 4 kids will be there, plus the 2 grand kids.  There will be people who have been important to these sweet people sometimes their entire lives who will be.  There will be family clusters like musicians or the stage company who have now become a part of this extended group of people coming together.  It is Thanksgiving, always the same and yet ever changing menu of love, friends, food and drink.  There will be oysters on the grill, and Ms Moon's amazing food in the kitchen.  The counters and tables will over flow with the bounty of a family coming together.  I have made two types of cookies.  One is pumpkin spice with cranberries, white chocolate, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and pecans.  The other is my zen cookie, all in one. It has oatmeal, flax seed, wheat germ, hemp germ (sorry, Omega 3, not a buzz), sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, pecans; white, milk, semi sweet and bitter chocolate chips; peanut butter chips, and it is a wonderful cookie.  Huge, dense and every bite of each cookie a totally different combination.  So the cookies are ready.  I always want to bring something savory also, but there is so much food, it is rude to hog too much space.  We will see.

Very much happy and at peace this morning. 
Time to get up and brave the world of people. 
 I think it might rain most of the day. 
The weather radio went off, but not near us, but
maybe one more cup of tea.

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